Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Extra Episode

I missed dat ass.

I finally got around to watching the Chuu2 OVA. I must say, I’ve really missed the antics of these delusional characters. Chuu2 was probably my personal favorite anime of the Fall 2012 season.

And Rikka is as adorkable as ever.

She's found her weakness, besides milk

Kotatsu > Mjolnir Hammer, OHKO

This episode takes place after the series conclusion, so in essence it could be considered the special 13th episode. I like that it brings Yuuta and Rikka’s relationship status into focus – this is a stark contrast to other certain anime series, where such relationships or confessions are handwaved. To be fair, their relationship was a focal point in the latter half of the series, so it would be utterly stupid to assume they would ignore it entirely. Nevertheless, it’s a relief that there’s a fair amount of character development between Yuuta and Rikka in this episode, rather than the episode being being a pointless omake like the first Shakugan no SHANA OVA episode (the hot springs one focusing on Matake Ogata).

The Wicked Eye bows down!

The Jao Shingan concedes!

It’s nice to see Rikka back in school and fully eased back into her Chuu2byou self. Her demeanor was rather depressing towards the end of the series, and it’s nice to see more of her fun self after the conclusion.

Burn in the flames of darkness!

Too bad we didn’t to see the return of the Dark Flame Master…

Chuunibyou Ojou-sama

I wasn’t surprised that Dekomori turned out to be rich. She’s looked really refined with her hair down for that one episode during the series, and once she suggested everyone to go to her house for the Christmas Party, I immediately though, “It’s probably a mansion.”

That tends to happen a lot to me – when I say something’s predictable, I mean that in the literal sense through my own firsthand account.

She still has it in her

She can’t escape her fate. Shinka was destined to be Chuu2. She radiates 8th grade syndrome without even even trying, much to her dismay.

That outfit looks good on her, by the way.

I want that so badly

Shinka can hurt me all she wants.

Santa Claus makes my boner...

It ripped through my pants!

Isshiki, I detect high levels of boner from you. As a straight man, I can’t say it’s not awkward that I have such an ability, though…

Shinka casts Magic Missile!

Are we playing cards, or tabletop RPGS…?

It’s always nice to see characters just chilling out and having fun. This is one of the reasons why I loved Haruhi Suzumiya‘s Remote Island Syndrome arc so much, aside from all the other factors that made that a worthwhile read/watch.

Jao Shingan uses Attract!

Jao Shingan uses Attract!

It's super effective!

It’s super effective!

Ah, the characters getting drunk. As overused as that is in anime, it never stops being amusing seeing your favorite characters losing their senses to alcohol.

Black Rock Shooter meets the Genki Dama...or something

As always, the delusion sequences have absolutely gorgeous animation. It’s a shame KyoAni doesn’t do more action series – sometimes I feel that these particular talents of theirs go to waste.

Be my oneesan asdjsvad

Cool female anime characters 101:

Be an older sister figure to the group.

Even Chuunibyou has nakama!


I thought the whole scene on the cruise ship was really cute. What Yuuta needs to do is take Rikka on more dates in general – doing this will show that he treasures her company by going to special places with her. This goes to all you lovable oafs out there as well. The downside is that you have to maintain the constant – if the frequency of dates begin to decline, she might take it the wrong way. But it’s best to just spend time with her in general, which is easy enough once she lives with you.

I demand OVA episodes like this that take place after the conclusion of Cardcaptor Sakura. I *need* more Sakura x Syaoran, guys.

I support this. I definitely support this.


Oh boy. The Dekomori/Shinka interactions during the series was sort of a reason for fans to ship them. Now everything comes full circle with the ultimate ship tease of all!


It’s not like we we like each other or anything!

I don’t know guys… It looks like that kiss stole the show for me.

I’m pretty much on-board for Shinka/Dekomori. However…

Husky meets pus-.... I'm not gonna say it

I still ship Shinka/Dog. I feel like that shipping’s also very plausible.

Can't wait for the second season!

Tsuzuku… ka na?

I sure hope so! I look forward to the upcoming second season and the film.

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  1. Oh wow I must watch this!
    I really liked Chuunibyou and was hoping they might make an ova taking place after the events in the first series. FINALLY GET MORE RIKKA *fanboys*

    I totally get what your saying on the animation during the delusional fight sequences, it’s absolutely beautiful. I was thinking the same thing about KyoAni, they really should do some action series.

  2. That would be awesome, given the quality of other works that they’ve done I think they could probably make a top-notch action series. At least I hope they do one day ^_^

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