Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui 11

This episode tased like takoyaki

There’s just much to say about this episode… I don’t even know where to begin. Since I’m busy preparing for my next college quarter, I’ll keep this short and simple. This is episode of Watamote left me with a very happy feeling. Not ha ha happy with its usual cringe comedy. But more of a… I’m happy because the episode is happy kind of happy.

I’ll say it helps that the previous episode was downright depressing, showcasing Tomoko’s lonely school life. But here, a ray of light shines down on Tomoko. She gets a taste of what it’s like to actually have fun at a school cultural festival  and the episode ends off… with her being treated to actual human kindness.


Here comes Megumi, the chairman of the cultural festival planning. One of the *first* characters in this anime to actually detect Tomoko’s loneliness and social isolation.

With a balloon and a hug, this episode ends on a happy note: Mokocchi’s smile.



Balloons are awesome, dude


Whether or not she knows it or not, she’s made a friend. And she feels very happy for once.

This episode felt really powerful to me. Nico Tanigawa really knows how to pull our emotional strings in a whole variety of ways. Get us to cringe at Tomoko’s horribly awkward situations? Check. Get us to relate to Tomoko’s isolation and internal monologue, or perhaps feel sorry for her?  Check. Then give her a rewarding chapter for once and make us, the readers/viewers feel extremely elated and moved? Check.

It’s pure genius.

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