Duel Savior: Berio! (………..)


The… writing of this route.

Okay… so. I must say, the beginning is a bit odd. Especially with how much sex happens almost immediately. By the by, if sex freaks you out, abandon ship. Right now. There is quite a bit of it. Way freaking earlier than I had ever expected. I think part of this can be attributed to Taiga being a mix of awesome and quite possibly the highest level of lech I have ever seen. Seriously, you thought Jun from My Girlfriend is the President was hardcore? Has got absolutely nothing on Taiga. Holy hell. Okay. Yeah. Describing what happened. Plot and stuff. Right, right.

Who is Berio? Berio is the student-president (I LOVE THOSE TYPES NOT REALLY AT ALL!) of the savior-class of the school you got freaking ported into. She’s got the whole work-hard and all-work-and-no-play thing going for her solidly. I want to blame her and not like her for how she treats Taiga at the beginning but… I can’t. He’s seriously a bastard. Almost to the point where I disliked him. Almost.  Anyways, Berio is a nun.. sort-of. She’s devoted to god at the least and helps the church a lot, so for the sake of consistency, we’ll call her the nun.

Do note that I’m trying to do route by route here so some things might be confusing. A lot of the details seem to come from Rico’s route. Anyways, onto Berio’s side of things.

Defile then Profile, Taiga’s full-proof method to get YOU the nun you want.

So. Saviors. Saviors are brought in any world in order to attempt to become the Messiah. The Messiah is the hero that will have to save the world of Avatar, as the cycle that apparently comes to wipe Avatar from existence every thousand years or so, to the point where there city is not actually very technologically advanced despite being rather smart. Also, every single Savior and Messiah for about 20+ generations has been a female. Taiga is now an exception, which makes the whole school either hate him (Lily) or are interested in him (every npc-female and Sel). Now, Taiga has this habit of… well, I can’t say this enough, he’s a lech. And being a lech, the nun disapproves. This is pretty much the same story until the fight.

Fight, you say?

Yeah, so, apparently the rankings of the savior class help determine who’s ready to be the Messiah. So, Berio and Taiga fight. I believe it’s possible to lose this and get something extra, but I won. In doing so, she must obey you for the entire day of her defeat. I was actually kind of expecting Taiga to change character here and say he didn’t want to force her, but.. well. He kinda wanted to. They compromise a bit… but… they… well. Do I need to say it?


Now, before, you learn about this… well, putting it lightly odd creature called Black Papillon. Said creature wears some sort of BDSM outfit and goes around stealing from everyone and everything. Not money or even things that could sell for a lot though. Things that the people really like. Valuables. Important items, etc. Why do I bring this up? Well, soon after the whole thing with Berio happens, Black Papillon shows up and promptly beats the hell out of you then takes a picture, saying how she’s going to spread it pretty much everywhere, ruining Taiga’s reputation entirely by losing to a common thief. This is obviously bad. So, chase chase we go! Before.., you know, nothing. She loses you entirely. What to do? WELL, KEEP SEARCHING OF COURSE! Since the doors inside the school close at 6 and the thefts only happen at night, Black Papillon must be a member of the school, which narrows things down a bit.

Now, where could her hideout be? Well, much to the dismay of Berio, possibly underneath the school in some absurdly run-down… whatever-the-hell. Berio is apparently deathly afraid of ghosts and this place seems to reek of it. So, what’s a protagonist to do? Well, tell her to man the hell up of course! This leads to Berio getting traumatized by an unknown ghost and waking up… outside the ruins on the street? How the-… Huh? Why? Either way, whatever. They didn’t find Black Papillon, so. Moving on.

…Well, not really. Remember the unknown ghost? Well, turns out it’s actually an unknown zombie. A zombie that apparently fell in love with Taiga at first sight. Which Taiga doesn’t realize until… pop. The arm comes off entirely. The holy-shit-I-just-pulled-off-this-woman’s-arm function of Taiga’s brain immediately reacts and he runs so fast out of his room it’s insane. You have the option to let this girl chase you around for a really long time before you go to the church, which is actually hilarious.

I've angered it.


