The funny thing about Kyoto Animation

We have to continue our anime, Kyon!

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I realize that I may be beating a dead horse, but I’m still (after all of these years) baffled at KyoAni’s business practices. They’re just so bizarre and simply do not match what your typical business-minded person would think of when you say “making a profit from popularity.”

This is seriously one of the ONLY times where I wished a company would milk their popular products, yet they don’t! They just don’t want my money. Do they like money? Because they don’t like mine.

Look. Nichijou was pretty damn hilarious, I loved it. I found Hyouka to be quite average, but nothing to moan about it. Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai! turned out to be something that I love the hell out of, even if it should have been an adaptation of Little Busters! Whatever. J.C. Staff’s not doing a completely terrible job. The point is, I was a little peeved I wasn’t getting a third season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, another Full Metal Panic!, or even a Lucky Star second season. But, I calmed myself, because the alternatives they pumped out weren’t actually bad, and quite a few of them could actually be considered good, despite the “I hate moeshit” flying around the anime fandom as of late. I would think you’re crazy if you said Nichijou and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! were bad. The latter might not be up to everyone’s taste when it comes to humor or drama, but it isn’t the cancer killing anime.

K-ON! season 3


But this is where I draw the line. I love cute things as much as any other guy who has many sensitive sides, but Tamako Market? What the hell, Kyoto Animation? Not only does the premise SCREAM “moe, moe, and more moe slice-of-life,” the animation director is clearly the same one that did K-ON! It’s not Endless Eight, where Haruhi designs were melded in with K-ON!-styled animation and art. No. THE CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE THEY ARE, STRAIGHT UP, FROM K-ON!

And considering how much of a tsundere attitude I have towards K-ON! (mostly deredere towards Azunyan~), I would be less pissed if they were just doing another season of K-ON! But no, instead we get an original anime that looks like the culmination of every moeblob anime in existence that further reinforces the company’s recent negative image.

I’m sorry. I’m not one to bitch and moan about an anime that hasn’t even come out yet, I’m usually open-minded if not a little skeptical. Hell, it might even end up being a good show. But this is seriously getting ridiculously stupid. Yes, moe sells, but The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, YOUR INTERNATIONAL HIT, has SEVEN VOLUMES worth of material that has yet to be adapted. I honestly don’t have any clue who is in charge of deciding the company’s priorities, but he deserves to be punched in the face.

tl;dr Kyoto Animation has their priorities all wrong, and I’m sick and tired of it.

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  1. KyoAni is definitely switching up their business practices. Their upcoming Tamako Market is the first ever original TV series.

    I think they’ve always moe with their series – some not as much as others – at least in recent years.

  2. I find they are better now then they were in the past… I really loved Hyouka and Chu2. I will take K-on over Lucky Star anyday. Haruhi really lost it’s punch after a while. Endless 8 didn’t help. Out of all the shows they have done, I want more Hyouka than anything and I go back to FMP.

  3. @azeriraz: Their first anime original was actually Munto. But I agree, their series has always had some dosage of moe, but back then their series still varied and it didn’t hinder the quality. I have nothing against plotless slice-of-life shows that Tamako Market seems to be, but it seems a tad odd that they’d go that route instead of finishing their adaptations that are guaranteed cash.

    @Vincent: Not saying Hyouka and Chu2Koi are bad or anything, as I said, I love the latter to death, but leaving a series hanging *especially when it’s popular* is a bad business decision and a kick in the nads to fans. Haruhi has tons of material left to cover, and really the quality holds up (Endless Eight’s monotonous crap was an anime-only flub, another strange KyoAni decision, I’ve read ahead into the light novels and the story still holds the same charm it started with), so do the FMP light novels, Lucky Star, K-ON!, second volume of the Chuuni novel, and probably even Hyouka. All of them are just left hanging…. in favor of this.

    In the case of Haruhi, it was extremely strange that they decided to do eight episodes of Endless Eight – six of those episodes could have been used to animate light novel stories that took place before Disappearance. And now they just leave it hanging. Considering they have so much material to work with and tons of demand, the fact that they brush it aside makes no sense.

  4. Haruhi is a giant cash-cow. Maybe they dont want drama springing up with a replaced VA that would plague every single haruhi video on youtube/blog. That’s the one thing that comes to mind.

    KyoAni always has leaned towards the moeish side of things, but it’s a charm sometimes. Yet.. I gotta agree. The demand is high as hell for some more of there older series, but they just.. don’t want to, I guess. Maybe they think variety sells more.

    I’d be okay about all this if it wasn’t another damn K-ON show. Jesus.

  5. @Wahfuu: Regarding Aya Hirano, if that turns out to be the case, then I think Kyoto Animation is being silly. It’s not like Aya’s “slut status” is hurting Fairy Tail, lol

    Also, completely agreed. If they wanted their anime next season to be about cute girls doing cute things, they could have easily done a K-ON! season three so I wouldn’t be as pissed. But no, it’s probably an original series that brings absolutely nothing new to the table, and more of the same-old we’ve already seen with a new coat of paint (K-ON! in a supermarket), and Kyoto Animation turned down their previous projects in favor of it. Ugh.
    Admittedly, I wouldn’t have much a problem with the announcement of this show if KyoAni waited until AFTER they finished a few continuations of their previous series…then, for all I’m concerned, they could do whatever the hell they want for a period of time. But, nope.jpg

  6. Kyoani has a vendetta against Haruhi fans. We have been waiting for season 3 for such a long time, and what do we get? Free! and more k-on. I hope kyoani just go bankrupt.

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