Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】18

Sakura clearly loves Summer Festivals!

yo dawg das kawaii

As with many anime series that actually extends to more than 12 episodes per usual, we *have* to get a festival episode. And Cardcaptor Sakura‘s 18th episode is all about our cute protagonist and her family/friends taking part in natsumatsuri (Summer Festival). By extension, that means we also get to see Sakura dawn a cute yukata and take part in summer thrills. It’s a really chill episode, along with a surprisingly chill Clow Card. I guess Clow Reed lost his sense of humor on the day he created it? Who knows. 😛

I pretty much love it whenever Japanese stories do a natsumatsuri segment. Back when Pocket Monsters was a respectable anime series, they had a natsumatsuri episode as well – one of the best filler episodes ever. And if you’ve ever read a visual novel, this setting is a pretty common event for some awkwardly cute romance depending on the route you’re taking. Da Capo II had this, definitely, and I vaguely remember CLANNAD having it too.


We get more of Sakura’s foreboding dreams at the beginning of the episode. Well, it’s not actually foreboding, but rather pleasant, as is the rest of the episode.



Her expressions are contagious. <3

Pout Master Sakura

Cardcaptor Pout Master Sakura

I think we all know Touya secretly enjoys inducing these reactions. Good job!

We Are Tomoyo

This is one of those times where Tomoyo acts as somewhat of the audience’s viewpoint character. At least for me. I agree, Sakura-chan is sporting that pink yukata very well!

Yo-Yo Tsuri is her mortal enemy.

Yo-Yo Tsuri is her mortal enemy.

Things that Sakura is unskilled at that I can name at the moment:

1) Math
2) Yo-Yo Tsuri.

I wonder how Sakura would fare in “Bobbing for Apples” and Monopoly? 😛

Yamazaki, STAAAHP

Yamazaki, STAHP

The best in-law relationship ever

At this point, Syaoran is vying for Yukito’s affections. But Touya obviously has a sixth sense for more than just ghosts. He *knows* this kid will eventually sweep his sister off her feet. And Touya will have none of that. 😛 I really want CLAMP to release omake shorts of Cardcaptor Sakura‘s “After Story” so to speak. Would be great fanservice to just to see these characters interact again.

(I loved Sakura’s “I’m not impressed” face.)

Contrast this to Tomoko's summer.

Contrast this to Tomoko’s summer.

It's an easygoing day for Sakura

As I said, the Clow Card in this episode (The Glow) doesn’t cause any trouble at all and submits pretty easily to our Cardcaptor.

It’s as if all this easygoing summer fun is prelude to the next episode, where all of Sakura’s procrastination of her summer homework catches up to her.

CLAMP, masters of the yukata

CLAMP, masters of the kimono

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