So yesterday, my precious Blu-ray set finally came in and I was filled with joy as I unboxed the package. There were a few complications, such as me not getting it early in the morning because they sent my baby to the wrong home (USPS *shakes fists*), but overall I’m happy that I finally have it after months of waiting.

Current thoughts on the presentation: absolutely gorgeous, no problems here. Any gripes? Well, I have two. One is that I started at the episode that I’m currently at on my Cardcaptor Sakura posts – episode 27 to be exact – and Sakura refers to Syaoran (here they use the Pinyin spelling, Xiaolang) as “Syaoran” instead of Li. That’s veeeeeeeeery wrong. An important moment later in the series is when she starts calling him “Syaoran” because they’ve gotten really close. The subs are either going to look awkward or that detail of character development will have to be removed for the brand new non-Japanese speaking viewers. In general, there are translation choices that bug me, but it is NIS so that’s expected. The second gripe is that there’s no Japanese 5.1 surround sound like there was on the Japanese version. Including the Asian dub as a bonus was pretty neat, but I’d rather have Japanese 5.1 surround sound in the end. As I said, if you’re any big Cardcaptor Sakura fan at all, Tange Sakura will. Always. Be. Sakura. Not even Makino Yui can be a true Sakura. Just Tange Sakura. Got it?

Other than that, I’m loooooooovin’ it. The shape of the Blu-Ray case is… well, unique. It’s shaped like a book, which is pretty cute because I can totally see what they did there (Clow Book), and I appreciate all the gorgeous pictures of Sakura on both the box and the case (though, in terms the overall art on the premium box, I actually prefer the side that’s not heavily shown in product listings). The art book is neat – as advertised, it’s Tomoyo’s diary of all of Sakura’s adventures from the first episode all the way to the last, and at the very end of the book, she showcases my favorite Sakura costumes!

Anyways, I’d like to say that the final week of my summer classes were reeeealllly burning me out, hence why I haven’t posted for two full weeks. I know I promised write-ups of other anime series later this month, but I’m seriously tempted to hide under a rock and marathon through this whole entire Blu-ray set, and only emerge to continue my Cardcaptor Sakura recap blog. 😛

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