Do I dare watch “Free!”?

My inner vagina is confused


Now, as some of my readers might know, I have no problems with watching shows aimed at a more feminine fanbase. In fact, I love them as much as more testosterone-ridden GAR shows that are on my list (Samurai Champloo, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, GaoGaiGar, etc.)

But this. This is different.

This is very different. A bunch of shirtless, muscular well-toned sexy men cutting loose in the pool. I suppose the plot is about swimming? Because when I was in high school, I know very well what went on in the locker rooms after a day of swimming. For all I know, the plot could be about that as well.

So, what do you guys suggest? Is Free! worth watching? Will I be the same after I watch it? Is this a break-through from Kyoto Animation in terms of revolutionizing swimming and what it means to swim?

( ?´_ゝ`) Yes? No? Replies from males and females are all welcome. Telling me why you like it without spoilers would be helpful as well.

(And yes, I’m well-aware of the true reason why a handful of people watch this show, I’m just giving it the benefit of the doubt and most likely pay for it because of my open-minded personality.)

12 thoughts on “Do I dare watch “Free!”?”

  1. I recently started to watch Free because of the girl with a cute face expression that I keep seeing. It’s somewhat similar to Ouran Highschool Host Club and it’s not bad nor that close to BL.

    However I don’t think I’ll be writing about the series at all because it’s not on my field and it will be probably awkward even if I did.

  2. @SparkNorkx Hm, so it’s somewhat similar to Ouran High School Host Club (in terms of style but not necessarily plot, I take it)? I did like that anime.

  3. Just imagine a Swim Club (without a girl being the protagonist) instead of the Host Club (with a girl being the protagonist). Kinda the opposite and yes, the plots are not similar.

  4. if close up of a male butt(and other things) is too disturbing for you then I sugest you stay away from it.
    the guys at least till this point don’t show any sign of homosuality(the force phisical contact does not count for me) but they do act extreeeemily girly sometimes.
    for a fanservice show the plot is nice,simple but enjoyable,just think of any tipical slice of life anime but with males,and 2 women that suport them.
    anyway,you’ll probably get some laught at how ridiculous some things get at point,though seeing it yourself is better tha anything anyone can tell you,it takes just 20 little minutes

  5. I forgot something,NO,it’s not all like host club,this is main for the hormones,that show wasn’t

  6. @henslight: I suppose a good laugh is a good reason to try it out if nothing else.
    Close-up of males butts don’t make me squeamish much. It might be…distracting, in a bad way, though. How frequent is it?
    Well, I suppose if girls can sit through fanservice for males, I can sit through fanservice for females.

  7. Don’t do it Mikoto!!

    Kidding of course, I haven’t watched it either and I probably wont tbh. However it’s not because of the shirtless and handsome dudes (i’m straight but DAYUM). I’m generally uninterested in anime that focuses around a sport of some kind (just not my preference) but if you are then give it a try.

    At this point it’s not like we haven’t already watched enough bishounen (and genres in general) that are aimed towards female audiences XD

  8. Sorry I’m a couple of days late here XD Have you watched Free! yet, LOL?

    I would recommend Free! as it’s really no different from your average slice-of-life school story except the main characters are guys instead of girls. There’s no rule that says it can’t be good for both genders just because there’s more man service than fan service =P But honestly, I think the characters are very likable and it has some good humor and touching moments. I never feel like it’s trying to just appeal to fujoshi but instead is trying to be as universally appealing as it can. I would say give it a try.

  9. @Yumeka: Thanks for your input, Yumeka! 🙂 Yeah, I haven’t watched it yet, but I decided to give it a try. I’ll write a short blurb about my thoughts as a post after I watched a fair amount of it.

  10. As someone who is keeping up with the show, there’s definitely more to Free! than just blatant fanservice. Admittedly I went into this show just for the fanservice, but there’s actually story to it, even if the first few episodes are just light-hearted fun.

    It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but you should try it out. Instead of the usual 3 episodes that most people give an anime, I suggest giving it 5 because… Well, you can find out yourself 🙂

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