Things I bought at Marukai Marketplace

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Just thought I’d share some of my daily Wapanese exploits on my way home from De Anza College.

I usually come to this plaza to get a quick snack on my way home on the bus, usually going to Marukai Marketplace, Daiso, or Wing Stop. Depending on how much I feel like spending, I usually get either a candy bar, pre-made bento lunches (in cases where I’m going to school without lunch), ready-to-go sushi, or a full meal at Wing Stop. The lunch I bring to school sometimes isn’t enough to revitalize me for the entire day, and these snacks are better money spent than McDonalds, honestly. One dollar for a one-way bus trip to heart disease? No thanks.


BIG サンダー

Chocolate cookie bar goodness

I bought two Big Thunder Chocolate Cocoa Cookie Bars, one for the trip home and one to munch at home. Since I was in a particularly cheap mood, instead of the usual sushi box, I bought two pieces of spam musubi (poor man’s Hawaiian variation of sushi, yet very tasty) and gulped them down on the bus.

Big Thunder’s actually a pretty good candy bar (it looks kind of like a waffle to me) and is hard to find in America (usually Â¥53 in Japan, I bought it at Marukai for ~98¢, and I think it’s over a dollar on online Japanese sweet vendors – price difference between Marukai and Japan are only about ~40¢ if I’m doing my math correctly, so hah). It’s basically a milk chocolate-coated cookie, and assuming that my taste-buds aren’t screwed up and I read the wrapper correctly, the cookie was cocoa-flavored. The cookie‘s pretty thin compared to its Black Thunder granddaddy, but it had a nice texture to it. I recommend it to you other chocolate fans out there if you ever manage to run into this gem.

Y Veltal!

Insert Awesome BGM Here

Say hello to my new Yveltal figure! I actually prefer Mitsuwa’s selection of fictional merchandise since they have Kinokuniya. It’s one of those cheap $10 figures and was sold next to a bunch of One Piece and Super Mario Bros. gashapons. Now unlike Hong Kong, the Japanese are pretty damn pro at molding, even with cheap materials.

Behold the Pokemon of Destruction!

It looks pretty good. The only problem I have is that there’s NO way to display it. It doesn’t have a stand of any kind… do they expect me to make it fly…?

I'm not even playing Y version, my sister is

They had a Xerneas figure too, which I plan on getting next week. I’ll probably post pictures of it on my Twitter or something.

2 thoughts on “Things I bought at Marukai Marketplace”

  1. Oh man, that chocolate cookie bar looks AMAZING. I wish I had a store like that around where I live, but alas I do not D:

    Idk how many burgers I’ve eaten since I’ve got into college, I finally started buying light snacks as well to get me through. They’re cheaper and also not so artery clogging XD

  2. @Shikon: Have you tried Yelp? There may be a similar market within driving distance that you don’t know about. 😉
    It’s a good thing we’re both cutting back on fast food burgers. Nutrition class really opened my eyes about what we’re putting into our bodies each and every day. lol

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