Now, when you get to the church, Berio is there of course. Zombie woman who wants Taiga continues to chase the hell out of you all the way there. You practically beg for Berio to help you… I dunno. Is she really that terrifying? Anyways, whatever. Point is, apparently the shock of seeing this zombie-girl, the one who scared her to a near-death experience before must have done it again. Why do you say that? Well, let’s just say Berio isn’t exactly all there anymore. And by that, I mean not at all. And by that, I mean not even the same person. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Yes. The damn class president is freaking Black Papillon the thief.


Apparently, Berio had grown up in an extremely rich house before being summoned as a Savior candidate. However, this rich house wasn’t… well, done the right way, apparently. Her family members were some extremely hardcore thieves. They had stolen pretty much all their entire profit. Entirely. Every. Freaking. Cent. This was harmless at first until Berio’s brother was involved. Berio’s brother apparently didn’t like just stealing, apparently he took pleasure in murder. So, her dad would steal, her brother would kill them, and they would live in riches because of it. After the reveal, Berio ran away before being found by one of the priests from a nearby town, where she decided to live to atone for the sins her brother and father had committed.

This is apparently why she completely lost her mind when you had sex with her. She enjoyed it and that just doesn’t happen when you are supposed to atone for it.

So… apparently, thievery is some sort of genetic trait now. I didn’t know that, but hey, arguing logic in the middle of a mythical world on the brink of destruction by some sort of dark evil seems a bit pointless. Point is, Black Papillon is the thief part of her that had passed on. What she steals is pride. That’s why she did what she did to you and why she only steals valuables according to person, not according to wealth. Taiga agrees to not tell anyone, but she has to stop stealing. That doesn’t fly with Black Papillon. So, they apparently have to decide this like how normal people do.

With swords!

And whips!





Okay, so. I’ll list this just in-case something changes in between arcs. So, the summoning circle, the thing that ported everybody here, was blown up. By what? Nobody knows, but Rico feels it’s her obligation to fix it and send everyone home. Mia complains that all she wants to do is be with Taiga, Lily gets super pissed at this and bitch slaps her to the next century. A lot of chaos happens, mostly because the “Book of Guidance”, the ancient book that truly tells everybody how to become the Messiah and the secret to it and Ruin is in the basement. Of course, we are going to go get it, but we got to get it stylishly.

So, I’m not really sure how to explain this section. A lot of this is based on Rico’s path and I think it’d be a bit out of place here. For main story purposes, basically, the book is the thing that tells everyone how to be the Messiah. It tells you the secret of Ruin… it tells you everything, really. It’s not said but implied whoever reads it is going to become the Messiah, so naturally every Savior candidate is all over it. However, getting to the basement reveals that the entire place has very nearly gone to absolute hell with monsters everywhere. Everyone gets injured and sent back, except for Taiga and Rico, who they meet up with. They make it to the basement to, well, find Rico’s insane twin sister who is also screwing around with the book! Apparently, a thousand years ago, the savior candidates had all tried to… well, kill each other, over who wanted to be the Messiah. Rico didn’t want anyone else to suffer for this, so she wouldn’t let anyone read the book, therefore, no Messiah. After a fight with the sister and an insane amount of wtf I won’t explain yet (till Rico’s route, anyway), we get the book!

Around this time is when proverbial shit begins to hit the proverbial fan. Ruin is starting to get incredibly ballsy. Monster attacks are frequent, the villages are either turning to Ruin’s side or dying, and they even splayed a giant freaking hologram-thing of themselves on the sky and called everyone pansies. So, the big fight has started. Ruin’s attack is beginning. So, hey. No Messiah, no problem! We got this. So, the team heads out in order to calm the attack and… well. Something bad happens. We meet one of the Big Bads named Shezar. Berio absolutely flips out and gets absurdly depressed over seeing Shezar. If you remember what I said earlier, this is probably as obvious to you as it was to me, but just in-case, I won’t say anything.

My mask be poppin.

Super-cliche tool says what?

So. Berio’s incredibly depressed now, and it’s up to our man-whore Taiga to go save the day. This time without the use of his shlong, though. He actually just talks to her and tells her about how he’s going to protect her and he’s not doing all this just for Mia. Berio cheers up and kisses him, which apparently makes our BDSM-friend Papillon come pit and say hi. They almost get caught by the super-dick teacher Downy. Haven’t mentioned him yet. More on him later.

