Wahfuu Rant: The Nukige Effect

How’s it feel knowing that people look at this and Bible Black as the same thing?


Oh boy, have I wanted to do this one.

I’m probably going to offend someone here, and if I do, I at least slightly apologize. I just can’t much take this anymore. I really get more and more annoyed every time this seemingly stupid subject comes up whenever the topic of VNs comes up. It’s driven me to the point of madness here, and this is at least a slight release for something I’ve wanted to say for awhile.

Nukige. What is it? Well, it’s fap material. Still-framed hentai. CGs with voice-acting. Whatever you want to call it, it’s VNs that you fap to ferociously until poor little jimmy can’t stand up right without some sort of aid from a cast or your equally-as-broken fingers. Everyone knows what this is. It’s the thing that everyone thinks of if you try to recommend them a VN if they haven’t played one before. It’s frustrating sometimes, but hey, it comes with the territory. It doesn’t go away, either. As nukige is translated more and more, we get people thinking that we all love tentacles and other weird… well, weirdness. Seriously.

I can’t exactly go around telling people what they shouldn’t fap to, or what they can’t fap to, or whatever of the sort. That’s silly. And ignorant, and blatantly disregarding one’s need to fap. I can’t be so cruel, can I?

The tune, however, is getting pretty damn old.

I’m getting pretty tired of being compared to the same people who read Violent Semen Inferno and Suck My Dick Or Die. Why? Because I only read that crap to laugh at it nowadays. Note, I say read. That is typically what you should do with a VN: Read it. And it’s the same tune every time. 99% of the time, the H-scenes just come in damn frequently – and are not quality. An H-Scene in a nukige is frequently worse then any H-scene you will find in most story-driven games, just a hell of a lot more in number with a ton more weird fetishes catering to certain people, who like extra slime or rape on top of their fap-material. Once again, not judging, just describing.

And I’m getting pretty pissed with the amount of defenders it has. Most specifically, according to a lead offender and my focus of my ire, MangaGamer, and their recent attempt to shove every single sex game on the market into the throats of any willing passerby. Why? Well, according to the defenders, it’s because sex sells. Literally. MangaGamer apparently gets – not good, not great – but decent sells from its nukige that it releases, whereas story games are… hit or miss. See, I don’t like this. Why? Because it implies that some nukige are actually on the same platform as some story games. You want to tell me one nukige that even comes within the same *galaxy* as some of the god-tier VNs like Muv-Luv Alternative, Clannad, Little Busters! or G-Senjou no Maou?

Nukige will always be a part of VNs. Just like porn is to movies and hentai is to Anime. People like variety and are willing to pay for it, and as such, more will keep flowing out. That is fine, and of course will happen. But it shouldn’t be a predominant focus. Ever. It should never overcloud the original subject matter, but it has. So much so that you can actually see people not willing to read Little Busters! because it has no H-scenes. WHY?! I didn’t exactly think Terminator was bad because Arnold didn’t decide to shove his throbbing metal genitals into Sarah Conners’ awaiting mouth-pussy, so why the hell do VNs have to enjoy this banquet of stupid stereotyping?

Fuko in an odd moment of aggression and dominance.

Do note, this doesn’t include Illusion’s 3D games and the like. Sexual production value is a different bag all together which characters and story are frames, not second-banana to rapid-sex scenes.

I can’t exactly go out and expect official companies to get deals with Key. The rights to VNs are honestly hard to get and a very time consuming process. And I understand that, but I hate the excuse of story games being hit or miss and that barfing up sometimes well-drawn and most of the time badly-written is a great way to get VNs popular in the west.

Oh, no. They did do a good VN. Ef. That was great, besides the fact that it was fucking translated already.

Dear MangaGamer,

I like you guys. I really do. I understand the pain and annoyance you must go through on a day-to-day basis trying to get deals and great VNs, and I don’t blame you for wanting to make a quick buck. However, the more pointless nukige you throw at the community, the more the stereotype is reinforced, the more times we have to be called weird by people who haven’t read the good stuff, and the more faith we lose in a great product ever being licensed. You guys have good titles, yet no amazing ones. Da Capo 2, which is good, feels incomplete and sometimes unsatisfying without the millions of sequel/side-plots/expansions that come with it, and Koihime Musou is a simple shadow of the much greater Shin Koihime Musou that everyone hopes you will translate.

