2012/13 Winter Anime (Haganai NEXT!)

Winter Anime Season

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Once again, it’s that time to pick out which anime to watch/blog for the next season. Because of my college’s winter quarter, I’ll only do a full blogging season of one anime. The rest of the list is a (rough) representation of what I will watch, but will only do occasional posts about.

Here’s the chart.

Two awesome blondes, one awesome loli

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (Air date: January 10th)

Yes! I’ve been waiting for a second season of this… as well as every other light novel-based anime that I happen to like. Luckily enough, Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai has also been announced a second season. Now all we need is a second season of Mayo Chiki! and I’ll finally be a happy camper, at least in terms of non-KyoAni anime (coughHaruhicoughFMPcough).

The animation director is different from the first season, so the characters are styled a bit differently. It’s not that noticeable at first, but comparing the designs of the first season and second season side-by-side, and you’ll notice that the new designs is a lot more fluid compared to the original character designs. The writing for the second season will also be headed by the original light novel author, so there’s a high chance that it’ll be superior to the first season, which I’m excited about.

More faux-hetereochromia goodness, here we come! I’ll be blogging about this weekly as it airs.

Anime about mochi

Tamako Market (Air date: January 9th)

You guys already know about my “at a glance” impressions about this in a previous post ranting about Kyoto Animation and their priorities not making any sense.

While it’s clear what type of anime it’s supposed to be just from looking at the promotional bits and descriptions, I’ll still be watching it in order to confirm whether or not I’m right to be bothered that Kyoto Animation chose to do this instead of certain other titles. In the end, I’m not the type of person to just look at something, point fingers and say “well, this is probably going to be like this” to the public, and just leave it at that. I have to confirm with my own eyes if my assumption is right.

Love triangle, hp!

Ore No Kanojo To Osananajimi Ga Shuraba Sugiru (Air date: January 5th)

Oh, wow! A love triangle anime! And it’s based on yet another light novel with a really, really long name. Haven’t seen these before.

Still, there’s an unexplainable attraction with me and romantic comedies. I just have to watch this. Maybe it’s because I’m on a lifelong journey to come across a romantic comedy that could surpass everything Ranma 1/2 was? I really don’t know.

Despite the generalizations and comparisons that I’m able to pull out of my ass just by looking at the genre and the basis premise of the series, that’s not my style. I’ll just wait and see – it just might surprise me, hopefully. At the very least, it may turn out better than what it sounds like.

das kawaii nig

Love Live! School Idol Project (Air date: January 6th)

I have a confession to make, guys.

I’m weak to the whole “idol” thing in Japan. They live lives that are pretty strict to guideline and the industry, I’m well aware of that, but I just fall weak to the cute and energetic coating of it all in the end. The dancing, the singing, the outfit, the everything… I also hate the fact that THE iDOLM@STER games haven’t been localized yet and happily listen to AKB48 songs in my spare time.

And I’ll most likely enjoy this anime, probably.

You guys can smack me in the head later. 😛

Things to watch out for…

Minami-Ke Tadaima (Air date: January 5th)

I’m honestly hesitant about even touching this one.

Look, I loved the original anime series. But the subsequent series that were animated and written by different people were extreme disappointments, so my hesitance in watching this is formed by real experiences.

In fact, I think I should get my Minami-Ke fix by getting around to reading the manga instead. If it turns out to be well-received, I might give it a go.

The demon tree returns!

Da Capo III (Air date: January 5th)

Judging from my experiences with the Da Capo II anime and its visual novel as well as dozens of other “VN-to-anime” adaptations (and the fact that this will only have 13 episodes), I can confidently say that this adaptation will definitely not live up to its source material. So guys, follow Wahfuu’s blog posts about the Da Capo III VN instead. 😉

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