FanimeCon 2014 Haul & Thoughts

FanimeCon 2014

This year’s Fanime was a livelier experience than usual, mostly because half of the convention center wasn’t destroyed under construction for once and also because this year was the con’s 20th anniversary. The line to pick up badges went abnormally fast this year – going by almost instantly. We got kind of screwed because we picked up our badges at the Clockwork Alchemy line, which is usually the faster line, but got delayed for a few hours this year in comparison to the Fanime line (the line wasn’t long, but it took a while for the registration to actually start up). Nevertheless, we still got our badges faster than usual so we actually got to do things during Day Zero, so it was all cool.

There weren’t many bad things that happened this year. I met some pretty cool people, there were so many awesome cosplayers, and I had loads of fun with my friends this year. I became completely drunk at the hotel during the last night, which was pretty much the highlight strangely enough (I have never gotten that drunk before). You’d think the highlight would be having a ramen dinner at Ramen Tenma with friggin’ LilyPichu (a friend of Mr. Lex), but I don’t really give two shits about League of Legends and barely watch her channel, so.

So, let’s go over the things I bought at Fanime this year (which isn’t much compared to last year – Cardcaptor Sakura drained my wallet) and also the token weird experience.

This year's treasure

I’ll get an actual camera someday.

Artist Alley managed to get a purchase from me this year: from the wonderful yuumei/Wenqing Yan (this print in particular)! Mr. Lex introduced me to her corner of the Artist Alley. Her art was literally love at first sight – every one of her drawings are a blend of amazing techniques and ideas, and there’s so much meaning behind all of them. It’s all just so breathtaking, and as a student trying my hand at getting a BFA and pursuing a living by being a creative and expressive human being, she’s become my hero. She’s generally a warm and adorable person as well – I saw a handicapped person buying her prints and she was helping him secure his bags onto his wheelchair. HNNNNNNNNG. Exchanged a few words with her during my purchase, telling her how much I loved her drawings – seems very soft-spoken, but her art has a very commanding voice. She’s (hands-down) an amazing and inspirational artist. Definitely one of my favorite people as of the moment.

All I got this year at the Dealer’s Hall were: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie The Rebellion Story Official Guidebook “Only You” and a bunch of THE iDOLM@STER clear files (and a Puella Magi Madoka Magica one) at Kinokuniya’s booth in the Dealer’s Hall. I regret not picking up that Rebellion Blu-Ray (which included an awesome wallscroll) and some more “clearance” items, but I still had a pretty bad hangover from the night before (hence the hasty/rushed decision), and ended up leaving the con an hour early.

The road bumps whilst riding on the DoubleTree shuttle did not help me keep my food down.

Anyways, there was one strange experience I had during this Fanime year. Dunno if it beats 2013’s Yaoi Bingo, but…


The 18+ swimsuit contest… what I expected to be a bunch of awkward amateurs in lewd clothing, which was mostly a correct assumption. And then all of a sudden, towards the end: cue Mario music, Princess Peach comes onto the stage, takes off her robe, and starts doing some professional stripper shit. I’m usually a pettanko and ass man, so it was really strange that I was actually getting excited. Hooooly shiiit, those moves. It was actually really funny in hindset, everyone else were a bunch of awkward amatuers as expected, but then that happened.. We all joked about the swimsuit contest being staged and that the amateurs had no chance of winning to begin with. A professional model/strip dancer is surely a worthy investment (she’s not a stripper, but that’s what we were thinking when we were watching her move on stage!).

But here’s the thing – later that night, my friends and I split up on our way to the hotel, with one group taking a car and another group taking a shuttle to the hotel, which we unfortunately missed the moment we got there (what really pissed us off was that there were people taking the shuttle to get to the Fairmount – a five minute walk, really guys?!). At that time, the shuttle was limited to one, and thus the wait turned out to be killer. We met a couple of pretty friendly guys at the shuttle line, which helped pass the time a bit.

That’s when Princess Peach came up to one of those guys and puts her arm around him (now, we were just talking about our experience at the swimsuit contest, so it was a mildly amusing coincidence – everyone else tried not to laugh). See, the guy was holding a box of pizza. At this point, she has her robe opened up, showing her frontal regions in all their scantily clad glory (she had a nice pair of boobs, but her face was that of the “street trash/bar” variety of Vietnamese girl, which personally isn’t my thing), and was pretty much soliciting him for a slice of pizza. Honestly, we all knew he wasn’t going to get anything out of it besides a pat on a back and one large chunk of missing pizza – if it were me, I would honestly told her to screw off because 1) damn, what a sleazy move and 2) one slice of Pizza My Heart pizza is a really huge slice off of a regular pizza. Not worth just giving it away. But, of course, it depended on how well these guys could handle being put in this type of awkward situation.

“I dunno, my friend over there bought the pizza, so…”
“lol dude, she asked you.”

