Duel Savior: Kaede (Puppies are adorable!)


Quiet, Calm, Deadly. The Ninja, Kaede.

The dark types are such fun sometimes. The evil looks in their eyes, the dark stoic deadpan in their voice, the ungodly fear that she might just kill you before you manage to break through the evil fog of emotions. All this goes into a rather intense emotional experience as you work stone by stone, piece by piece and tear by painful tear to get to her heart, leaving you with a lot of satisfaction and manly( or womanly) tears at the end when you finally see that smile you’ve been yearning for.

So, with that in mind, let’s talk about someone completely different!


I totally lied.

Kaede, everyone! Ninja not-so-extraordinaire, loyal pupil of Taiga with the most absurdly high phobias of blood ever seen. It’s played for laughs early, especially when you first meet her. She’s all stoic, dark, and pretty evil until you actually see she’s a level 90 on the wuss meter when it comes to blood. Even a dead rat freaks her out, as seen above. This, of course, has an incredibly dark and super-serious back-plot regarding it, because if it just… well, was there, it’d be super boring. Want to know it? Of course you do. That’s why you’re here, after all.

Her father got killed in the most gruesome fashion possible when she was a kid, dying her whole body red when she showed up just in time to see the murder take place. Apparently her mom was raped too, so that was a thing. That’s why she wanted to be a savior candidate. Her father’s killer apparently just… well, used teleport. The only thing she can think of, as most logical people would assume, is that the murderer went… between… dimensions! So, she seeks revenge. Leads me to wonder how exactly you plan to kill somebody if you pass out as soon as you see blood, but, you know. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

So, Kaede as a character is at the very least pretty amusing and pretty consistent, too. I do wish I could grab onto more then just her obsessed revenge with Mudou and her fear of blood, which in turn is because of Mudou, but I digress. I don’t really want to write anything bad about Kaede. Maybe it’s because I have a fondness for puppies! Ugh. I can’t be waifuing. I must remain unbiased, damnit!


Blushing makes everything better.

The Romance!

So! The romance of this route didn’t feel forced, but maybe it’s because every time I think of a comparison I keep remembering trying to fuck the sense into Berio’s twisted other personality. Either way, I enjoyed it. The fluffy romantic bits were pretty nice and I couldn’t help but at least think a few times that she would make a pretty rocking wife. Although, Taiga’s lecherous tendencies did make an appearence a few times. I’m starting to get used to it, but it does make me wonder how exactly the Destiny portion of Duel Savior plays out without all this. I can’t say it’s bad or good for the story, but it does make Taiga seem a little unlikeable at times. However, it’s not nearly as bad in here. Kaede seems to be… almost eager for it. Welp.

It goes into a bit more depth than just boyfriend/girlfriend here, too. At first it’s student/teacher-ish, but… hm. I’m not exactly sure how to put it, but basically, Kaede starts calling him “my lord.” Where she’s from, this is apparently more than just a big deal, as they will only ever serve one in their entire life. I don’t want to say it’s like lord/servant, despite how it may seem, but apparently it’s implied it could be like that, just not in the case of Taiga and Kaede. It gives the romance a bit more depth than simply “I like you and you like me” sort of stuff.

It probably could be off-putting for some people, though. At first you could honestly make the argument Taiga is just abusing Kaede’s puppy-like loyalty to him, but when it goes into her route it actually takes off from that, at least. Anyways, I enjoyed the romance between the two, especially after the horror that was Berio’s route.

The true definition of Rape Face.

The Villain!

I’m not sure what to say about Mudou. He’s far more of a believable villain than Shezar was, that’s for sure. In the scene where Sel dies, he actually uses an art to control Sel into fighting Taiga, making the choice between running away and leaving him in the hands of Mudou to endure whatever the hell knows, or killing him as per his wish. It was far more evil then Shezars simple stab, but I can’t say it didn’t feel just as generic when it happened. I don’t think it is quite as generic, but I don’t think anyone wouldn’t think it was some sort of diabolical scheme out of the ordinary.

If Mudou is anything, he’s vulgar, that’s for damn sure. The things he talks about consist of rape, then death, followed by more rape, followed by anal rape, and then finally for something new and exciting, death. I swear I could start guessing what Mudou was about to say next before he actually said it.  I can’t say I cared much for it, and it didn’t really sell me any more on him being this really brutal baddie either. After the tenth time, it starts getting a bit dreary. I don’t mean to make a mockery of the severity of rape, mind you, but I think the people who wrote Mudou are waving around the ‘HE RAPES PEOPLE’ thing as a huge stick that I’m supposed to want to fetch.

I need to stop with the dog references.

