Fairy Tail x Rave Master

Oh my god... Elie. <3


Here’s one way to get me to watch Fairy Tail! I gotta say… I really miss Rave. That manga has to be one of my all-time favorite shounen manga series, and it’s a shame that the anime adaptation was cancelled before it got to the really good bits of the manga. I love the fact that the original seiyuu from the 2001 anime reprise their roles as the Rave Warriors here. And they looked so good with modern animation and their finalized designs from the manga. Man, I *really* want a reboot of the Rave anime…

As for Fairy Tail, I’ve read the manga and watched some episodes of the anime. I really like the characters, but everything else seems to be so… shallow compared to Hiro Mashima’s previous work, which is disappointing. That isn’t to say that the OVA didn’t inspire me to catch up with the series regardless, if only for Wendy’s cuteness and Natsu’s badassery.


“May you please give me this bug?”

How nostalgic! Elie is as cute and bubbly as she’s always been, thinking everything is an insect and such.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE Happy’s voice. It’s always great to see Rie Kugimiya voicing a role other than tsundere – typecasting her as that archetype has gotten more than annoying.

I look all fancyswancy now.

Even though I’ve read the manga, I identify Haru mostly with his original anime design. It might be because I saw the anime first, but his old anime design reminded me of those classis PS1 RPGs I used to love.

But he looks just as cool here though and resembles what I would imagine to be a modern depiction of a JRPG hero. Well, a JRPG hero that doesn’t look like a tool. (*cough*Japanese PS3 Nier*cough*)


True to Rave, Haru is a good Samaritan and helps Natsu during (what I assume) is one of his motion sickness episodes.

Also true to form, the person he ends up helping isn’t exactly your normal person. Cue classic Haru reaction.

This is why Elie is moe


Oh my god, Elie’s impersonation of Tanchimo made me laugh so hard. 😛

Also gave me a heart attack. That was absolutely adorable.

My bug!

This is mine!

Oh yeah, I often forget that there’s a Plue in Fairy Tail. I always hate it when people see something from Rave and say “oh, it’s that carrot nose thing from Fairy Tail!“. No, no, no. Plue originated from Rave!

They’re almost as bad as the people who think certain characters in Super Smash Bros. originated from there. Ugh. (Yes, there are people like that.)





Those are his boners

Those are his boners

Griff seemed extra horny here than he was in Rave. Considering the amount of fanservice Fairy Tail supposedly devolves into (from what I’ve heard), I’m not surprised.

Lucy’s pretty hot and so are her pink panties.

Expy showdown

Expy showdown!

Yeah, I got around to reading the manga version of this crossover too (I actually haven’t heard of it until the anime version was released, funnily enough…). I like it how the other Rave Warriors get more screentime in this version in comparison to the manga version, where they don’t appear until the very end.

Musica > Gray, by the way.

Sounds like my wife

Speaking of criminals with “big boobs and dual-wielding weapons”, I’m pretty sure Elie’s boobs weren’t that big in Rave.

Also, threaten Elie and Haru WILL mess you up.





…kind of why the Haru vs. Natsu fight was sort of bullshit. Haru should have won. Why didn’t he use Runesave to cut through Natsu’s fire? He should have had Runesave by this time, because he used Melforce.

I like Natsu and all, but the Mage Guild in general kind of lose their upper-hand with the Ten Commandment’s Runesave sword. He’s the god damned Rave Master!





Don't worry I still like you Lucy

“She’s better than you in every way.”

Dat Bunny Suit

It’s Erza. The battle’s been decided.

If only Julia and Erza actually interacted in this episode. They’re both very, very scary alpha women, and I’m pretty sure Julia wrecked Ruby’s casino in a bunny girl outfit as well.

Rampaging bunny girl

Haru just found something scarier than his girlfriend’s tonfa guns. Much scarier.

Who the hell said Fairy Tail was a Rave remake?

Who was it that told me that Fairy Tail was like Rave again? Complete and utter bull. I mean, aside from the humor, I don’t see how Haru/Natsu and Lucy/Elie are anything alike. At least the former two have hotblood to compare, but the heroines? Very, very different.



Yeah, the humor definitely meshes together well. Not to mention, Griff gets the “Puff Puff” he’s been wanting for over a decade.

Kickass heroines are always welcome!

Elie: Kick-Ass Mode On

And Elie gets to show us how awesome she is with her tonfa guns. Imagine if Elie went Etherion on all the mooks + Big Bad? Whereas, Lucy doesn’t do jack shit with her Celestial Spirits for the rest of the episode.

Now, I’m well aware that Lucy can be a useful character. But she’s pretty damn useless *here*.


She plays with dolls? And she sports twintails?

Jeez, this Wendy girl is downright adorable!


On top of that, she has a cool-looking move called “Tenryuu no Houkou“? This girl… is awesome.

Badass couple! ...TM

This is what I was waiting for: Let and Julia, the awesome dragon battle couple of the Rave Warriors. Julia never appeared in human form in the anime, so I’m guessing she finally gets a voice here.

