Possible Cardcaptor Sakura Remake?


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There’s been this piece of news circulating around the net since this morning. Apparently the producer of the Cardcaptor Sakura anime expresses a desire to make a new one, in an article found in the recent issue of the ANIMEDIA magazine.

Original Text: 本誌は「CCさくら」を捕獲したい!!

Translation: This magazine wants to capture Cardcaptor Sakura!!
“If the anime did return, it would be a re~make!”
I want to make a new Cardcaptor Sakura, if possible, but…”

Source: オタク.com (translation by me)

Man. I personally love the idea of Studio Madhouse producing a Cardcaptor Sakura remake – I would go crazy. I loved the classic anime (which, in my opinion, is just as good as the manga is), but a remake would most likely be more of a direct adaptation of the manga à la Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, which I have no problems with. The inner SyaoSaku fanboy in me would like to see scenes in which they are married, though.

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  1. Hopefully it will come true since I watched some of it during my childhood even though it had a butchered localization. If it actually comes true, I might watch it for nostalgic value. :p

  2. There is nothing wrong with the original, why a remake? I see a cow there.

    If they make a remake, They better raise the bar a lot because I cant imagine what they can remake anyway. They can update the animation, I give you that. The story? Well, it could be darker. Not sure.

    As They said, I would watch it just for the nostalgia.

  3. @Gedata: It took liberties, but they had CLAMP on board for the anime so the outline of the plot remains the same. The spirit of the manga is retained in the anime as well, so it’s a very good adaptation despite some deviations. Main differences are order of events, expanding the number of cards, Meilin, and the ending (movie) having a different conflict than the manga (General idea: Sakura spends the last volume realizing her feelings for Syaoran and they are reunited in Japanese middle school; the anime movie introduces a new plot but still ends with SyaoSaku reuniting when they are in Japanese 6th year elementary school).

    When I’m done with my Cardcaptor Sakura reblog, I’ll do the manga and delve into the differences.

  4. @chikorita157: I would totally watch it for the updated animation. CLAMP in Wonderland 2’s Cardcaptor Sakura bits were eyecandy to look at and would make any CCS fan squeal.

  5. @Toonleap: The manga flowed somewhat differently than the anime, for what it’s worth. I don’t think CCS should be dark. That would just ruin it.
    Also remember that remaking a classic doesn’t necessarily mean there was anything wrong with it to begin with – rather, the producer feels that CCS was memorable enough to explore again.

  6. Okay, I would definitely love to see a CCS remark, though reading the comments makes me think it would definitely be a different series now than what they made back then. If they just followed the manga, they’d probably fit the entire story into two cours at most. I think it was the anime’s fillers back in the day that actually fleshed out all the characters and made them all so memorable. Still, a remake of CCS would be awesome, no complaints.

  7. @Frog: I love the expansion in the anime (I also love Meilin), but there were still things that are more elaborated in the manga, like Fujitaka being another reincarnation of Clow Reed. The manga certainly focuses more on Sakura’s side of things concerning her feelings towards Syaoran towards the end of the series, while the anime focuses more on Syaoran’s side of that development. I think it would be worth a watch.

    In the end, CCS is CCS, and as long as they kept it true to the original spirit, I welcome it. I do agree that I would rather have the original length of the first though. If a remake does come around, I hope it expands the story in its own way (with CLAMP’s input, of course).

  8. If this is true, I’m not sure what to think since I’m one of the people who thinks the Cardcaptor Sakura anime was near-perfection and better than the manga. I’m not against the idea of a remake, I just can’t see a reason for it other than to revive an old franchise and milk a few more dollars from it. But despite that, if there is such a remake that will follow the manga closely, I’m sure I’ll watch it and like it =P

  9. @Yumeka: I loved the old anime as well and thought it was better than the manga at certain points (that elevator scene!). Nevertheless, I never mind them revisiting an old classic. As long it it keeps in spirit of what made CCS so likeable, I don’t mind whether it’s faithful to the manga or not. 😛

  10. The producer’s of CCS sure knows how to tease. Hahaha. If this is true, I hope the characters remain the way that they are. I do not care (well, maybe I do) if the story plot changes, but I am going to be so upset when the characters change too.

    Am I the only one who don’t think a re-make is necessary? I wanted some kind of continuation, or a new season and moviesss ._.