Wasn’t my place to butt in, but I was really hoping those guys would have at least politely told her to get food elsewhere considering how classy she was about asking for a slice. Fun guys to be around, but damn, no backbone when put into an awkward situation and the results really show. Girl was an ass, pulled a sleazy move on some unsuspecting nerd and took his food. lol

Overall, best Fanime weekend I’ve had so far since attending became a tradition three years ago. There were way too many Kill la Kill and Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers, which got very monotonous to see, but there was this really cute Codename: Sailor V cosplayer… 🙂

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  1. Of course, I need to go to an Anime convention one of these days, but of course money is always an issue since the cost of plane tickets, hotel rooms cost money. Probably will decide on that once I finish my Grad degree and finally get a job as I do want to meet some of the Anime Bloggers someday. :p

    Talking about The Idolmaster, have you played the video games yet since you now have a PS3? I have played a good deal of 2 back in 2012 (also played a bit of Shiny Festa and SP before I focused more on actual Vita games). I finally figured out that Bandai Namco released another Idol simulator in the series, Idolmaster One for All just over a week ago and decide to get it this week. Planning to have a duo unit with probably Iori as a leader and Takane.

  2. @chikorita157: – I can only imagine how expensive it is to go to a convention from out-of-state. Fanime is only so affordable to me because it’s local.

    – Yes, I’ve actually imported and have been playing 2 for quite a while now (it’s really addicting to say the least). I also downloaded the im@s channel while I was at it, though I’m not planning on spending the $$ on any of the DLC expansions and Gravure 4 U anytime soon no matter how tempting it is. lol

    – Namco Bandai are marketing geniuses. They’ve already released the first catalogue for One For All. My money just can’t handle Namco’s idol simulations (and Tales costumes).

  3. Holy Shit! You’re a local in San Jose?! So am I and I attend Fanime every year! Except when my friends drag me to AnimeExpo in Los Angeles. My impression of Fanime was mixed this year, I liked the fact that lines where quicker this year compared to standing in line for 7 hours last year. But I had to stand in line for 4 hours to get into the maid cafe, missed the Little Kuriboh panel and the Cosplay swimsuit contest. 🙁 However I attended the Touhou panel, Homefront panel,figure collecting panel, Yugioh panel, both Vanguard Princess panels, and the two Q and A session panels from Gainax. I also took a ton of pictures of cute cosplayer girls (except for one rude one).
    As for anime I watched K-On the movie, Bayonetta, Fate/Zero, Gundam Unicorn, Steins Gate, EVA, Dirty Pair, and Cutey Honey. I bought four Nanoha artbooks, a CCS poster, and a Vividred Operation poster. I spent most of my time in the Dealers Hall and Game room when I was waiting for panels.

    All in all I had fun though. It woulda been cool to meet you! 🙂

  4. @TsukuyomiMagi99: Well that’s certainly a surprise! Attending Fanime every year became a tradition for us, we did try to make an exception for AX last year, but poorly planned finances put us into a bad motel and going to Fanime again. lol
    We nearly thought we were going to the swimsuit contest because they said they were at capacity, but for some reason started to let people in when the show started. Huh. Didn’t go to the LittlewKuriboh panel, but I was tripping out when LittleKuriboh was five feet away from me at the Dealer’s Hall, daaaaamn.
    Unlike like year, I didn’t really watch that much anime/dramas at the con besides a few eps of (eng) Nadia (would have loved to have seen The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King’s Castle but plans changed… I could always watch it at home lol). Your haul is much better than mine, by the way.
    Yeah, it would have been nice to meet you too. Maybe next year? It’s a shame because we were at the Gaming Room quite a few times, though most of it I remember being late at night.

  5. Sounds like a fun time…and that incident with “Princess Peach” is certainly a memory you’ll have forever, whether that’s a good or bad thing XD A friend of mine who went to Fanime also said the line to get your badges was surprisingly short. Good to know they improved that.

    Have you ever thought about coming to Anime Expo? Since you go to Fanime, I’m assuming you live in California, so AX wouldn’t be too hard to get to. I go to AX every year if I can (just a month left till this year’s) so it would be cool to meet up there sometime =)

  6. @Yumeka: Strange things happen every year – I’d say it’s a good thing no matter what, it makes every experience unique. xD
    We’d all love to go to AX! We were going to go to AX last year, but our finances took a turn for the worst and kind of affected our last-minute-decision Fanime trip. We’ll definitely go to AX one day, we already have a friend that knows a sweet route over to LA without all the smelly cows. And next time, we’ll deifnitely know better to plan it out thoroughly so we wouldn’t botch Fanime as back-up.

  7. That swimsuit-pizza story made me laugh so hard LOL.

    On a side note, oh jeez. If there were a lot of Kill La Kill cosplays at Fanime, I can only imagine what it will be like at AX… The thought makes me shudder a bit.

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