I declare this month “Happy Month”

Time to be magical

Image Credit: 咩狼(めい) from Pixiv

Because my birthday was like, two days ago, and the feel of attaining the most possible adult freedoms available in California is awesome (I’m 21 now? Yessir!), I declare this month “Happy Month” in which posts and rants about terrible or mediocre things is kept to a minimum in comparison to things that make me smile. Well, at least posts written by me will be happy this month. I rant about terrible things enough outside of the blog as it is, to the point where you could call me a weeb version of AVGN without a Motherfucking Mike holding me back. I was *this* close to ranting about anime/non-anime fans using certain terms un-ironically, but I’m gonna put that on hold for HAPPY MONTH.

Things that I plan on doing, considering my summer college schedule, is as follows: I’ll also be posting about Cardcaptor Sakura mostly (need to finish those lookback posts!). And then No Game No Life, which was actually pretty good for the most part (it reminded me of the Yuugiou manga). That will all happen once I post up my Kill la Kill final impressions (you must go through Meh Land before you get to Happy Paradise. It will the only time I’ll be sad, I promise).

(And it will keep me occupied until August, when my child arrives. The joys of becoming a father are coming, guys. ;_;)

4 thoughts on “I declare this month “Happy Month””

  1. @TsukuyomiMagi99: I’m now able to buy alcohol any time I want whenever I need to drink the sads away. ;_;
    Your child only has one specific trait that mine doesn’t have. Hm. Are we perhaps, related?

  2. I admit that last month was rather rough since my motivation to blog dropped due to a big traffic drop in traffic and comments. Since I took a vacation and a short break from blogging, I’m ready to write more posts for the summer season. (Anyways, I spent more time playing Idolmaster Ofa before I left on vacation than coming up with new editorials to write)

    Aside from that, I look forward to your cheerful posts since I already wished you a Happy Birthday. BTW, I didn’t drink at all when I turned 21 as I would rather spend money on other things than alcohol, mainly games and CDs.

  3. @chikorita157: Yeah, it’s easy to get burned out writing posts especially when it feels like no one is reading them. Taking a break and coming back always helps refill the capacity to blog.
    I didn’t actually buy alcohol for my birthday since admittedly I don’t really like it that much (though it goes great with certain foods and I definitely enjoy it for the occasions). Usually I’d buy a game or two for my birthday, but this year I consider my CCS preorder to be my own present.

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