Anyway, I didn’t really believe Mudou was anything but a giant evil bastard, which may have been what they were going for, but it all seems to run a bit thin without any sort of clear motivation besides being a really big dick. Apparently, he was looking for the Hiiragi ancient power that Kaede had written on her back, which is about as much depth as you get from this guy, which led to the whole killing (and raping, can’t forget that.) of Kaede’s whole family. I don’t know. He does his job as a really big twat that you want to punch in the face because he sounds and looks so stupid and he clearly has done some horrible shit to our green haired girlfriend and her family, but I wish he had done something besides just scream about how fantastic his dick was. He just felt a bit incomplete, is all.

Now, moving on!

Truly the worst time for an awkward erection

The Story!

ONCE AGAIN, EVERYONE! The giant war of ruin is solved, again, by the biggest “fuck you” button ever conceived in fiction.

To highlight most of the differences between this and Berio’s route… well, there isn’t many, besides the girl and the villain. Mudou even pulls the same “Oh-my-god-there’s-a-seal-on-the-door” shock-value move that Shezar did at the end of Berio’s route. One big change that I liked was that Kaede’s protection from the whole life-draining canon of fuck-you turns out to be the art that we had heard so much about during bits and pieces of Kaede’s route.

At the end, Mudou reveals that simply killing Kaede’s whole family (and raping!) wasn’t enough to fill his asshole quota of the day, so he used his mind control art on her, expecting her to come and find him after she had “filled out” so he could, you guessed it, rape her later! Kaede beats the holy shit out of everybody under this art except Taiga, who sees that Kaede had somehow turned her sword on herself despite being controlled by Mudou. Remembering Sel, he jumped in front of it, getting stabbed through the side, which makes Kaede get a nice view of alllll that blood. However, there was no panic attack. Kaede instead… well, starts… licking it and wiping it on her face like some sort of serial killer.

I probably should mention that Taiga also licked her finger which had blood on it, making it more of a blood-oath to each other, but I don’t know if that would make it any less weird.

From what I gathered, the art to protect one’s lord, Lucent Sanctuary, has been passed down for a really long time. You managed to see the Tatoo which suppposedly explains the detail behind the art on Kaede’s back after you have sex (surprise!) for the first time. As I said before, this is supposedly what Mudou was after when he came down and chopped his way through Kaede’s family. So, what better time to use this, aye?

This gets pretty damn dicey for a second, with everyone attempting to help Taiga and Kaede hold off the blast by giving them their energy but only to fail, as the energy that it’s absorbing is apparently the spirit. Except for Taiga, who is apparently such a fucking B.A.M.F that he doesn’t care about the natural order of things. Everyone is saved… sort of. The blast seemed to have removed almost all of her thoughts and energy, leaving her fairly drained and pretty much a complete shell of a person. Now, I won’t lie to you guys, I did kind of shit myself here for a second, thinking I was about to get a pretty sad and unsatisfying as fuck ending, but fear not, everyone! After attempting to send everyone back to their home world, which doesn’t go as planned at all, Kaede seems to have recovered, and we get some happiness and implied congratulatory banging between the two!

No rape in this ending, yay!

Final thoughts!

Honestly? I’m not sure. My bias for how much better Kaede was than Berio might be clouding my judgment here. The story was still a bit silly, with the whole Messiah thing being tossed out the window in favor of a giant laser like the last time, with the same crisis near the end as Berio’s route. As I said before though, Kaede’s character is far more enjoyable on almost every spectrum. And Taiga’s crowning moments of awesome were actually far more satisfying this time around. Maybe it’s because I actually believed he wanted to protect everyone rather then just make Berio feel okay about incest, but I’m not sure.

Mudou was forced at an absurdly high level, but he was still a better villain than Shezar was. I’m not sure if it was the writing or if Mudou’s constant talk about his long shlong of the law actually had irritated me to the point of disliking him. I don’t know if me saying that he’s better than Shezar even proves anything. That guy was awful. I guess what I’m trying to get at is if I didn’t enjoy the Kaede fluff and character as much as I did, I probably wouldn’t have liked it any more than Berio’s route.

I heard Rico’s route is a huge bonerkiller, though. I am partly scared and partly really curious, as I feel Rico’s part will be a huge explanation on a lot of the story I’m missing out on. I hope I’m right, anyways.

Maybe Mudou rapes her.

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  1. FYI, Rico’s route is very short and almost just a subset of Nanashi’s. Their routes follow a different flow of events than Berio/Kaede’s though, and likewise, Lily/Mia follow a different flow from the others.

  2. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been really curious on Nanashi’s route though, so if anything it helps.

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