First offering – Gintama (2013)

The Rock!


Even the Rock is excited for Gintama!

Alright terrible introduction I know but admit it, you read that in the Rock’s voice.  Happens all the time but I digress.  I really am that happy that Gintama is back with new episodes and not re-runs of older ones (gotta admit that most of those were pretty funny and were worth re-watching).  The new season of Gintama, better known as Gintama (2013), starts off with one of my personal favorite arcs in the series called “Courtesan of a Nation.”  I read this arc in the manga a while back and after I was done with it at the time, I hoped that Sunrise would be smart enough to animate the arc sooner rather than later buuuuut beggars can’t be choosers.

As most mini-arcs in Gintama go, the episode is filled with hilarity, breaking of the 4th wall and references to Japanese pop culture.  In fact, the first episode of this arc is pretty lighthearted with the exception of Gintoki and Tsukuyo having feels for the old courtesan Suzuran.  Pay extreme attention to the Dragon Quest references at the beginning with Gintoki, Tsukuyo and Hinowa because the fansubbers didn’t add TL notes like they usually do.  This episode also brings back an old friend of Kagura’s, Princess Soyo, after like over 200 friggin’ episodes.  Seriously, what’s a girl gotta do to get some screen time?  Don’t answer that…



If there is any mention of the shogunate in Gintama that means the Shogun Shigeshige is going to appear and that just means all sorts of tribulations for Gintoki.

Don't care if you gotta fly planes, trains or automobiles...better have my doughnuts!

Don’t care if you gotta fly planes, trains or automobiles…better have my doughnuts!

The Mimawarigumi make their return too (see Baragaki arc) which means more tribulations for Gintoki.  I swear he never has it easy, does he?  But at least his e-mail buddy is back!

Also, kick the can is serious business.

Yeah, thats a Red Bull can alright

Yeah, that is a Red Bull can alright.

Call me crazy, but I think he's doing it wrong.

Call me crazy, but I think he’s doing it wrong.

From here on, though, the story gets a bit more serious and I won’t go any further to spoil the rest of the arc for you all, but I will say that you get deeper into Gintoki’s back story.  Yes, Cyborg Sorachi has made a return to the actual premise of Gintama with this arc.  Shocking, I know.

I’m a bit late making this review but I’ll make reviews of the next episodes after they are subbed.

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