Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren 06 – WE MAKE PROGRESS!



Alright, a friend spoiled me that something “awesome and fantastic” would happened in this week’s episode, so I was already kind of expecting something along the lines of a kiss between Yuuta and Rikka just by taking a wild guess. Still, it was quite a pleasant surprise regardless because the large buildup and I wasn’t entirely sure that I was right.

It was nice to see that Rikka is finally opening up and breaking out of her “shy little kid in regards to love” barrier, allowing the relationship to have the first steps of healthy progression. I’ve heard people say “hurrrr Yuuta’s so beta, he hasn’t made a move on Rikka”, but really, I think the problem’s mostly all Rikka’s fault. Yuuta does want the relationship to progress, but he cared about Rikka enough to not force things on her. But now that they finally got past the hand-holding stage and into the more intimate “kiss on the cheek” stage, we may finally be able to see them be more open about being an actual couple, instead of two childish lovebirds that like to hide the fact that they’re a couple.



And with that, looks like Yuuta’s completely A-OK now with being a chuunibyou as long as it’s with his chuunibyou girlfriend.

I'm tired of hearing high school bratboys bragging about sex

The tubby guy that’s freaking out reminds me of Wataru from Da Capo II. Loser that’s fixated and insecure about his virginity.

You’re like 15, man. Cut it out.


Mori Summer is still alive

Oho. What’s this…? It looks like Nibutani still suffers from chuunibyou, but does it on her own time and when no one’s looking. Either that or Mori Summer awakened as a split personality and Nibutani’s trying to repress it.

Haha. Yeah right. There’s no escape, Shinka.

Nibutani fanservice a go go

Enjoy the fanservice

It seems like they referenced what everyone thought was going to be a love triangle during the first cour. I still love how that fell flat on everyone’s faces, by the way. 😛




As I’ve said in my previous post, the Chuu2 girls should stop messing around the high edges of buildings. They’re gonna fall over and die.

I think we need to show Rikka, Dekomori, and Shichimiya these videos:

Where’s your fearlessness now?!

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  1. Like I said in my post, at least they are getting somewhere with their relationship… They can’t simply force it, but I think it will progress with time…

    That reminds me, I wonder where Satone went off to since she is completely absent in this episode. :p

  2. @chikorita157: Yeah, the lack of screentime for Shichimiya is bothering me. She deserves to at least be in the ending sequence with the other girls. 😐

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