Thoughts/Analysis on Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren so far (~Episode 05)

Let the cheek pinching commence!

Let the cheek-pinching commence!

I gotta say, if there’s anything keeping me from going insane from my terrible, terrible Pre-Calculus class, it’s watching the continuation of our ADHD-filled adventures with the “The Summer of Far East Magic Nap Club” whenever I head home every week. Not only is it nice when you’re watching a bunch of heart-wrenching crap (doesn’t even need to be anime) and are in need of something extremely adorkable to soften the impact in-between, it’s also a good way to soften the impact of stress in real life.

I don’t know if I mentioned this during the first season’s run, but damn do the characters do a great job of carrying this anime. And this quality is something that’s played up a bit more this season, especially considering that characters other than Yuuta and Rikka aren’t getting shoved out of the spotlight, which in my opinion, was one of the biggest flaws during the first season.


Episode 2

Yuuta and Rikka might be taking their relationship slower than “normal” couples, but I seriously think he’s doing pretty good for a guy in love with a girl suffering from chuunibyou, all thing’s considered. Plus, I really do enjoy seeing wholesome anime couples like Yuuta and Rikka. You really don’t see much of those in anime anymore (what was the last one I saw… Tomoya/Nagisa from the Clannad anime?) – and mind you, my favorite anime coupling is Syaoran/Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura.

“Two years worth of semen.” @ inside Yuuki Asuna, Sword Art Online

But seriously, props to the characters for going about their “contract” in their own way. People express their love for their significant other in different ways, and honestly, that’s what makes each relationship individualized and special. I like that Yuuta and Rikka aren’t in a hurry to pounch each other’s genitals, and are showing cutesy love towards each other.

Understandably, you may view it as beta, but it’s cute because it’s fiction. If this was real life, then yeah, I’d agree that not holding hands after six months is a sign that something’s horribly wrong with the relationship.

No common sense

Also, I loved how everyone was surprised Nibutani returned to her old hairstyle even though it’s in the opening and ending sequences. People really need to learn how to read in-between the lines. Sheesh.

Another god-tier Chuu2 appears

Episode 3

And here, our long-awaited interloper that will supposedly get between Yuuta and Rikka’s relationship has arrived! Sophia Ring SP Saturn VII! Satone Shichimiya! But it doesn’t seem like she’s doing much interference. In fact, it very much seems like she supports the love contract between Dark Flame Master/Jaou Shingan more than anything, though her closeness to Yuuta clearly induces a jealous reaction from Rikka. Plus, she’s adorable and sweet as all living hell. A great addition to the Chuu2 brigade.

Melt in a sea of jelly

Melt in a sea of jelly.

Satone can get pretty clingy, but I don’t think she means anything bad by it. It really feels like it’s part of her character to be touchy-feely with her friends.

That isn't the face of malice

While she may have feelings for Yuuta, I’m predicting that they’re going for a “I Want My Beloved To Be Happy” angle with this whole pseudo-love triangle thing. I sensed a bit of pain and happiness with the way she looked at Yuuta after she found out that Rikka was in a relationship with him.

In a way, she gives me vibes akin to Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura. And you know? I found it heartwarming and admirable that characters like her are willing to selflessly smile just by seeing their loved ones happily enjoying the relationship that they want. I’m thinking Satone will end up being one of those characters for me in Chuu2.



Seriously, stahp before you kill yourself

These Chuu2 girls really should stop hanging over the edge of the apartment complex. They’re gonna fall and die.

Episode 4

This episode was one of the highlights for me, so far, because it’s so heartwarming. Following the shades of character development between Nibutani and Dekomori towards the end of the first season, we get it full-force here when we’re shown that Nibutani really does care about Dekomori and vice-versa.

Yuri OTP

Sooner or later Dekomori was going to find out that Nibutani was the real Mori Summer, and it was nice to see that Nibutani isn’t cold-hearted enough to take advantage of Dekomori’s fantastic idolization of her, and instead returned to being Mori Summer (something she has clearly shown disdain over and assumed to do never do) in order to make Dekomori happy. And she herself was pretty happy about doing it. For people who didn’t like Nibutani before this episode, well, this episode probably earned some points for her.


Even I cringed!

While the “friendship” didn’t last long, I often headcanon that deep down Dekomori still considers Nibutani as the real Mori Summer, but was able to move on with it and accept that Nibutani’s no longer within that “realm”. She was “recognized” by Mori Summer and got a picture of her, her dream’s basically been fulfilled, and thus she return to the love/hate bickering relationship they had with each other as Deko and Shinka. And honestly, I consider the teasing and such a form of friendship as well, especially in anime where everyone’s good at masking their feelings and such.


Well, for the most part

Don't ask

Episode 5

Was this really an episode about napping? Man… I question why I love this anime sometimes. 😛

This isn't even her final form

Nevertheless, it’s a great way to give Kumin some spotlight. Although she was never never a notable character for me to begin with. Sure, I don’t dislike her, but I don’t really love her either. She mostly just there most of the time, without any real presence to me. I did enjoy this episode though, and congrats to her for getting her own episode.

Kyoto Animation should make an RPG, by the way. Every time I see the Chuu2 sequences, I always feel like I’m watching a Tales game or Final Fantasy game being taken to even more epic proportions.

Kinect on the Wii...

Are they playing Kinect games…? But that’s a Wii…



This was probably my favorite scene in the episode. It further supports my claim that Satone’s really playfully clingy and isn’t really supposed to be a true romantic threat. Sure, she woke up next to Yuuta, gave him a “good morning” nose-to-nose and made Rikka jealous, but she playfully “gave it back” to Rikka.

It’s not very socially eloquent, that’s for sure. But being socially awkward is basically a packaged deal with being a Chuun2, plus, at least she apologized.


MORAL OF THE STORY: Sleep paralysis sucks.

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  1. So far, the 2nd season has been very enjoyable, but of course, the 4th episode was the most for the fact that Sanae went along with Shinka’s campaign just to spill out her chuunibyou self in front of the whole school.

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