Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 01 (First Impressions)

This will certainly melt the ice

That was a really good first episode. A lot of it is familiar content to me, like the bit where Sena, Kodoka, and Yozora try to do things that would make people laugh (and failing horribly at it, which is the funny part), as I’ve read the manga version of it some time ago. I really should start reading the light novels as well – soon, I hope.

The animation was wicked awesome. The quality is up-to-par with the Blu-Rays of the first season and the slightly new style in the art/animation comes off as looking more fluid than the previous 12 episodes. Yozora’s sure sporting the short hair rather nicely in this new animation style.

Haganai’s sense of humor is as funny as I remember it during the first season, and I like it how the episode felt more of a “episode 13” to the original season rather than a bland re-introductory episode for new viewers (if you want to be introduced to the characters properly, watch the first season!). Though the name tags that appeared on the screen served as something helpful for new viewers, I found it a treat that they got right to the point. My side-splitting moment was when Stella gave Kodaka a pack of condoms. Basically goes without saying, “Here to play with the young miss? Use protection!” She’s certainly still the Geoffrey of Haganai.


^ The episode needed more Kobato though. More heterochromia waifu is always good.

Looks like next episode will introduce Maria’s big sister for the first time in animated form. I recall the first time and only time I’ve ever seen her was in that AU Sena manga.

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