12 Days of Chinese Cartoons, Day 3: Convention Time!


You know that feeling when your best friend is at a family barbeque while you’re at home writing posts about anime and singing silly Christmas carols?

You don’t? Er, yeah, I don’t either! 😛

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

A sword is a weapon to kill...

One cross-shaped scar…

[First Day]

Haruhi shapes the world...literally

Two godly novels…

[Second Day]

Fanime 2012

Three pals at Fanime, and a partridge in a pear tree!

Fanime 2012 was definitely something this year. It was me and my other two friends’ first time staying all four days at a convention, in a hotel room. It was definitely my first time fully attending a convention’s full festivities, so to speak.

Supposedly, 2012 was one of Fanime’s weaker years. The fact that it was still fun as hell says a lot, I guess. The artist alley and dealers room were definitely my favorite places. As for the panels, damn, I greatly enjoyed the Mobile Suit Gundam panel and the Mamoru Yotoka panel (mostly because one person seemed so fan struck that he seemed extremely nervous when asking questions – awesomeness, haha).

The fun has officially made us decide to make it a tradition to do full-stays at a convention every year. Next summer, we’re planning on attending Anime Expo. Heck, we might even broaden our horizons and attend conventions out-of-state in subsequent years. Gotta thank Fanime for that. 😛


(Kill me now.)

8 thoughts on “12 Days of Chinese Cartoons, Day 3: Convention Time!”

  1. Cool, I didn’t know you’re from CA too (if you told me once I must have forgotten XD) I’ve never been to Fanime…just the LA conventions like AnimeLA and AX of course (though I did go to AX a couple of times before it moved to the LACC). I usually only have the time and money for one multi-day convention a year, and since AX is where all my friends go and has all the fun events and goodies, I always end up going there. But it wouldn’t hurt to try a different convention one year, when I’m able to. If you do go to AX’13, we should try and meet up =D

  2. @Yumeka: If I did tell you, I must have forgotten too. lol

    Full membership at a convention is pretty much expensive for me, including hotel bookings, so I’m on the same boat when it comes to going to one convention a year. I’d say it was totally worth it since I got to meet some cool new people, the experience was awesome, and some of my other friends went to the convention every year anyway.

    A meet-up would be cool! If my friends and I do go to AX 2013, we definitely have to do some massive planning for that one. During Fanime 2012, I planned to meet up with a certain IRL friend and ended up not seeing her at all at the convention because we didn’t plan well enough…. well, to be exact, being stupid and not giving each other our new phone numbers, haha. Don’t know how successful meet-ups would be with online friends if I run into that mistake again! 😛

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