Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! 08



Tomoko and Tomoki have such a cute little niece. Looks like she didn’t inherit the “exhausted eye bag” gene.

In contrast to the last episode, this episode picks up the awkwardness again… hard. I was actually twitching – no, cringing – at Tomoko’s attempts at keeping up her “cool, popular, not-single onee-chan” facade.

And people wonder why I...people are lolicons

Truth in Television, scarily enough

Tomoko should check out America’s child “beauty pageants”. Much more creepy and slutty-looking than Japanese preteens trying out fashion trends.


I’ll say, any red markings that appear on your neck are probably easily mistaken as hickeys. I tend to scrub my neck really hard, leading to random people I don’t talk to often thinking I got freaky with a girl the night before due to the random red marks on my neck (I’m a good boy, I swear).

Hickeys aren’t… big and circular. Unless you want Kii-chan to think you’ve been making out with a dude that has a bad case of gigantism, Tomoko…

Sucky wucky all over.

In her mind: a good role model

Independence fuck yeah! America fuck yeah!

“This is my life! I make my own decisions!”

This is Japan!


Now she just looks sexually abused.

Story of my life.

Can you say, Broken Pedestal?

Out of all the episodes of Watamote so far, this one has to be the most unbearably awkward. Seeing Tomoko’s attempts at portraying herself as some slutty highschool queen to impress her niece was just so hard to watch, especially considering that seems to be the type of person she hates the most. I’m sure Kii-chan would have accepted her without Tomoko going to great lengths to build up a false image of herself. Either way, it was hilarious, but…. jfavhfvahg, the spaghetti. Especially when Tomoko started kneeling down to that umbrella boy when she was apologizing.

It went even deeper when all her lies started to catch up to her. Now Kii-chan’s admiration has turned into affectionate pity, yet pity nonetheless. Someone give Tomoko a break. ;_;

Ending this on a lighter note, the full version of the opening and ending themes are available now.

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