Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! 07


You guys don’t know how much I’m able to relate to Tomoko whenever summer break starts. “I’m going to have soooo much fun!

And then I end up doing nothing productive the whole break. Welp. Get a job you bum!

Oh yeah, Jimmy Kudo and Doraemon receive guest appearances in this episode. Sort of.

Time to spam Nico Nico Douga!

I suddenly have the urge to spam a certain “smile smile” site with a bunch of wwwwwwwww.

I'll peropero your UUUUNCE

And asking what peropero means on Yahoo Answers…

Wait a minute...

And listening to my little brother spend his summer break to the fullest…

Wait, what?



Yeah, this episode cranks down the cringe comedy a notch, by focusing on another type of humor that can be relate-able to the viewer. That is, Tomoko just wasting her days away her summer by playing eroge, watching anime, attempting a live stream on Nico Nico Douga, falling victim to a typical Wiki Walk, etc. And all the while despairing that the end of summer drawing near, and fearing that she won’t do anything worthwhile.

Sounds like my high school days. Hell, it sounds like me now.

Forever Alone

“How to enjoy summer break alone.”

Unfortunately there’s not much to enjoy alone, Mokocchi…

Fantasy Tomoko is cool, but I despise Pewdiepie


But I would gladly watch Mokocchi spill the spaghetti!


Sorry, Tomoko. In order to become a popular internet personality, you must:

1) Play horror games with a face cam. Make sure to put obnoxious faces in your video thumbnails.

2) Panic in the most absolute fake way possible. And make strange voices.

3) Make sure no one understands what the hell you’re saying. “Aw hwydfsf why that happening dddddaaaa braaaafiiiissssst” and make sure all your fans follow suit.

Tomoko’s overactive negative imagination saved her the heartache. 😛

I see that sparkle in your face!

The face of a girl who’s about to take a happy pee in your room.

No spaghetti spilling here!

It put a smile on my face when Tomoko’s day actually goes better than usual during that seiyuu event. It made me laugh that she originally came in intending to record a rather innocent “I love you, Tomoko” (which she found creepy), yet because of a rather bold fan that came before her, she decided on well…

Pig! You stink! Not really, that was a lie. Tomoko’s hair really does smell great, and it’s so smooth. I love you.



Tomoki: “Onee-chan, I love you!”
Tomoko: “Onee-chan likes Tomo-kun too.”
Tomoki: “Hey, Onee-chan, when I grow up, I want to marry you!”
Tomoko: “Don’t say that. Siblings can’t get married.

What the shit!

The home video was my favorite part of the episode, hands down. Why so sullen…. Tomo-kun?


This last queeze in of cringe comedy killed me. Replacing the eroge voices with her own and the seiyuu recording? Great idea! Unlike Tomoko, my headphone jack is nowhere near my microphone jack. But uh, I’m not going to do it, I swear.

The awkwardness of this scene just goes on…forever. 😛


Of course, the seiyuu fantasies save it from being *too* bad.

Someone please give her more good days

How about you

After witnessing his home watching that embarrassing home video, I hope Tomoki pulls an Oreimo (FIRST SEASON, not the second season) and be somewhat of a good bro to Tomoko. It was certainly very depressing to see Tomoko havng to BRIBE her little brother with ice cream to (at least) *watch* her light fireworks.

This is where I get cut off from the manga, by the way. Ever ahead is pretty much unknown to me.

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  1. Wow, sounds like my summer in a nutshell, well…kind of. I haven’t watched this anime but it would probably be right down my alley XD

    I do nothing but play video games and watch anime during the summer, that was what I did in high school annnd is what I do in college. Only downside is that I completely forget how to socialize whenever classes start again ROFL

  2. @Shikon: Haha, yeah, I know that feeling. Cooping yourself up during summer makes you socially awkward for a while. xD Poor Tomoko though, she’s socially awkward 24/7…

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