Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! 03


TWINTAILS AS WEAPONS? That’s my equivalent to a normal guy’s reaction to using breasts as a pair of shields. Glorious.

First thing I’m treated to after recovering from my surgery is this? AWESOME.

The dark powers have failed her

Who knew an eyepatch and Aspergers could be so friggin’ cute?


Rikka and that umbrealla… I mean, Schwarz ZX Prototype Mark II.

At least she isn’t coercing people into joining her club like Haruhi. 😛

all my uguu?

Why isn’t the MC in love with this?

The Dakimura collectors are going to have fun with this

The Dakimura collectors are going to have fun with this.

The nap club is something I could have used in high school. Hell, I could use it in college.

eyepatch thigh highs cheerleader

anime chuuuuuuuuuu

Unlike the whole Kyon/Haruhi/Mikuru thing, where Haruhi would be the obvious choice (personally, but I’m not in Kyon’s shoes so I don’t have the “I’M GONNA DIE” bias), the choice here looks pretty difficult.

If I were Yuuta, though, Rikka would have all my uguus. Wouldn’t care how hot Nibutani is, eye-patch moe is where it’s at.

These twintails are not normal

The most “What the fuck?” scene of the month. You know your twintails are crazy when you get tangled in them.


How could you say “no” to this face? MC, you are oblivious as fuck. ):

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