Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 11 – THE HNNNG STOPS HERE

Depressed Rikka makes for a depressed anime blogger

Today’s episode of Chuu2Koi was a really good one. On an emotional level, I thought they did a really good job on it.

I still find it highly amusing that I started watching this show because I figured it would give me a good chuckle, and now here I am, connecting to it on a deeper level. I’m not so sure I would give it an award if I were in a position to give one, but I will say that this show has proven to be very powerful in terms of characters. I find the characters extremely likable and memorable, and at the very least I’d give it an award in that regard.

Rikka is cute whether chuuni or non-chuuni

Non-Chuunibyou Rikka still a manages to be extremely cute

In contrast to how the rest of the episode played out, the beginning bits of the episode managed to have the standard Chuu2koi “HNNNNG”-level scenes.

It’s nice to know that it wasn’t her delusional syndrome that made Rikka cute – she just is. Seeing her struggle trying to be a “normal” high school girl was extremely adorable and once again reinforces my stance that she’s one of the most endearing anime characters this season, aside from the Little Busters! cast. She’s definitely become one of my favorites and left a memorable impression on me.

Dat coloring

Also, the animation in this episode seemed to stand out a lot for me compared to the rest of the series. Whoever was in charge of the lighting effects deserve pat on the back, it looks extremely well done.

I lol'd a bit

Oh god, this made me laugh so hard.

Dat Dekomori face

As expected, Dekomnori is the one that rejects Rikka’s “journey to the land of the normals” the most.

And understandably so, seeing as Rikka’s her best friend and all. If your best friend suddenly started changing on their own accord just to please other people, and the danger of drifting apart becomes a high possibility, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to stop them from doing so in the first place?

Yeah. That's dangerous.

Um, yeah, if you don’t get hit by an incoming vehicle, you’ll most likely die from the impact alone, balancing on the ledges of these bridges…

I Have Many Friends! Take that Kodaka!

“I Have Many Friends! Take that Kodaka!”

Rikka escaping the Chuunibyou realm certainly had a few positive aspects to it. To name a few, it allowed her to take the first step in making friends, allowed Touka to properly relocate herself for work, and she is able to somewhat reconcile with her mother and is able to talk to her now.

We’ll get onto the negatives later.

Time to take on a motherly role...

Obviously, Shinka can see the negatives in this despite hating Chuunibyou, Rikka’s simply changing too fast and it’s coming off as forced (because it is!).

Understand this, Rikka has been living with the Chuunibyou syndrome from a very young age, ever since her father died. It pretty much grew on her, she genuinely seemed to enjoy it, and it became a part of her. Trying to change yourself out of the bllue so suddenly and constantly trying to be something you’re not is quite unhealthy.

Your chuuni is showing!

…It’s pretty evident here. Heh.

Also note that Rkka is in no way embarrassed by her “past” Chuunibyou interests like Yuuta and Nibutani were shown. I think at this point, she’s not really curing it at all – she’s just repressing it in the most unhealthy way possible.

Aw, daaw

Well, this is a change of pace!

Nibutani hugging Dekomori when she was having a fit over Rikka disbanding the club was such a sweet scene. Despite her irirtatable attitude, I like how the anime shows her caring side during these past few episodes. She’s really taken a big sister role to the club and it really shows here.

Also, proof for me that Shinka is totally tsundere for Dekomori.

Yuta has some chuuni left in him

This is where it really gets apparent to me that Rikka is trying way too hard to force herself to become “normal.” Yuuta, despite claiming to have left his chuunibyou self behind, he still shows passing interest in things that are fantasy-like. That, in itself, is normal, and also applies to real life.

This is where “normal” Rikka stops being cute and becomes an extremely depressing sight. She stops herself from being interested in anything and in return, comes off a living corpse for the later half of the episode.

IT’S NOT HEALTHY. And it’s very clear that Yuuta has been noticing this and is clearly bothered by it. But he still pushes Rikka forward to become “normal” because he’s afraid he’s going to come off as irresponsible and hurt Rikka by not allowing her to finally accept the reality of her father’s death. He has good intentions, but the poor boy obviously can’t find a better solution other than forcing change on the girl he loves. To be honest, I don’t hate him for it, and I’d hate to be in his shoes.


Is Yuuta in the right or wrong? In all seriousness, I’m not entirely sure myself. On one hand, forcing change on her will damage not only their relationship (he fell in love with the Rikka who was “real”, not the Rikka who is a depressing attempt at being “normal”) but also Rikka as a person. On the other hand, letting her run wild with her delusions and clinging onto the childish hope that once she opens the “Ethereal Horizons” and somehow see her father again is just a cowardly way of helping her run away from her problems and is just as unhealthy.

I honestly think that the route of the problem is Rikka not fully coming to terms with her father’s death. The Chuunibyou problem can be solved later, because forcing it to disappear will not automatically fix that other problem. Her fun delusional antics were partly there to “deal” with her fathers death, but whose to say that the rest of her Chuunibyou demeanor wasn’t genuinely enjoyable to her?

I’m looking forward to the final episode and seeing what path this couple are able take in order to solve this predicament and grow.

You can tell he's under extreme stress

No! Don't be deathly sad! Be deathly happy!

I can understand how Yuuta just snapped and yelled at Dekomori, denouncing her delusions and presenting her facts from reality. But at the same time, I think it was extremely harsh considering how young she is and the distress she must be feeling for her best friend. He regretted it and made it clear that it wasn’t what he wanted to say. Felt extremely sorry for Dekomori, but I still don’t hate Yuuta for it. I feel sorry for all three of them.

God dammit feels!

If only I can read anime lips

I wonder what she’s saying…

I guess the reason that the end of episode 10 and this episode resounded with my emotions so well was because I can relate to their topic of identity. I always felt that if someone ever loved me or wanted to be my friend, they’d care about the personality and spirit that makes me who I am and not what they expect me to be, forcing me to conform.

And Yuuta clearly liked Rikka even in her Chuunibyou state and was quite visibly bothered by her zombie-like demeanor while trying to act normal… and that’s why I can’t hate on him or bash on him like other people are doing. I really do think he realizes this but is confused on what path is best for his girlfriend, thinking the “realistic’ option is the best. It’s not like he’s doing it because hes an ass. Not having read the novel, I hope that the final will bring a happy resolution to this, rather than a cliffhanger.

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