Ugh, this special keeps reminding me how disappointed I was that the Groove Adventure Rave anime didn’t continue into Let’s more awesome storylines. ;_;

Two Dragons and One Loli

Dragon Slayer teams up with the Dragon Race? It sounds like a weird combination, but in actuality, it’s perfection.

How is this not awkward

I’m surprised Musica didn’t comment on Gray’s nudity until they were battling against the coin mooks.

I like it how they ended up getting along well, though. Musica always was one of those characters that stuck true to the nakama trope and bonded through good ol’ fists.

Oooh boy

And the yaoi stripping shipping begins.

Get your minds out of the gutter.

Lucy goes commando

Forcing Lucy to go commando? Damn.


The pretty girl doesn’t get to do anything the whole OVA and now you take away her panties?!

Spring returns to kick ass with Summer

Spring meets Summer… or something

My absolute favorite part of the crossover was the final fight scene, where Haru and Natsu settle their differences and start kicking the crap out of the OVA’s not-so Big Bad together. As a Rave fan, I enjoyed the fact that they played the first Groove Adventure Rave opening (Butterfly Kiss) during the team-ups.

It was like a Super Sentai crossover, only with less rainbow overload.





Loli Slayer










You know, they really should have paired up Julia with Erza. I guess they didn’t want to separate her from Let, which is fine and all, but… I wanted her to destroy things together with Erza.



And now, for the dialogue exchange that gave me a stroke:

Translation - Rave has romance and you don't!

“Those two are our heroes, huh?”



Maybe I should hook up with Natsu


As any Rave fan should know, Elie more than just wants Haru and vice-versa. I haven’t read Fairy Tail in a while, so I have no idea if there has been any indication of a future Natsu/Lucy pairing. Or romance in general.

At the very least, Elie’s comment made me smile.

This is a lot more satisfying than the manga version!

So, what my verdict on this special? It’s a nice crossover, and is definitely a great treat for people who were fans of Rave and were sad that the characters haven’t been animated in over a decade.

The skirt's flying up and she has no panties

*enemy mode on*

For me, it made me absolutely want a new Groove Adventure Rave anime that adapts the manga all the way through. It’s honestly a really good shounen series that you don’t really see much of nowadays outside of One Piece and Hunter x Hunter, which share some of the same following traits as Rave. There’s plenty of adventure, tearjerking moments, romance, good character development, and an overarching plot-line and goal. One of the better Dragon Ball-inspired manga out there.

It just *needs* to be reanimated, pronto. I will throw my money at A-1 Pictures for it, god dammit! The characters looked absolutely gorgeous here, and with the manga already finished a long time ago, there’s no need for fillers to drag the quality down.

Booty shake

I approve of this booty shake ED

Rave really never got the respect it deserved. I do enjoy Fairy Tail for what it is, but it just doesn’t have the same quality as Rave for me. And I absolutely detest a good portion of its fanbase for obvious reasons. I’m glad that this OVA renewed interest in the Rave series though, so much that I can disregard the crowd its attracting.

R.I.P. Lazenby’s screen time in this blog post.

6 thoughts on “Fairy Tail x Rave Master”

  1. This was interesting to read, I only watched a little of Rave Master years ago when it was on sci-fi but I remember a little of it (I never really got into it).

    I also have never watched Fairy Tail, although with all the fan-service pics I keep seeing maybe I should…lol

    Yeahhhh, Elie’s boobs weren’t nearly as big in Rave LOL. I always find that humorous when watching another adaptation of an anime (like Winry in FMA Brotherhood for example).

  2. @Shikon: There was two main problems with the Rave Master anime. 1) it had a severely edited dub, and 2) it never finished or went on to the really good parts. You should give the manga a go, though I recommend a few episodes of the anime as well – it has an awesome soundtrack. The manga has some good Elie fanservice scenes as well. 😛 And on the plus side, it doesn’t detract from the story.

  3. I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Rave back then and I’ve seen around 70+ episodes of Fairy Tail… I’m actually just looking for time to watch and really finish both 😀
    having been able to get a glimpse of both series, I’m actually planning to watch this OVA but I’m still battling myself whether I should finish both first (or just at least finish Rave) in order to fully enjoy this OVA…

  4. @-blacksheep: I definitely recommend getting more familiar with Rave if you want to get the full feel of “service” from this special, so-to-speak. I definitely wouldn’t have got the same feeling of adrenaline from hearing Butterfly Kiss playing in the background if I hadn’t gotten close to the series beforehand. But it’s not needed, I suppose. On the Fairy Tail end of things, I think 70 episodes worth of knowledge is enough. Aside from the *presence* of one or two characters, there’s really no plot spoilers.

    And if you’re planning on finishing Rave, remember to read the manga for that since the anime never finished.

  5. I love Rave Master back when I first watched it years ago, so I’ll watch this show. Though, it’s rather sad because I can’t see [spoiler] Sieghart. He’s a real bro! [/spoiler]

  6. @Gun_Blazinsky: [spoiler]I wanted to see Sieghart too! 😛 Since Fairy Tail has a Sieg lookalike, I guess Mashima didn’t want to include him because FT fans would be confused. :/[/spoiler]

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