Pocket Monsters Origins (new anime!)

Starting in October (the same month as the release of the XY games), a new Pocket Monsters anime is set to air every Wednesday, based on the original Pocket Monsters Red and Green games (known as Pokemon Red and Blue internationally) with yet more counterparts for the protagonist and rival from those games.

It seems that they’re using Red and Green’s FireRed and LeafGreen designs for this anime’s versions of those characters, as opposed to the Generation I facial design they constantly kept on using for all of Red’s counterparts in the various manga series (Pocket Monsters Special, Pocket Monsters gag series, Pocket Monsters HGSS Jou’s Big Adventure, etc.) and the anime (Satoshi, known to most of you guys in the dub as “Ash Ketchum”).

Nevertheless, I look forward to this. The Pocket Monsters anime went downhill after Takeshi Shudo left the writing team, and went on a never-ending downspiral after the fourth generation (especially after they disregarded the original Mewtwo saga in their newest movie). I hope Rica Matsumoto (Red’s anime version, Satoshi) and Yuko Kobayashi (Green’s anime version, Shigeru, or “Gary Oak” in the English dub) reprise their roles in this alternate continuity. I feel that Satoshi deserves some feeling of justice, even if it’s through another alternate adaptation of the RBGY protagonist.

The question is… why release this now? What’s the sudden special occassion that they’re suddenly making an anime that ponders to older Pocket Monsters fans?

I speculate that it’s not intended to promote FRLG or the Gen I games (though it would sure inspire fans to check the originals out), it’s promoting the XY games. Mewtwo is gonna play a role in Gen VI judging by the XY promotions, and Red or Fuji might very well play a role in those games as well due to their connection with Mewtwo alone. The Pokemon Tower arc is confirmed to be adapted in this program and Mr. Fuji’s inclusion is a given, further supporting my assumption. We also have the regular anime, focusing on Satoshi (Red’s anime counterpart) in promotions this time around and being given Red’s FRLG hat. It’s all too perfect to be a coincidence.

I’m going to have to get used to the animation in this. While it does look nice – and I’m used to alternate art from reading various Pocket Monsters manga taking place in different universes with different styles – I’m certainly not used to that in animated form.

The animation will be a collaboration between OLM, Production I.G., and Xebec. This anime will be a special program. I’m afraid they’re going to cram too much in so little time…

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2 thoughts on “Pocket Monsters Origins (new anime!)”

  1. From what I heard now it’s only going to be a one-shot special…but I guess that’s better than nothing.

    I’m not familiar with the Pokemon Adventures manga, so I can’t compare, but this does look cool =D As you suggested, it’s weird that they would have a special about the original games for XY, unless your speculations about Mewtwo, etc., are true.

    I don’t pay attention to the staff of the Pokemon anime besides the seiyuu, but I agree that the late Johto episodes, Advanced generation, and Diamond and Pearl, were not as good as the Kanto episodes. However, I think the Black and White episodes as a whole saw an improvement in terms of story and writing. Still not as good as the old ones but certainly more memorable episodes than the previous seasons.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this special and seeing if your speculations turn out to be true XD

  2. @Yumeka: There are some sources that say it’ll air every Wednesday on October. We’ll have to wait and see.
    Regarding not reading Pocket Monsters Special, I’ll say it’s a separate adaptation altogether, while this looks like it’ll be the closest to the games. That in itself is very cool, since we’ve never really had that before. I wish they used the Gen I designs though – some items such as the Pokemon Zukan appear to be used in its Gen I form – since the Gen III designs doesn’t really scream “Origins” to me. lol I would have loved it if Red used his Gen I design:
    As for Pocket Monsters Best Wishes… I appreciate some aspects of it, but I don’t appreciate the regression of Satoshi. It’s rather sad to see what he’s become because I used to love him. I also love Mewtwo (the original anime incarnation), but the 16th movie pretty much acts like it never existed despite being integral to the original series. Satoshi doesn’t even bother to mention him… I dunno, to be honest, it seems that the writing took a step back in comparison to DP. DP wasn’t the best, but it gave some respect to our main protagonist, who took down two legendary Pokemon in DP, only to lose to a rookie who forgot to bring a 6th Pokemon in the Isshu League.
    But yeah, I’m looking forward to this special. I hope it isn’t just a one-off thing as some sources suggest.

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