Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT 03 – King’s Game here we go!

If only she knew we're watching HER

Oh Kobato, if only you knew of the fact that you’re better animated and much more entertaining to watch than the anime you’re watching.

Maybe then you’ll watch yourself?

(Yes, this is the exact same shot they used in the first episode of the recent cour. How dare they not animate Kobato watching TV in 30 different ways?!)

Fighting lolis are the best lolis

I must say that I prefer the bickering relationship between Kobato and Maria compared to Yozora and Sena, mostly because the latter pair makes Yozora come off as a bit of a “bitch,” at least in the first season (though I always thought her bullying still held a lot of comedic value).

Nothing can beat the Chuuni vampire girl/nun loli combo.

Censorship is the best hair growth formula

Take one guess on what they’re going to put onto the Blu-Rays.

Censorship made Maria grow an extra pair of long side bangs!



1mm vs 0mm: The Ultimate Battle!

I will never, ever get tired of Kobato’s extreme breast envy.

Holy siscon Batman!

Also, Kate’s a total tsundere for her sister.

This accidental mid-frame shot of Sena describes her inner thoughts perfectly

Oh, the King’s Game. This can’t end well. Just look at that face!

(Best shot. EVER.)

Looks great on you

Don’t you tell me this wasn’t relevant to your plans, Sena.

also btw, that tooth is AWESOME

btw, she’s reading perverted lines in a casual fashion

C’mon anime, you’re gonna kill me at this rate. People have died from laughing.

Just grab her and eat her already she wants it

Maybe it’s best they didn’t actually finish this order. I can guarantee you this show would turn from comedy to a bloodbath in an instant.

I wonder what the Neighbor Club’s reaction will be to Pegasus actually considering marrying off Sena to Kodaka. To be honest, I certainly wouldn’t mind that. More scenes of Sena harassing Kobato.

Sorry, Kobato.

even though she probably caught some weird stuff from all that weird stuff

You all want Rika and you know it.

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