Autumn 2013 Anime Leftovers

Have a loli, I mean lovely, winter

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Now that it’s Winter Break and I’ve escaped the hectic college life for the time being, I can devote more time into the blog. Let’s give a round-of-applause to free time not being eaten up by the PS3 and Pocket Monsters X! That being said, here’s my updated thoughts on the leftovers from the Autumn Anime season. I’ve put Kyousogiga on-hold for the time being, so I can marathon it all at once the moment it’s finished, in order write about this fantastic series in a separate well-deserved post.

Kill la Kill‘s pretty much near its halfway point, whilst Kyoukai no Kanata has one episode left to go. Let’s get this quick run-down started!

Kill la Fans

Kill la Kill

KLK does a good job with being hotblooded and action-packed, and I really enjoy that, but there’s little else to it. Surely there’s a story somewhere within the mystery floating around the death of Ryuko’s father, the scissor blade, the Kamui family, etc, but it’s not intriguing enough nor is it anywhere notably good enough to mention. Yet people are *singing* praises for this series and are alright with labeling it as the savior of anime.

Yeah, no.

Look, I can understand that it’s trying to do a hotblooded and zany style in way that kicks logic to the curb like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, its technical predecessor. And arguably, it does it well. But hell, at least TTGL had a good and emotional story going for it that complemented its boisterous and macho way of doing things. That’s why it was so endearing and memorable. I’ve been re-watching quite a bit of Yuu Yuu Hakusho lately, and I must say it’s always a treat when an anime manages to be full of good action, while having a nice style/pace in both character development and plot at the same time. Something Kill la Kill fails to accomplish.

Maybe now that Nui Harime and Satsuki’s mother have been thrown into the fray, KLK might pick up with an actual engaging plot, but I doubt it. Is KLK a bad anime? No. But it sure as hell isn’t the savior of anime. One can argue that anime doesn’t need saving to begin with, but that’s a topic for another day.

Mind you, while I can’t sing praises that it’s a fantastic anime that deserves to be highly rated, I do enjoy watching it regardless and enjoy the high adrenaline it provides. While it doesn’t have an engaging plot, it still manages to be fun at the very least – an aspect that a lot of critiques tend to miss out on. You may not know it, but it’s an aspect that does matter, and KLK succeeds in providing a fun experience despite its shortcomings. And it’s not without its good moments – Mako is pretty much my favorite character in this anime, and episode seven really had her shine and stressed her family’s relationship with Ryuko in such a touching way. I can genuinely praise it for somewhat hitting the mark on character development, even if it comes in weird increments. I guess you could say that episode seven’s been my favorite episode in the series so far.

A true dark fantasy would be a tan Azunyan

Kyoukai no Kanata

Oh boy, did this get better from my initial impression of it! While I still don’t think it’s worthy of any awards other than the fantastic animation (and I mean fantastic animation, damn KyoAni!), it managed to dish out proper character development for the protagonists, and ended up being an engaging watch at around episode seven or so.

Really, the only problem I had with it was the typical KyoAni impulse to insert moe along with the awkward humor presented in a series that I had expected to be a *dark fantasy*. I haven’t read the original novel, so I have no idea if this was an idiotic mislabel by various anime sites or if KyoAni were adapting it like a bunch of idiots or what… but this anime on it’s *own* terms is definitely not a dark fantasy because it was all over the place; appearing to be undecided as to whether it was a cutesy comedy or a serious show. With a dark fantasy in mind, I figured that the show was having a fucking identity crisis or something. Do you guys even know what a dark fantasy is? Because of this, I found myself having little motivation to keep up with the show during its run… but it wasn’t bad enough for me to drop either. What a pickle.

tl;dr False advertising SUCKS.

Personal biased grievances: While it was great to see non-Chuu2 action scenes from KyoAni, I wished it were more reminiscent of a Shakugan no Shana-done-right by KyoAni the way I imagined it.

Oh well. It ended up being a fairly watchable anime in the end. I look forward to watching the final episode. I’ll post a full review of the series will come once the final has been aired (likewise for Kill la Kill and Kyousogiga once those series get around to finishing).

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