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And much money was spent on feeding the glutton that day.

Hello, boys and girls! Want to know what today’s word is?


Want to know what’s better? When all of your supposed friends do it to you! And then, it gets better, because you can turn it around and do it right back to yourself, too! And then everyone’s lying to each-other, you are lying to you, and everyone’s just in this huge ball of lies and nobody can tell the difference between what’s real and fake anymore! It’s like a “make your own adventure”, except in real-time! Isn’t it grand? It sounds fun!

See a sky-dragon? All your friends bitch-slap you and outright lie to your face? Whole school treating you nicely for some odd reason? Pack that shit away with the magic of lying! Nothing ever happened. Nothing needs to happen, as long as you have the insane willpower to just keep doing it to yourself without wanting to punch every single mirror within arms reach.

Right, then. Now that I got that out of my system, this is the first route I did on Rewrite, and as such, all of you lovely people get a post about it! I’ll try not to be too spoilerific about incredibly big details or swerves, but I might give away some moderate spoiler stuff for the sake of context. So, if you are alright with that, keep reading on. It gets better. Sort of. Right, right. Must continue. Alright, so! Without more rambling, I give you the ever-so-strange and hilarious, Kanbe Kotori.


She says this in English, by the way.

Key’s latest attempt at ruining the English language, Honekawa Slim. She’s a good portion of all the humor you’ll see in the common route. If you don’t like her, the common route will be pretty hard to get through, as Kotori gets a ton of screen-time, especially at the beginning. I found her enjoyable throughout the common route, with her horrible and hilarious attempts at English and all of her odd mannerisms, but it has been established already that I love the eccentric. So much so that it was almost hard to take her seriously when entering her portion of the visual novel. It’s quite the 180.

So, Kotori is a member of the we-all-love-plants committee of the school with a staggering knowledge of every plant, weed, leaf, tree and grass Pokemon in eye’s view. She’s a god-tier loner too, although you don’t get to see too much of that except for the beginning, really. The whole Occult Club thing takes off pretty fast. Anyways, when she’s not overemphasizing her three sizes and telling you all about her glorious days as the leader of all the idols, she’s spending her days in the creepy animal-filled forest for no apparent reason!

She also has a pet dog, elephant, hamster, guinea-pig mammoth named Chibimoth.

Small but fierce.

With 10% more Chibi and 8% more moth.

Okay, so, where to start? Well, this whole route seems to be meant to be played first. There is a gigantic info dump being plastered on you, and it can probably feel a bit overwhelming at first.  Especially since questions that you’ve had for a good long time during the common route don’t even get answered! The stone city that you and Inoue both noticed, that weird freaky blonde guy with the dogs, etc. I understand how the paths are supposed to split after the common route ends, especially since the club randomly splits up near the end, but literally nothing else is explained besides Kotori’s involvement. Yet the whole route seems to be treating itself as an info dump for you to understand the gravity of shit that is going on here.

Although, Kotori was pretty solid as a heroine; the only complaint I have with her specifically is that after you get all the stress, pain and anger you’ve had in your system since you undertook a life-altering path in your life off your back by crying on someone’s back, it starts to get a little thin after you do it about ten more times. Jokes aside though, I really did feel for Kotori. Not because of the whole “my life sucks” thing, but because she genuinely felt like she was having a lot of fun with Kotarou as though it really was the only break she had from the whole hellish forest life she had.

The beginning of the route starts out frustratingly, as I lampshaded earlier with Kotarou lying to himself every other word, noun and syllable in order to make himself believe that if he ignores it hard enough, it’ll all go away. You’d think after how much EVERYONE LIED TO HIM, he’d be a tiny bit more upset. And he should be. And he is, briefly, but then nope. Nothing to see here folks. When everything gets revealed though, with the ghost that’s been haunting you turning out to be incredibly important and what Kotori is actually doing on her days absent, you start appreciate all the information Kotori gives you. Although, as I said before, as an info dump, it didn’t really answer anything I was actually wondering besides the UMA’s from the common route.

I’m probably nitpicking a bit. Kotori’s pain was easy to sympathize with for me, somehow. The Key drove me insane and really made me wish Kotarou kinda punched her a few times, but I’m pretty sure there is more to that story that I’ll see later. Although, as a side-route, it’s probably pretty good from an information standpoint. Its a lot more than I expected from a side-route, anyways, but I think that was because of the massive scale of everything.

Oh. Yeah. This is a Key VN. Wondering how the romance was?


Mother of God

Evolved form of Facepalm.