So, anyways, the Ruin apparently pops monsters out at an absurd speed. This, as you can imagine, is awful for the future lives of our group of heroes. Luckily at the retreat sign, everyone manages to get out alive, but the principal is royally pissed. This eventually leads into this game’s version of Mission Impossible. Apparently there is a gate on the land that is literally sucking the entire world dry, which in turn lets it summon out monsters from Ruin endlessly until the world looks more like a scene from Fallout. Taiga, and Taiga only has to somehow burst through the giant army protecting the gate, destroy it, then come back and have all the plebeians bow to him and his awesome.

This doesn’t sit very well with anyone, really. And rightly so! However, Taiga notices how odd Berio has been acting lately, so he manages to get the principal to let her come along with him. They agree, everyone is still slightly pissed, but we move on. There’s a nice scene where Berio actually comes looking for comfort. I was half expecting some more random and unnecessary sex, but nope. This was actually kind of a nice interaction.

Must be her hair.

Yes, Boo-I mean, Berio. I’m listening.

You know, I must say. Shezar is awfully cliché, even for a villan. I’m half expecting for him to die while monologues after our heroes look like they’re about to die. Anyways, the mission! On the way to the gate, you happen to find some prisoners. After promptly beating the hell out of them, one of them is your token idiot-best-friend Sel! This doesn’t seem important, but it is. Why? Well, Shezar shows up again and sends a bunch of monsters after you. Apparently, a lot of monsters. And since Shezar is too busy being cliché as hell to go help the monsters finish you off, this ends up failing. Why? Well, Sel shows up. What does Sel do? Well… he… uses… a visionary stone to show a video of two lesbians doing terrible 18+ things to each-other, which makes the stupid monsters forget that they are the soldiers of all that is destruction and want some sex instead.

The great escape, ladies and gentlemen.

Good thing that convenience is a thing in this game. I figured that when you run away from the mission you were assigned to do without any sense of direction, you’d probably end up lost. Not here though. You pop up RIGHT next to the damn summoning circle because fuck logic, you don’t gotta explain shit. Time to go butcher all the mages who are keeping the summoning circle alive, right? Yeah, see, no. Shezar does his stupid cliche thing and sends a magical rope to tie up you and Sel. Berio then proceeds to be useless and get her ass kicked by Shezar, which makes her stupid split-personality come out. This gets awkward, because apparently Black Papillon really likes her brother. She is the thief-version, after all. After Taiga breaks loose and goes to get him some of Shezar, Shezar retaliates by stabbing Sel.

Okay, I actually give a shit now.

Okay. I won’t lie. I didn’t really care all that much about this drama with Berio and Shezar until this. Now I care. Sel was awesome. This pissed me off. I now want to shove Shezar’s stupid mask somewhere between his throat and his bladder. I feel like I should have cared about Berio and how much she suffered, but… well, I didn’t. Now I do. So, now with a reason to beat the living hell out of this goon, we continue forth. Well, sort of. We have to go play explosion with the magic circle there.  That goes much smoother then you’d think. Some absurdly dramatic running ensues, since apparently Ruin doesn’t like it when you blow up their shit. Of course, we can’t die yet. There’s like two more chapters or something. So, we escape!

Aaaaaafter narrowly dodging a giant Kamehameha by Ruin.

Giant Kamehameha? Well, yeah, apparently Ruin has something called the “Fuck You” button.  Said “Fuck You” button apparently launched said wave of death at us. It’s okay though, because we have a big “Fuck You” button too! Apparently, it’s right underneath the school for… disturbingly unexplained reasons. Anyways, everyone goes to sleep and gets ready to fire the beam and apparently end the war (SOMEHOW WITHOUT THE FUCKING MESSIAH) with Berio telling Taiga that she’ll be up later for more completely unnecessary sex. Instead, Mia comes up to his room. This leads to an awkward conversation (Mia is still shook up from Sel’s death) because Taiga decides for the sake of plot-selling to ask her how it’d be if she had a brother that went apeshit and really loved killing people. That ends, we go to sleep… but not before we see our resident douchebag teacher Downey come up, who apparently knows about Black Papillon.

