Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! 09

Your friend's job

Your friend’s job.

Your job

Your job.

I still find it highly remarkable just how much your average Joe can relate to this series. It does a fantastic job of being dipping in and out of black comedy, to being a rather gripping portrayal of the reality that more than a few unfortunate people have. I know firsthand that this is just how an actual person’s life can be. I also know firsthand that this is how an actual person can be.

I’d say this is along the lines of episode 7’s showing. We get another glimpse of how much Tomoko’s has changed due to her social isolation and envy, and just how much she’s pushing the people close to her (namely her family) away due to her dip into pessimism.

(Yui from K-ON! makes a cameo. Sort of. There’s also Shokotan, The Legend of Zelda, and a few other small references. :P)

Asian parents just don't understand. T_T

Been there, done that…

Tomoko has absolutely no motivation to help around the house. I can completely understand this – if your life is basically a sack of shit, you just lose interest in doing anything out of selflessness. She, who is definitely suffering from depression and is a possible candidate for social anxiety disorder, probably has no idea how much this irks her mother.

Her mother, naturally, probably has no clue how much torture and isolation Tomoko is going through internally, and possible mental disorders she may or not have. Sounds typical of a teenager/parent relationship, sure, but nonetheless these things are still signs of a emotional rift, and her mother really does nothing to understand why Tomoko is being such a pain in the ass.

Basically a mini-version of Kyosuke? More like genderbent Kirino.

…contrast this to Tomoki’s childhood jounrnal entry of his beloved onee-san, who writes that Tomoko helping their mother around the house is one of the reasons why he loves her.

I see people drawing parallels with Kyosuke in terms of Tomoki’s appearance, voice, siscon, etc. But I think he’s more similar to Kirino, genderflipped. He’s grown distant from his older sister because she’s no longer the person he knew during his early childhood. Take away the unnecessary incest and you get potential for some good development for Tomoko in the future. If Nico Tanigawa ever plans on making her life any better, that is.

Summer was good in its own way

The very last bits of the episode really tugged at me. In the end, Tomoko watches the meteor shower with not Yuu-chan, or her mother, or Tomoki. She watches it with a cat, that is male (as per her wish on the shooting stars) and appears to take a liking to her. While it may be small, for a few moments, she wasn’t alone. In a way, it was really heartwarming.

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  1. I’m surprised a lot of reactions say “I can relate to her so much.” Me, as well. It’s rare that characters like this are represented! I agree, she’s still 15 and at that age one is pretty much selfish and immune to other’s perspective (especially her mom’s). I loved this episode, too. Cute and sad.

  2. @Lance: The author does a really good job of portraying the isolated feelings and thoughts of a depressed and cynical teenager (or anyone for that matter). I believe that’s why the comedic “awkward” bits gets a large reaction from viewers – it’s easy to imagine themselves in a similar situation if they haven’t been already.

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