Until you guys get a great VN that everyone loves and reads, nobody will ever take MangaGamer as a serious translation company that we can rely on. You see, the VN community is an arguable bunch, but we are pretty close-knit, and the demand for VNs that don’t revolve around how many women you can screw within the hour only seems to get higher and higher. Fan-groups break up easily and projects are dropped sometimes weekly, it’s hard to translate all the stuff everyone wants to read in a timely fashion. The market for serious VNs and awesome epics that leave everyone crying bitch-tears and manly-tears alike is there. It really is, but you seem content on ignoring them in favor of what? This?

Nukige games come without official licenses. But amazing stories cement legacies. Think if MangaGamer had the stamp on something like Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo, or the upcoming Rewrite? I want MangaGamer to step to the platform and strangle the official VN marketing and translating, and as much as I rip on you guys, you are all we have. Look at the mess Saya no Uta has become over at JAST.

No company should be playing second-fiddle to the fans of the product.

(Note: I am not bashing on nukige, and I am not saying that quality-nukige for everyone’s fapping need doesn’t exist. I’m mostly saying that it’s frustrating getting bombarded with this cheap, mediocre stuff from official companies that enforces a stereotype, while the fans give us all the epics.)

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  1. Wow. Your article really comes close to how I feel and drastically shortens how long this comment could have been but I am a person of many words so there is still more.

    In my humble opinion, nukiges are something that are there for a good time and are quickly forgotten soon after. The novels that really stuck with me the most though are the ones that focus on the story and have as few H-scenes as possible. Novels like Clannad, Ever 17, Steins Gate, and Never 7 to name 4 are amazing titles and it is annoying that I cannot mention them without someone thinking about tentacles.

    Unfortunately, Visual Novels, as well as video games, suffer from being developed by companies that are looking to make a profit, which they have a right to do, and the fact is that sex sells consistently. For a company that can take years to produce one novel it is very difficult to justify making something that is fresh and new but could potentially not sell and lead to them going out of business. As a result, companies will always tend to drift more towards sex and other tried and true methods of making money instead of taking a risk and doing something really amazing because mediocrity is the “safer” thing to do.

    If Visual Novels are ever going to pull out of the hole they are in now I personally think that it will be from non-profit sources. Katawa Shoujo, which is the only example I can think of right now since I finished it 2 weeks ago, was a really good Visual Novel and even though a lot of the classical archetypes were present in the story it turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable. I won’t go into further detail, since this comment is long enough, but if a few more novels like this appear on the radar profit based companies are going to be forced to see that there is so much more out there they could be doing and it is only a matter of whether they are willing to do them.

  2. I find it amusing how much of our VN-Content comes from fan-translations and fan-groups, despite how often they break up and the projects are dropped. Like AmaterasuTL’s, who looks to be finishing Rewrite before the end of the year. We don’t get that though. We get Slave Witch and Harem Party, because fuck quality, get money.

    MangaGamer, JAST, there all turning into jokes now. Subject of mockery among people who read VN’s as a form of media. And it’s kind of depressing that a company just wants to be a medicore company rather then a successful one. Guess It’s not right to hope for alot right now, though. The demand for VN’s isn’t as high as it is for the other media forms (a lot due to the sheer unknown of it) and as such there’s only so much content you can put into it.

    Really wish the rare content we got wasn’t ass though.

  3. This was a pretty good article in my opinion. Do you mind if I post this on the forum that I am on. We were having a discussion related to this topic and I was hoping I could use you as a source.

  4. @someguywithaname: Owner of the blog here. I’m sure Wahfuu wouldn’t mind you using his post as a source, especially since his rant is meant to shoot down misconceptions about visual novels. Spreading it around in any way is most appreciated. 😀

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