Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren 01

Jao Shingan awakens!

Jao Shingan awakens once again!

Like its first season, I’m treating Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren as a nice break from the more serious stuff I’ll be watching/reading this season. That isn’t to say I wasn’t emotionally invested in the first season, but at its heart I think Chuu2 is generally supposed to be a fun little story full of diabetes-inducing goodness here and there, and obviously doesn’t aim to be an emotional roller coaster in the vein of AnoHana or something of that nature. Really, the only conflict I can see happening in Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren relates to this character, but even then I don’t expect it to be too bad for Rikka (because Yuuta loves Rikka to DEEEESU death).

The point of it is to make people feel happy. Think of it as a palette cleanser for every other show that opts to abuse its characters from start-to-finish. The first season was great at being what it was trying to be, and I have no doubt that the second season will do just as great, if not better, a job of doing the same. That is: being Hitting Your Waifu – The Anime.

daaaaw dat face


lucky mofo i swear


Isn’t that cute? Looks like they’re living with each other now. But because our little chaste couple here are, well, a chaste couple, it’s nothing more than a caring boyfriend giving his cute girlfriend a place to stay, rather than having ulterior motives common in adolescent teenage boys.

Thank goodness, because I know quite a few people would commit suicide if our Chuu2 goddess got tarnished by the almighty physics-defying anime slong. Including muah.

Remember to always hit your waifu, every morning

Non-stop Chuuni Abuse!

It’s nice to see that good ol’ domestic abuse is still going strong in this series.

Remember, guys, always make sure to hit your waifu every morning. How could you say you love her if you can’t even hit her everyday?

buttmonkey gets the best hairstyles

What the fuck happened to your hair?

(Who is this guy?)

10/10 points would tap

As the opening and ending clearly indicate, this new look for Nibutani is probably just a temporary attempt at having a fresh start and she’ll probably return to the ol’ brown and hair-clip shortly.

I’m wondering if black hair is her natural hair color though. Her current hairstyle is similar to the hairstyle shown during flashbacks within the first season (before high school, when she was Mori Summer), but it was clearly brown then too. While I thought her cheerleader look was rather, well, hot (Haruhi-tier), this look is still really pretty, so I don’t really mind either way.

Looks marriageable, even

Also, it’s very rare to see an animated seifuku abide to the way seifuku actually look like. Dat skirt length.

chuuni sfx


hair is my favorite topic today

It’s great to know that we’ll probably we more of Dekomori’s ojou-sama hairstyle this season whenever she’s being little miss sophisticated freshman (well, for the most part, aside from the light/darkness spiels).

…It’s probably the anime’s fault, but I feel like I have some sort of fetish for hairstyles after talking about them for this long. Jeez.

clearly the best

By the way, Mjolnir Hammer Twintails are still clearly superior.


That face is so adorable. I think I’m going to die of diabetes before the end of this season, holy shit.

Look at how happy she is.

It’s because she has friends now. “Normal” ones.

Nibutani Purin


chuuni sentai rikkangers

Chuuni Sentai Rikkangers!

It’s nice to see Yuuta getting in-touch with his Chuuni side after the first season, he’s not as embarrassed by it as before and readily becomes the Dark Flame Master as the situation calls for it. I love the continuity there.













Battle couple

What’s “Arrostire”?

Roasted couple

Well, damn. I guess Touka’s ladle = confirmed for OP.



I supported this pairing in the first season, and this only reaffirms my reason for shipping it even more.


You really can’t blame anyone for thinking scandalous things are happening at Yuuta’s house. Usually when couples decide to live together, the home becomes their love nest in every sense of the word.

You really can’t explain it away as something innocent. Leave a female and a male that love each other in a house alone… and being teenagers, of course the guardians would go nuts.

super imouto

Luckily, the imouto saves the day. What’s this? The priestess has fallen?! The world has frozen over!

Too bad this means they won’t be living alone now, but whatever.

Prelude to a love triangle

An interesting thing to note is that there’s a bit of foreshadowing towards the end of the episode with Yuuta noticing someone new has moved into the apartment where Rikka used to live. And I’ve already guessed who it is (to avoid spoilers, I’m going to assume that you haven’t looked into the source material as much as I tried to do).



I was pretty satisfied with this first episode: it contained almost everything I enjoyed about the first season. Not that I was expecting anything otherwise, but heck, anything’s possible. For now, I’ll continue watching the crazy antics of the Chuuni squad.

(P.S. I miss the finger twirl and the ass shake.)

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