Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 22

Best daughter 2014 and forever

Best daughter 2014 and forever

Here’s another great episode from the first season. It was always a treat to see CLAMP delving into Sakura’s family life and bonds as a focal point in an episode/chapter. If I were to rank Cardaptor Sakura‘s first season episodes on a tier list, the episodes about her mother and grandfather would certainly be about the same as this one in terms of heartwarming.

Poor Sakura ;_;

Sakura really does have a loving and caring father, and Fujitaka has a really loving and caring daughter. Squeeze in Touya with his own positive descriptions and maybe even ghost mom and you basically get a really functional and pretty awesome family unit.

I just love how great of a parent Fujitaka is and how tenderly he handles Sakura, even in a situation where he’s overworked and even after his work went down the drain (plus, that data can probably be retrieved by some tech major at the school, right?). And seeing how much Sakura loves her father by taking the time to trek all the way to his university to bring him coffee and snacks, helping around the house and making him breakfast, etc. made the whole “I accidentally ruined his work” scene all the more heartbreaking.

Plus, there are characters you can’t ever bear to see crying. Sakura is that to me.

Ultimately, it made the rest of the episode all the more heartwarming as well, so I’m fine with Sakura Tears as long as there are A+ Feel Good Smiles to be had in the end (did I ever mention that Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE heavily abused me when it came to Sakura Tears?).

Behind Sakura's innocent eyes lies a...! lol jk she's a good girl

CLAMP never really goes into the nature of Fujitaka’s existence in the anime (manga spoilers), but I think that is part of the reason why he wasn’t flabbergasted by his computer getting smashed and his papers being scattered all over the room to begin with. “What was Sakura even doing in this room?” 😛 I mean, Sakura breaking the computer could be explained as a simple accident knocking down the books, but The Windy made quite the mess beforehand.

Kero's such a stud btw

“There are some things magic can’t fix.”

Kero’s quote here pretty much sums up why I love CLAMP’s take on magic. As kickass as it can be, it has limitations (my favorite being “the dead cannot come back to life”).

The embodient of higher education

The Sleep card’s attack on Fujitaka’s university hits close to home for me as a college student.

*grumbles* Summer classes are making me sleep-deprived.







Best PE uniform

This episode’s “Leave it to Kero-chan!” talks about last episode’s PE uniforms, while last episode’s “Leave it to Kero-chan!” talked about Meilin’s battle outfit.

Keroberos, why couldn’t you have done the reverse? 😛

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  1. Ya know the more I think about it, the more I’ve come to see Fujitaka as an underrated character in the series. After all, we are just reflections of our parents or at least take on certain traits from our parents. Its apparent to me that Sakura inherited her compassion, empathy, and hard working attitude from her father. I think that good fathers are just unrepresented in todays world. CLAMP did an excellent job in showing that fathers are just as important in raising a happy and healthy child.

    Also I wouldn’t mind seeing a side series with Fujitaka raising Sakura after her mother died in the same vein as Usagi Drop.

  2. @TsukuyomiMagi99: Good father figures definitely need to be represented more, especially the single variety. I agree that Fujitaka is an underrated character in the series. Nature definitely gave Sakura some of Nadeshiko’s characteristics enough that there’s resemblance (mostly physically, I take it), but nurture definitely gave Sakura more of Fujitaka’s characteristics. Essentially, a majority of Sakura’s lovable characteristics are because of him. He’s a superb father.
    That’s actually a pretty cool idea. It would make a great spin-off series, I would totally read it if CLAMP ever drew it. Sort of reminds me of Full House, only without Joey and Uncle Jesse, and there’s two children instead of three.

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