Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】17

Yamazaki, stahp

Chiharu: Yamazaki, stahp

This was one of my favorite episodes back in the day… and I suppose it still is. 😛 Sakura and her class go on a trip for some beach fun. If only my elementary school had trips like these… Yes, it’s the obligatory beach episode, guys! The episode title, “Sakura’s Scary Test of Courage” ((さくらのこわーいきもだめし Sakura no Kowa~i Kimodameshi), means that it’s also a “Haunted House” episode as well.

Nowadays I realize that I like its equivalent in the manga more, simply because of mys hipping fanboyism. There, during this trip, was one of the first times Syaoran showed blushies towards Sakura. HNNNNNNNNNG

Vitrolic love is the best love

That was fast…

Lesson learned, don’t be like Yamazaki no matter how much fun it is to troll the gullible girl. Your angry girlfriend will bury you in the sand and throw beach balls at you…




Stay-at-home husband!

Looks like we know who’s wearing the pants in this relationship.


(Yes, I made a kitchen joke.)

This trip was supposed to be fun!

Sakura’s reactions to ghost stories never cease being cute.

As seen in almost any anime, summer time means you must have a beach episode and tell spooky stories.

(Though, in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya‘s case, replace “spooky story” with “murder mystery”.)


Guess who tells the Ghost Stories.

Oh boy

Man, this story sounds suspiciously like the plot of this episode.

That’s not what she says, but it’s close enough. As I’ve said again and again, Tomoyo’s probably one of the most awesome characters in this series.

(…Gee, I should really organize an Abridged Series for Cardcaptor Sakura. xD)

I hate wooden houses


I can relate with Sakura’s point-of-view here. I used to really hate these patterns on wooden walls and ceilings. They especially sucked at night.

Not to mention, I lived in a house like that.

May I hug you now?

May I hug you now?



Sakura and Syaoran have one of their first civil conversation in this episode. I liked this scene in both the anime and manga, albeit in different ways.

In the manga, this conversation somewhat resembled a conversation that takes place in a later episode. Remember, the manga is much shorter in comparison to the anime, and by this time, Syaoran had developed his crush on Sakura. Not to mention, a certain Mizuki-sensei was present by the time of the second volume of the Omnibus edition of the manga.

In the anime, Sakura and Syaoran have a sweet bonding moment, and we learn more about Syaoran’s family and butler. Syaoran’s still rather tsun here, so he’s not as “HNNNNNH” to Sakura’s ^_^, but I love how CLAMP took this plot and made it serve as progression to a more friendly relationship in terms of the anime, considering how long the anime is compared to the manga.

Sakura does not approve!

ほええええええ! Sakura does not approve of this Test of Courage!

Boooooooooo I'm a Goooooosip Stooooone

Terada-sensei’s ghost costume reminded me of the Gossip Stones and Sheikah Stones from The Legend of Zelda.

Test of Courage… Triforce of Courage… hm.

Clow Reed you sonova bitch

Card of the day? The Erase card.

Clow Reed sure had a morbid sense of humor…


;_; halp

No! My future child support money!

No! My future child support money!

Oh boy, more Sakura and Syaoran moments! Syaoran helps Sakura emotionally overcome her fear, stay calm despite the situation, and she ends up saving the day. I love this dynamic of their romance.

I particularly liked this one dialogue exchange between the two in the manga’s equivalent as well. It went something like this…

Sakura: *sniff* “You’re nice….
Syaoran: “o///o I-…I’m just soft on crybabies…

Why so tsundere, Syaoran?!



Consider this my wedding ring to you…

Consider that my wedding ring


This is not natural, man!

You’d think the group would be more freaked out at the fact that don’t they don’t remember anything after going in that creepy cave.

Stupid Sexy Yukito

At the end of the episode, Yamazaki, as usual, tells a lie about beach volleyball being an ancient determiner of who gets their romantic wishes granted. Naturally, Sakura and Syaoran start duking it out over Yukito. The scene’s very, very amusing. 😛

The manga version is amusing in another way. After some tsuntsun exchanges with Sakura, he just gazes at her with a beat red face in the last panel (which I linked to at the beginning of the post).

Leave it to Kero-chan! Enjoy these outfits.


Girl’s swim wear.

Danshi bromance

Boy’s swim wear.

CLAMP are godly at outfits

Outdoor uniform.

(I swear, at first I thought they were holding hands.)

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