And this is where my biggest problem lies. No romance in the slightest. Well, okay. Slightest, sure. Kotarou confesses once, gets shot down because Kotori is 2deep4u and says a few couple of cheesy as hell lines for the sake of saying them. I don’t see the point in even hinting at it. Now, let me be clear here; I don’t mind no romance side-routes. Friendship and bonds and all that cheesy good stuff is all okay. However, it felt like they made the whole plot for the scenario and then felt like, at the end, they had to shoehorn about two scenes every hour that might sort of hint kinda that Kotori likes Kotarou back.

I really wished it had just dropped this romance thing all together, or at least make it a little more clear on Kotori’s side of things, or something. The romance is so damn ambiguous and up-in-the-air you have no idea where they actually stand. I don’t like how I could take the romance out all together and replace it with “we’re friends” and it’ll still work. And the ending, dear god, that’s in the air as fuck too. It felt like it was all a huge teaser in order for me to buy the fan disc, which I guess worked, because I’m actually curious as to what the hell happened.

I mean, I was expecting the romance to take a back seat for this one, truthfully, but I was still expecting it to blend. The romance just hangs there like some sort of unwanted broccoli between the teeth of the plot. I don’t know if it really shows just how different this is in comparison to Key’s other works, but it felt like Key’s stuff was in there, it just… was kind of awkward. Maybe it’s just me though. I hold Key to a high standard as far as romantic involvement.




Hmm. I’m not sure! Kotori’s route has quite a few ups and downs. On the upside, her pain did feel genuine. Forgetting the romance, Kotori, if anything, got me emotionally invested into the actual plot of the whole visual novel. Kotori’s downward spiral was sad to see, especially after seeing how happy she was only when we saw her during the common route. It really sold how big the whole situation was. I did… kind of feel small as hell in the grand scheme of shit that I didn’t understand. Kotori, guardian of The Key, extremely involved and not-involved at all. Just one duty.

As I said earlier,  the romance is pretty flimsy, but I probably should elaborate. The story Rewrite tries to tell is a hell of a lot more intricate and complex then other previous works Key has done. I totally understand that the romance had to take the side-car while the story drove the motorcycle. It makes sense and I have no problems with the system, I just have the way it was executed in this route. Honestly, if that confession had never happened and he had just confessed at the end of it all I think it would have had a lot more meaning to it then what we got. Thinking about it now, I could probably attatch this whole problem to the very ending of the route. The total lack of closure to the couple it wanted me to see with all the up-in-the-air implications from earlier just didn’t add right, so that might be it.

And also, as bad as I did feel for Kotori, I’m very iffy on routes that focus on a girls suffering and expect you to feel bad or pity her. Mind you, it worked for me this time and I did feel bad for her, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel a little bit of a cheap way of getting an emotional rouse. I feel bad, but at the same time it just felt… odd. Like it felt a bit weird to be feeling bad for her when I should be worrying about “this, that and all of those”, but it kept shoving the whole “cute suffering girl” thing at me over and over again to make me forget about the scale of crazy shit I’m in.

Anyways, it succeeded in one thing. I am incredibly curious on the rest of the routes. It’ll be a bit weird reading Kotori’s stuff in the other routes now, though, knowing all that I do now. The mystery really got a lot deeper with Kotori and I did enjoy her character and all the interaction I had with her, so I can give the route a pass. Contrary to how this all probably sounds, I can’t say I didn’t actually enjoy reading Kotoris route, but my experience reading it and reviewing it are kind-of seperate. Heres hoping for the fandisc. This route seriously needs it.

Anyway! Shizuru next! Not sure when that’ll come up, but, probably won’t be too long. So, I’ll see ya’ guys later. Ciao.


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6 thoughts on “Rewrite: Kotori (Queen of the Idols)”

  1. Overall for me, Akane still rains as the best common router character in-game. [SPOILER]Specially her common route ending that made me laugh for hours[/SPOILER]. But Kotori’s inaugural speech, lines and quotes are the best d(^_^d). Like what you said, since Kotori was just so much of a happy girl in the common route that its really hard to believe that she would have a serious voice as well in her lines.

    Anyway, not bad for a review for Kotori. It made me remeber the times I played this route.
    You should also check the part wherein Kotori and Kotarou visited Yoshino’s house if you haven’t seen that part yet. I recommend it.

  2. I felt that one important part about Kotori’s route was actually Yoshino, despite only appearing in the beginning and near the end. The one time I cried in her route was when [SPOILER]Yoshino came to help save Kotarou from the brink of death.[/SPOILER]

    Though it seems that the most important part with Yoshino only happens if you “Be Honest” with white fang in the common route, so if anyone played Kotori’s route but Lied to White Fang… I suggest you try it again

  3. Oh Yoshino, such a bro. I probably should have mentioned Yoshino a bit here. He gets about as much romance attention as Kotori does.

    I’ve grown kind of fond of Yoshino lately. I used to think he was kind of hard to like, but he’s grown on me pretty heavily.

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