Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai 12 – Final Impressions!

We'll be delusional together!

Several hours ago marked the end of one of my favorite anime this season, Chuunibyou demo Koi Shitai!, and damn was it an emotional ride.

As I hoped, Yuuta manages to pull through and not disappoint me. Go get that Rikka!

Her hair manages to stay straight and silky even after all that tomfoolery

Deathly adorable

If you can’t beat them, join them. Dekomori’s attempt at acting “normal” was, of course, a failure, but it was nice seeing her hair undone. Twintail Dekomori is definitely cuter, but her hair let loose looks pretty stunning.

Gah, chuugakusei demo koi ga shitai! Removed for DANGEROUS TERRITORY. 😛

The successor, Kumin!

Jao Shingan #2

Well, now we get the gist of Rikka and Kumin’s unseen conversation that went on during the last episode.

Clearly this was all part of Rikka’s grand master plan, as explained later. Didn’t expect less from the Jao Shingan. 😀

You know you want to be Mori-sama again

You know, Shinka’s image changed for me as the series progressed. At first she seemed pretty mean-spirited, especially towards the whole chuunibyou thing, but by this episode she acknowledges positive aspects to having this “syndrome” and, of course, takes on a big sister role for this club full of strange girls and one ex-Dark Flame Master.

If this is any different from how she was in the novel, it’ll be nice if someone told me. I heard she was a total prick in the novel. Does she go through this same “development?”

Flom Dark Flame Master

Flom Dark Flame Master

Yuuta sure has some glorious English there. Or maybe that’s due to 8th grade English classes in Japanese… hm.

Anyways, yeah. Realize you messed up, Yuuta. Go get that girl back.

Let the Jao Shingan inspire you with backstory!

…well, I guess he needs a little more inspiration to get him pumped up. Give us that back story, Jao Shingan #2!

She was engulfed in the flames of darkness at first sight

Engulfed by the flames of darkness at first sight

I kind of saw this coming, with with Rikka being fascinated by Yuuta in his chuunibyou state long before they officially met. There were so many hints sprinkled around the series as well. I think the most obvious was back in a previous episode, where it showed Rikka (without her eyepatch) in a middle school uniform watching Yuuta perform his Dark Flame Master stique on a balcony.

Predictable as it is, and probably cliché as it is, it’s pretty cute regardless and the reveal was executed pretty well. Way to go, Kumin! Of course, this means that Rikka planned this all along, giving her Jao Shingan to Kumin and telling Kumin about her “past with Yuuta.” She had to have saw this coming. At the very least, Kumin is a very good friend that’s willing to go to chuunibyou lengths to amend her pals’ relationship, whether Rikka was behind this or not.

Your dark flame master has arrived

Rikka’s smile returns!



Yes. This is what I was waiting for!

Now, um, excuse us, gramps. We’re stealing your granddaughter. Kaythanksbye.

We're here too DEATH

We’re here too DEATH

One of the highlights in this episode was the fact that the supporting characters had time to contribute and shine as well. My previous gripe about the series was that, despite being fun and entertaining, the supporting characters weren’t really involved in Yuuta and Rikka’s story. This episode managed to turn that around and destroy that complaint right away.

Rapeman, is that you?

Even this poor sucker gets in on the screen-time.

One more thing!

Oh yeah, I guess they can’t conclude this show properly until they find the Ethereal Horizon…

Blast reality...

Blast reality…

Burst it to shreds...

Burst it to shreds…



The Ethereal Horizon

The Ethereal Horizon…

Goodbye Papa...!

“Goodbye Papa…!”





People come to terms with the reality of their loved one’s death in their own individual ways, and I think that fact hits home during this scene. Rikka didn’t need to get rid of her chuunibyou to move on from her father’s death, nor did she need to force herself to be grounded in the realm of 100% realism in order to be happy. She was happy the way she was and trying to become something she wasn’t was never a solution to the problem at hand. I’m glad that the final managed to pull the aesop in that direction, instead of going for something tragic or half-assed.

People often become absorbed in self-consciousnesses in fear of not being liked by others or being unable to make new friends. Really, just be yourselves and you’ll receive real appreciation… someday.

Blast authority, burst it into shreds...


Oh yeah… forgot this was technically a kidnapping

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! certainly turned out to be an awesome and entertaining show the whole way through. Would I call it one of the best anime series ever? No. Would I say it has become one of my favorites? Absolutely! With at least a volume worth of material left unadapted, I truly hope that Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! receives a second season.

But instead, we’re getting Tamako Market first and foremost… oh well.

What is my identity


4 thoughts on “Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai 12 – Final Impressions!”

  1. Well, the endcap picture said something like “see you again”….. I guess we’ll see. Yes, a very enjoyable wrapup, glad I stayed with it.

  2. @SmithCB: Yeah, the end card said mata aou (また会おう), see you again. Hopefully that means KyoAni will pick this up again some time in the future…hopefully, heh.

    I’m glad I stuck with this too. Turned out to be an extremely satisfying show.

  3. I’ll just say:


    You could probably rant and rave about problems the anime had and whatnot, but really, something about it was awesome. The incredibly high-budget waifuism asside, episodes 10-12 really left me wanting more. I hope to god it sells enough to warrant a second season.

    Will probably be getting the soundtrack and I’ll be waiting till June for the OVA. Good stuff.

  4. @Wahfuu: The wait for the OVA will certainly kill me. KyoAni better give us a second season of this thing along with continuations of the rest of their properties before I go chuunibyou on them.

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