Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 26


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So, “Happy Month” has literally been Cardcaptor Sakura month and I apologize for that I’m not sorry at all. I really haven’t felt this happy in years and I’ve been counting down the days until August the 5th.

I fucking love Sakura and there’s nothing you could do that would be able to jam the cogs in my happy head.

(The Final Impressions post for No Game No Life will most likely not be a part of Happy Month, but I promise I’ll get to that soon either way. However, I’ll definitely continue to blog all 70 episodes of CCS + both of the movies + the specials + one review of the manga. And without further ado…)


Sakura: 「MOIST」

The plot once again starts moving forward in this episode with the introduction of Ms. Mizuki, Sakura’s new math teacher who appears to bear powerful magic. Her presence makes Syaoran very weary, whereas for Sakura, Ms. Mizuki makes her go “hanya~n“.

Totally unfair

This episode’s Clow Card of the Day was The Maze. The simplest way to describe its personality is, well… “this game fucking cheats.”

Sakura uses the Fly card? Nope, can’t do that because the walls just grow taller and taller. Cut the walls down with The Sword? Nah, can’t do that either because the walls regenerate. But it can totally reform itself whenever and however it likes, so you can never, ever escape. You can’t cheat, but it can. Seems pretty overpowered, right?


Well, it being overpowered was a great set-up in showcasing how powerful Mizuki is. She subdues the card with so little effort and the anime does little to hide the fact that she (along with the bell she wields) will be an extremely important fixture in upcoming episodes.

Too old
Too old for me now My, Touya, look how big you’ve grown

Touya’s first reaction is an early hint to the viewer of why and how Touya knows Ms. Mizuki.

Side note:







Gee, Meilin. Why do you look so jealous? 😉

Cute friends for cute girls

Kero does that thing again where he talks about stuff he should have talked about ages ago, for only about three seconds.

It’s a prelude to the eventual cancellation of “Leave it to Kero-chan!” ):

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  1. “I fucking love Sakura and there’s nothing you could do”

    Lol. Join the club, been lovin Kinomoto-tan since 1998. Of course when you’re in your 30’s saying it you get used to strange looks and the word creepy thrown around.

    As for the maze card, I always thought if you mixed it with the loop card you’d have the ultimate troll magic. 😛

  2. @TsukuyomiMagi99: Man dude, I’d be 80 and still love Sakura. Anyone that calls me creepy are terrible people

    But yeah, I’m guessing Clow Reed was a really bored man.

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