Next morning, apparently Black Papillon kidnapped Princess Cera. This is horrible. Why? Apparently she’s the catalyst that is necessary to start the “Fuck You” button.  Off we go! Nothing really happens besides some fighting until we get to the weapon. We see Cera completely tied up/merging with the weapon. Before she gets to fire her laser, Shezar appears! Papillon makes a huge barrier around everybody and then Shezar knocks him the fuck out. And doesn’t do anything. Everyone wakes up tied up. That’s it. Shezar really is as cliche as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, no. We gotta go deeper. Shezar has to up the cheesiness by about twenty. The big sin that Berio has been hiding? The one that made her split off into twin personalities? Apparently… they had sex. Like everything else in this route, it’s fairly stupid. Basically, Shezar got found out, and found his way over to the church Berio had been hiding at. Berio, instead of turning him in, hid Shezar away in the church. And then they did it. Boy did they ever. And… Shezar then did the fashionable thing of killing everyone in the church before leaving. Some melodrama and redemption speeches later, we finally get into the final boss fight with Shezar, who turns out to be a total bitch as far as gameplay goes.

Oh no, says I! The weapons about to go kaboom! This means that everything within a../ well, really big radius, is going to get sucked dry in order to fire the damn thing. And stupid Shezar had to lock the door with a magical trap. Berio decides that twenty hours of bitching about redemption isn’t enough, so in one more stupid act of it, she goes and intends to sacrifice herself. She almost fails before Taiga bails her out of the whole thing.


So, good guys win! (ONCE AGAIN, WITHOUT THE MESSIAH, SOMEHOW) and the war is over. Downey’s betrayal is completely outed, turns out he ran out, and everyone’s alive! For some reason though, the principle wants to send everyone back. So, yep. After the summoning circle is repaired, they go ahead and grab Taiga, Mia and Berio while they are asleep and toss them in the circle and throw them away. Even though I’m pretty sure a few chapters ago they were talking about how they couldn’t do this exact damn thing because they had no idea where they would end up, fuck you, it’s the ending, they apparently do what they feel like.

Back at home now, we get a repeat of what opened the whole game. Kids stealing books, Mia and Taiga on part-time work trying to scrape through, until.,. Berio’s here! Apparently she prayed her way into Taiga’s world. I don’t even know anymore. Here’s a freaking CG of the ending.

Taiga got some weird ass shoulders.


It was a total freaking mess. I think it would have been about a hundred times better without the incredible amounts of unnecessary sex between the two. I ended up thinking I was playing a nukige through her route. I understand that Taiga is a serious lech and she’s seriously vulnerable, but holy hell, not everything needs to be solved by his damn dick. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was actually pretty interested in the main story as a whole, I don’t know how I would have made it through this. Ugh.

Speaking of the main story, that got rammed out, didn’t it? The other two lords of Ruin vanished and instead of the legendary Messiah that’s been in literally every single war for thousands of years, we instead decide to say fuck you and fire a giant laser? And supposedly that ends the whole war? No Messiah? Rico’s insane half-sister part, which was one of the most interesting parts, just ends up meaning nothing? Really?

Also, what the hell? I understand redemption. I do. I swear though, every other scene was filled with Taiga cheering her up about it ever since Papillon showed up. And then it dropped down to every scene when Shezar showed up. That can’t be the only point.

Pretty much: Too much sex, plot ended up branching into battle of fuck-you-and-your-legend weapons, and boy it got irritating on the ears. Didn’t like it. Hope Kaede and the rest of the girls gimme a better show, cause man, that was dreadful.

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  1. You mentioned that it was hard on the ears and there was too much sex?
    That’s because you’re playing it on Justice. Justice has different* voice acting and the sex scenes are removed. Play through on Destiny.
    *vastly superior

  2. And yeah. Berio’s route sucks. Just slog through them until you get to Lilly’s. Kaede’s route is kinda nice though. Mainly because I have a soft spot for puppies.

  3. I actually am playing on Justice because I heard that Destiny’s voice acting was horrid. I’ll probably try it though to see, especially since theres apparently 1 more route besides Harem in there.

  4. well,the full story actually gets explained along all 7 routes,with harem being the most awesome. Berio’s route was the first and the worse.

  5. Thanks for reviewed about her. I’m playing in her route until ch 6. When I want to play again… I LOST MY SAVE DATA ABOUT HER…. ( `д´) ケッ!
    Anyway, your review is so nice (^o^)/. Please review Da Capo 3 (ノ´∀`*) ホホホホホホ。

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