Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! 10



Wait a minute, that isn’t where an anime protagonist is supposed to sit. It’s smack-dab in the middle and in the front of the classroom of the classroom! What gives?

…was what my reaction was, but then Tomoko proceeds to lampshade it herself. A whole second term of the school year of not being the main character. How beautiful.

(I loved how they transitioned into the opening in this episode – it was simply perfect.)

Kick back and relax

(Things to ramble about: If they were able to use the Nico Nico Douga theme song as a ringtone here… why did they have to resort to using a Bland Name Product three episodes ago?)

True to her personality, instead of taking advantage of the fact that she’s surrounded by people in the classroom, Mokocchi runs off to find a nice “alone spot” instead of eating lunch in the classroom. Even though she wants to become popular, she won’t take the initiative because of her social awkwardness and anxiety. It’s really depressing in this episode because there seems to have been a huge comical break; instead, it just focuses on Tomoko being alone and depressed during her everyday school life. And we, the audience, are witnessing the cruel reality of the situation – that the only moments when she’s happy is when she *is* alone.

Somebody give her a chair!

Forever Alone

…of course, even her “alone spot” is taken away from her. Honestly, can you blame a person for being so pessimistic when unlucky things happen to them everyday?

Because of this, she skipped out on having her lunch – resulting to her passing out during Physical Ed. Afterward, we see her, after school, arranging the desks in the classroom in a desperate attempt to recreate her old “alone spot” and finishing her lunch from there. I mean… jeez, it’s a pretty downright depressing sight. Give this girl a breaaaaaaaak. ;_;

This could be the one!

But wait! She scored a sizable prize from a claw game in one shot (albeit from “kill-stealing”). Perhaps this is one thing that goes well for her in the episode, right?



Unfortunately not. It further reaffirms the fact that she’s alone.

I thought these were pretty good for a haunted house...

I thought these were pretty good ideas for a haunted house…

Sometimes less is more


Or maybe not.


So what if Tomoko’s fantasies about her “Nichijou Cub” is rather low-scale compared to “popular”? Doing mundane and boring things is easy to stomach when you have other people doing it with you. It’s perfectly okay. The sad thing is, she can’t even attain such a little thing that would make her life a bit more tolerable.

Especially since, for once, she took initiative and actually submitted a club application form, actually hoping for that fantasy to come true. As expected? Club registration denied. Club description is not… descriptive enough.



You realize just how realistically cruel Watamote is when they take out the comedy and let Tomoko’s accursed life run its course.

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