Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda – First Impressions

Now I'm SOLD!

Challenge: Tell me why this is not awesome.

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda certainly has one of the most fun premieres out of the whole season – I’ve already watched two whole episodes and I’m already getting an impression that this is supposed to be a superhero parody from the tokusatsu villain’s perspective. Not to mention the dialogue is pretty damn hilarious.

Lolis piercing the heavens? hah, I lied!

No, I won’t make a TTGL reference

Jimon Asuta, the main character, joins the “villainous” organization Zvezda, lead by an adorable little girl bent for world conquest (Hoshimiya Kate/Lady Venera has a really awesome voice, by the way). The eccentric characters in this organization are very reminiscent of how some Sunday-morning tokusatsu shows are set up with villains that you just can’t take seriously. These villains, regardless of their threat level, never succeed in their goals for world conquest, because the superhero’s justice always prevail.

But from the looks of it, unlike her tokusatsu predecessors, it seems like our almighty Lady Venera will eventually succeed in her plans for world conquest. And how? Well, according to the second episode, one of the first steps is apparently conquering a balanced dinner.

Kaiju made out of cream puffs

Kaijuu made out of cream puffs

She even has her own giant monsters (made out of the cutest little things in the world) that she dispatches to reek havoc on the city. Well, I assume “most of the time.” So far it’s just that Odin guy screwing up when she’s just trying to chill in the middle of the night.

Masked Something People

And here we have our superhero organization that opposes our villainous team, White Light. Think of it as a team of Kamen Riders, Sailor Scouts, the Green Lantern corps, Super Sentai, etc. Whatever the hell you want.

It’s clear that one of the main character’s friends (Komadori Renge) is a part of this organization. And it’s also clear that Asuta has the biggest boner for her eyebrows. I’m really looking forward to them finding out about each other’s affiliations because, ha ha, I get a kick out of this sort thing. Foe Yay, hurray. Maybe it’ll be like Dating Cat Woman, only in reverse?

Gokai Yeller!

btw, Renge is voiced by M·A·O, GOKAI YELLOW from Kazioku Sentai Gokaiger.

I’ll just continue pretending you guys understand my Japanophile nerd spiels~

Good show, good show, Lady Venera. I’m definitely gonna watch this weekly since it’s quite funny and entertaining enough. I’ll probably blog about it all the same, though I’m not sure if I’ll do it episodically. But we’ll see.


World conquest begins with learning how to cook proper food.

The educational value of this anime is clearly off the charts!

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