Little Busters! Perfect Edition Unboxing

Well it would seem all self-control has been lost. I’m not talking about “Rin about throwing a baseball at Masato-tier” lack of self-control, no I’m talking about the level of self-control one must lack in order to do it the way the anime showed it (launching the poor Master of Muscle several feet). Or rather, the self-control was lost a few weeks ago, November 12 to be exact. I feel like a picture is worth a thousand words, however, especially when the picture is actually just more words, but nevertheless, I present to you the following.

Needless to say, earlier today the package arrived and I very excitedly opened it up! I don’t exactly have the personality for recordings like this, nor do I normally do unboxing videos or anything, but I felt that this was something too cool not to share, so I broke out my crappy little camera and did a (what I thought was going to be brief) video on the contents of this celebration of the TV adaptation of Little Busters! Hopefully you guys enjoy the video, if there’s any questions you want to ask (or any corrections you want to make, I may have said something off in the video and I don’t want to spread misinformation) then feel free to leave a comment!

No, seriously, we never get comments here anymore. Like, ever.

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