Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 25

My face when I watch CLAMP in Wonderland 2

My face when Ike’s Lair

Was there actually ever a bad episode of Cardcaptor Sakura? After more than a dozen or so posts of me repeating something along the lines of “this was always one of my favorites” or “this episode was great, but pales in comparison to the rest”, it’s becoming clear to me why this anime has and will always be my personal #1. I’m literally having so many warm flashbacks right now. It didn’t just take me three or four episodes (or more) to get into the show, I got into it right away and it consistently held my interests.

That being said, whether it’s one of my favorite episodes or not, “Sakura and the Other Sakura” is definitely one of the highlights of the first season. It helps that this is one of those episodes that has a manga counterpart, and those tend to stick to you a lot more as well as contain a lot more plot development compared to the anime-specific stuff, at least for the first season.

Still best daughter 2014 and forever

Best Daughter ∞

Aw, look at cute little Sakura doing the groceries for her family. She’s such a sweet girl.

You don’t see that everyday in America, huh? I’d love to have a daughter like Sakura someday. As of now though, she’s my daughteru and I’ll kick your ass if you lewd her up.

[braces himself for an onslaught of Sakura/Tomoyo Pure Love Yuri pictures]

Mirror Sakura

Best Brat ∞

Dat mischievous smile. Well, this was a pretty cool way to open the episode: We see Sakura finish her grocery shopping, she walks away from the window, and then we see… Sakura come back in front of the window again, only for her to look back at the previous direction with a devilish grin on her face.

“That is not Sakura” is the natural viewer reaction if they haven’t already seen the episode’s preview in the previous episode.

Minor Nitpick: The only thing that bothers me is that…well, how is it that Sakura didn’t see her doppleganger? They were walking past each other evidently. Either Sakura took another look at her shopping list while she was walking or she… just didn’t notice? Which is odd either way, because you’d think she would have sense the Clow Card’s presence right next to her.

It’s an anime-only scene (in the manga, Sakura was also coming home from shopping, but nothing ominous happened until later), so in terms of adaptation, I’ll chalk it up to Madhouse thinking it was a cool eye-grabbing way to open an anime episode as oppose to how the chapter originally began.

Penguin abuse

Mirror Sakura tries to tarnish Sakura’s good name by going around doing really petty things such as knocking down dolls/merchandise displays in front & inside of shops and making little kids cry by kicking down sand castles.

Damn, talk about evil.

Sakura being a little shit, how do you even believe that

さくら怪獣じゃないもん ;_;

u gaiz craycray that aint her

I know it’s probably because he has magic and thus could sense that it’s a Clow Card’s doing, but I love how Syaoran’s the only one besides Tomoyo that never once doubted that it was an imposter/doppleganger.

His face just screams “….yeeeeeeeeeah that ain’t her”.

dere is growing

“Be careful.”

If I recall correctly, this is the episode where the seeds of Sakura-related dere start growing within Syaoran even if there’s only just a hint of it now. From here on out, it only starts to grow before he becomes “that kid that always gets red” (-Manga Kero).

A One


And a Two


And a Three




This might sound mean-spirited to poor Sakura, but this scene was pretty funny. After Naoko shares a bit of creepy German doppelganger folklore with Sakura, her “[awkward pause]…IMMA DIE! ;_;” when she sees Mirror Sakura always makes me lose it.

But yeah, one of the biggest developments in this episode is that Sakura and Kero realize that after 24 episodes of sealing cards, the Clow Card are now aware of her and what’s she’s doing via word-of-mouth. Hence The Mirror screwing with her identity before the episode/chapter even begins.

I remember the Cardcraptors English dub Tarot Card fiasco

Clow Card fortune-telling

I really loved this sequence. I guess Clow Reed probably had no use for the fortune-telling aspects of the Clow Cards since he could see into the future anytime he wanted, huh?

Sakura’s magic is shown to have grown even stronger in this episode, as evidence by her vision of the peach flowers -> peach -> Touya (“peach arrow”) when she looked at The Flower card.

Woods of Nope

Woods of Nope

Admittedly, I somewhat share Sakura’s fear of specters (though I sort of revel in the fear as evidenced by some of my fandoms being horror games). I can’t imagine how much NOPE I’d feel if I had Touya’s sixth sense and passed through a place like this which is apparently crawling with dead people.


Syaoran, this is only the beginning

i see dead people

Speaking of Touya’s sixth sense, it’s so powerful that he can tell that Mirror Sakura isn’t really Sakura. Although, he thought she was a ghost and was trying to help her pass on (everyone in the Kinomoto family is a genuinely nice person, after all), even though she was really there to screw around with him.

This is what you get for eating all of my pudding

As I’ve said in my last post, the Clow Cards’ ambiguous innocence is REALLY unsettling at times.

Mirror mirror on the wall, the real Sakura's obviously the cutest of them all

I really enjoyed how Sakura figured out the card’s identity using its hints + the previous fortunes she did.

Personally, I would have just started spouting out random words that reminded me of “replication” like I would in Pictionary. I dunno, I think it would have been just as effective!

Daaaaw it's not evil after all

It’s clear that The Mirror’s developed somewhat of a crush on Touya because of his kind nature and shows remorse for what she’s done throughout the episode. As I’ve said before, despite the ambiguous innocence in things such as the Clow Cards and seemingly ominous first impressions appearances by certain characters, in the end Cardcaptor Sakura never really gets a truly black/white antagonist.

Sakura, Queen of Facial Expressions

With Sakura now in possession of The Mirror card, she’s now able to be at two places at once! So she’s definitely never going to run into a “I have to do the thing at the thing”-type situation.

Except Touya’s never going to fall for it because of his sixth sense. Though that doesn’t really matter since he’s already onto Kero and Sakura’s overall Cardcaptor shenanigans.


I don’t really think you *need* a context for this. Go wild.

She's totally a shoutacon btw

Oh boy, we’re almost there. The anime only keeps getting better from here on out.

More things to note as the episode ends: After her precious big brother got hurt by The Mirror’s shenanigans, Sakura is now completely serious about her mission to capture all the Clow Cards and preventing catastrophe from befalling the world (which Kero said is going to happen some time after Sakura broke the seal of the Clow Cards in the first episode). This is a resolve that won’t break. We also find out that the catatrophe will only effect certain people, and to those certain people, it may even be worse than the world just simply ending.

Cerberus Swag

Lookin’ good there, Keroberos

Tomoyo Swag

You know, I wonder if there’s official merchandise for this…

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