Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 20

The best clingy jealous girl

I wasn’t in the manga!

But that really doesn’t matter since she’s an awesome character anyway! (It’s been a long time, but I’m back to continue this. Blu-ray Hype A-Go!)

The thing I really love about the Cardcaptor Sakura anime is that CLAMP was directly involved with it. With other anime adaptations, whenever there is an anime-original character or anime-original ideas involved (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, both of the original Yuugiou anime adaptations, etc.), it really boggles the original content down because the original writers had no say whatsoever. It’s usually just the employees at the animation studio thinking their ideas are better marketing (or something) and end up shoving ideas into a pre-made story that just don’t belong.

Here, we have a character that fits in perfectly with the rest of the CLAMP multiverse. The manga’s structure is actually very different from the anime, which modified the manga’s storyline + added their own storyline elements in order to extend it into a longer five-cour anime. But as I’ve said in a previous CCS post, the anime completely emulates the same spirit as the original manga precisely because CLAMP was directly involved with it. NOTHING in the anime insults or devalues the ideas presented in the source material. And for the purposes of what the anime was going for in the end, Li Meilin fits in really well and has become an endearing character not only to the fans, but also to CLAMP themselves.

I see what they're doing ;)

So yeah, she’s introduced as the clingy jealous cousin-fiancee of Syaoran. She’s not-so-friendly to Sakura at first because she clearly idolizes and wants Syaoran to be the true Master of the Clow Cards. Though, because I hardcore toyship the canon Syaoran x Sakura pairing, I imagine there’s a little bit of female jealousy involved as well. I mean, Touya gives Syaoran death glares for the very same reason, right? It’s reasonable to assume Meilin’s feeling a looming romance about to happen as well even if it isn’t apparent at all yet.

At the very least, that would probably be completely true if she was introduced in the manga. The manga is shorter, and in terms of that, Syaoran’s already blushing mad crazy over Sakura by this point.


Of course, this is the anime. Right now, Syaoran has only shown supposed feelings towards Yukito. If one had not read the manga or watched the anime/been spoiled about the anime, one would think that Syaoran’s suffering throughout the episode was just his Gay Tears, realizing that another obstacle has arrived to keep him from being with Yukito… 😛

Sakura too OP MLG Pro

The Power vs. The Fight

One thing you’ll definitely notice by this point is that the anime has a lot of similar cards with similar functions, yet have different names.

For example, we have The Watery and The Rain (and then later we get The Cloud). Both can produce rain, but the former is a lot more versatile with the use of water. The Rain just makes rain. And in this episode, we have The Fight, which as stated by Tomoyo, similar to the Fight Card in that it has abnormal strength.

Sounds a bit redundant, eh? A lot of the redundancy is due to the anime expanding the card list, but I actually really like the fact that they enlarged the collection, because it really does make it seem like a larger family that Clow Reed probably treasured. I see a lot of the similar cards as big sis/little sis cards, and in canon, some of them actually are.

You jelly?

“You jelly?”

Tomoyo's still the best

“Our relationship chart has gotten more complicated.” (actual quote)

Tomoyo. Wins. The. Episode.

if there was any time i'd be totally cringeworthy and say sugokukawaiidesune it would be now

As always, Sakura’s Outfit of the Day is just too cute for mortal eyes.

Oh yeah, and you forgot to color in her sclera, Madhouse.

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  1. “As always, Sakura is just too cute for mortal eyes.”

    Fixed for you. No one should gaze at Sakura for too long unless they have a pair of defibrillators! And coming this August I am going to need them!

  2. @TsukuyomiMagi99: Not surprisingly, that sounds a lot more accurate than what I originally wrote. 😛 Sakura’s way cuter than her clothes, and that’s saying something!
    Man, August can’t come soon enough. I still can’t believe I spent that much yet still have money leftover to take a girl out on dates. lol

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