    But this is CCS–I’ll probably love anything Clamp could offer after the amazing original.


  11. @Lisa M.: Characters changing will be very unlikely, they’ve stayed pretty much the same in everything they’ve been in. And since CLAMP anime these days rarely go without direct input from CLAMP (ever since the Tsubasa anime fiasco), altering the characters will definitely not happen in a remake.

  12. If that was the case then by all means but it either has to be the same or better, no butchering at all or disppointment.

    I dont see much change maybe the story a bit but I think it should closely follow the same as the original.

    but expect better animation, oh boy that would be good!

  13. Omg yes yes YES! I will stand outside your headquarters and just throw money at you, Madhouse. DO IT.

    On a serious note though, I really do hope this happens (and that they bring back the original voice cast). I’m hoping for something similar like with Gundam SEED Remaster HD or DBZ Kai, but I wouldn’t mind if they decided to be more faithful to the manga either. I just hope that it doesn’t take breaks at the end of each cour.

  14. I was a religious follower of CCS back in the day and the mere possibility of a remake gives me palpitations!! Particularly interesting to consider what kind of direction the show would take. The original was one aimed at kids – who by this time are probably in their 20s and having more of an appetite for avant-garde Mahou Shoujo like Madoka Magica. How would a remake look? Would we get classic SyaoSaku, or are we gonna get avant-garde CCS? Difficult decision for me – while I love the nostalgia spazz of the former, I’d relish the prospect of shounen-style Eriol V Sakura duels with Tomoyo on the sidelines filming via multi-angle automated SLRs…. Or whatever crazy idea CLAMP may otherwise conceive!!

    Honestly though, the series is so well-known, the legacy it left behind so prominent, anything they release will generate loads of hype and discussion. Because most of those already have strong opinions about it, anything they do will probably ruffle a few feathers one way or another. With the English adaptation for eg, fans argued how they made bad decisions with so many of the grey areas. And yet despite that it became popular, gave the series extra fans, and prompted them to think and talk about what made the series special, for them. CCS is one of those things that , for some magical reason or another, you just couldn’t watch and remain unmoved by what had happened before you. And whatever new or old direction any possible remake happens, I remain hopeful; indeed confident, confident of being able to relive that magic again!!

  15. @Daeyamati: Same here!
    @harry_kinomoto I personally hope they would stick to the same style as the classic CCS.

  16. Being a rather big fan of CCS, I’d love to see it (especially since the anime is rather hard to find subbed online) and I’d love if a serious company (Viz, Sentai, FUNImation) got a hold of it before something like a kid’s network did, so we can get an undiluted, unlocalized version (I’d love to see how they’d make Touya and Yukito’s relationship this time, unlike on Cardcaptors

  17. @Guest: It’s actually rather easy to find subbed online. It *was* also available legally with only subs by Geneon, so you might be able to purchase used copies online.

  18. Don’t “remake” what is not broken, Clamp!!!


    Create a NEW SERIES which explores the characters a little older; such as high school seniors, or young adults in their 20’s or something. But DON’T “REMAKE” the old one. It is already incredible.

  19. Yes yes yes yessssssssssss……v all lyk totally need a new episodes of cardcaptor……. n if lee n sakura get married den totally. ….

  20. It’s funny, ever since Sailor Moon got a remake (Sailor Moon Crystal) the only thing that kept going through my mind was that Cardcaptor Sakura should get a remake, too! I would love to see it happen. Yukito is my favorite character in the series!

  21. @Fluttershy1989: It’s better to buy the Premium Blu-Ray set at Rightstuf, it’s way cheaper
    The Japanese audio is still the real draw in buying it. The Animax dub is definitely better than the Nelvana dub, FOR SURE, but it’s still pretty subpar when you come down to it when it comes to acting. Plus, imo, Sakura Tange will always be the true soul of Sakura.

  22. I would love the idea of remake ccs. Come to think of it, there are a lots of missed out detail in the series compare to the manga. And they should probably put in details how the hell the clow book got into sakura basement in the first place. Why not kinomoto himself a cardcaptor? Perhaps tuoya too? But the end she was the chosen one. They should touch more on Syaoran’s parents too as well as tomoyo. Yukito’s grandparents are no where to be seen.

  23. NO remake! the original is pretty awesome already and I wouldn’t dare touching it if I was CLAMP! but a sequel…that I would welcome BIG TIME! 😉

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