Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Episode 11 Preview Translation (Lite Spoilers)

Oh damn. Feels are gonna go down, boys and girls.

(For folks who rely on subtitles when watching anime! ;P )

Rikka: What do you think?

Yuuta: W-what do I think…?

Shinka: Do you regret it?

Yuuta: Rikka, if you want to go… I…

Rikka: Yeah… thanks…

Yuuta: Rikka…?

Rikka: What is it?

Yuuta: No… it’s nothing.

Rikka: I’ll be heading back.

Yuuta: Eh? Hey, Rikka!

Kumin: What’s wrong?

Dekomori: I know deathly well! You shouldn’t give up!

Yuuta: あいつ。。。 (She’s… He’s… Probably referring to Rikka, so I’d go with the former)

Rikka: This club… from today on, I’ll try my best to break it up.

EPISODE XI The One-Winged Fallen Angel

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