Concerned moms against anime


The best satirical Facebook page ever

Japanese entertainment is fun to partake in and is a pretty fun hobby overall. And as you all know, I’m totally big on being passionate about your hobbies. I mean, damn, I wouldn’t have created this blog if I wasn’t. But remember, at the end of the day, hobbies are just hobbies. If you can’t take a moment to sit down and laugh at your own expense, and get extremely bothered by jokes, then it’s seriously time for you to dial back on how much you take your hobbies seriously.

This page is the perfect example of “all in good fun”: parody of an overly religious nut of a mother posting misinterpreted/stupid shit about anime and how evil it is. It’s simply hilarious.


dear god

Unfortunately, a good chunk of people seem to have allowed it to fly right past their naive heads because they’re way too fanatic for their own good (not surprising, the general anime pages on Facebook are filled with cringeworthy anime fans as it is!). Might not be so unfortunate after all though, because the maker of the page clearly has taken the liberty of just trolling the hell out of these particular self-acclaimed “otaku” and inciting their anger, and the serious comments from them are shaping up to be some of the most hilarious aspects about the page.




Stupidity is magic, aint gotta explain shit


No fun arrowed


The most hilarious part is that all the people that have anime girl heads as their Facebook profile pics start getting in on the fun, and people still think they’re raving religious lunatics that hate anime no matter how obvious it is that they thoroughly enjoy anime. The fact that the page uses OBSCURE ANIME REFERENCES as basis for its trolling is already the most obvious sign that it’s just a joke. Like holy shit, most of those aren’t possible without being a pretty avid anime watcher to begin with.

This page is fucking gold. How do people fall for this? I mean, heck, the “chinese cartoonz” joke is like 5,000 years old, do people even internet? A lot of them don’t seem to be using the word “troll” in the correct sense either.

Well, at least the gullibility is funny in its own right, and not everyone is part of the dense brigade:


I love this guy



(EDIT: If I didn’t give it away in the pictures already, yes, I’m the dude with the Yume avatar)

Dat feel (;_;):


Behind all of this fun though, it really is sort of depressing that the people who are taking this page too seriously, more-so the way they react, are pretty much the type of vocal minority that people associate anime fans with. RIP.

Then again, video game and sports fans can be the same level of cringeworthy as well (yes, sports fans are geeks too – just a different kind of geek that focuses on more physically-active hobbies).

11 thoughts on “Concerned moms against anime”

  1. This is hilarious. XD

    Do people actually fall for that? Also, it’s fun to read someone troll, every once in a while (Thanks Gintama).

  2. @The Last Melody: Speaking of Gintama, it’s surprising how there’s so many humorously tongue-in-cheek Japanese anime/manga/light novels/visual novels/video games/dramas/whatnot, yet there’s so few anime fans on that page that actually have that kind of sense of humor. Huh.

  3. I guess some fans don’t have a sense of humor… This thing kind of reminds me of the outrage with Colbert over the remark he said with the whole #cencelcolbert thing. It’s clear that some people just take the joke seriously, thus end up being the fool at the end in feeding into the troll.

  4. @chikorita157: What’s weird is that a lot of these angry fans claim to know they’re being “trolled” yet still think the admin is an overly religious nut of a mother that needs a verbal beat-down.
    It’s like they’re saying “I KNOW YOU’RE FUCKING WITH ME…. BUT I’M GONNA GET ANGRY ANYWAY!!!!”

  5. Heh, those posts are funny XD Even though I sometimes have trouble discerning trolls from sincere posters, I could tell that this was a gag. But even if I couldn’t tell, usually I just stay away from Internet arguments. You could waste your life away trying to correct everyone on the Internet, which is time better spent actually enjoying the hobby you’re talking about 😉

  6. I’m sorry, but that guy saying watching Sword Art Online would change this person’s views on anime was the most facepalm-worthy ANYTHING I just read in that post.

    Yeah, all the tentacle rape, imoutocest and harem hijinks – just to mention the more OBVIOUS cut of the cake – is just downright eye-opening, ain’t it? The poster even used a picture of Kirito and Asuna married as an example. You know, the Kirito and Asuna who had paper-thin chemistry and had first-date marriage and jiggy jiggy Chapter 16.5 fun times, followed by more harem nonsense culminating in a fairy NTR bonanza.

    That’s more of a troll-worthy post. It got my blood boiling more. Sorry. Rant over.

  7. @Yumeka: Yeah, but I guess it’s funny in its own way how they’re kinda letting the anger take over their lives. Supposedly the admin is receiving death threats. lol

  8. @Ron: “You should really try watching Sword Art Online, it could definitely change your views on anime!”
    “Yeah, thanks, you just made it worse.”

  9. @Mikoto

    Yeah, I find that sort of wierd, actually. I mean, why does one get the impression of that? Why does it seem like those who like anime only, are so much more overzealous about it? Not that I am speaking from experience, just general impression ^_^”

  10. @TsukuyomiMagi99: Daeyamati showed me that on Twitter. So much hnnnnghhh. <3 If that was a preorder bonus on NISA's site, I would have totally bought my CCS from their site instead of RightStuf.

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