Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 28

To be honest

And we return…!

I hate frying foods too

To FoodFlinging Sakuraâ„¢

When I first watched this, it was during that time in life where you’d rely on your mother to do the cooking for you. Coming back to it as a young adult and cooking for myself, I can definitely say that…

…I really empathize with Sakura’s fear of sizzling oil while frying foods for the first time. It’s not fun.

Eriol makes the dosh from the these

In “Sakura and the Enchanted Cards“, we find out that so-called good luck enchantment cards are being sold at Maki’s store. And they look suspiciously like Clow Cards.

Athletic bookworms

And, well, they seem to work. The non-athletic Naoko manages to do really well at box jumping.


meiling pls

meiling pls

Then again, Meiling bought the Love card and that clearly didn’t work.


Badass Adorable

Badass Adorable

Not surprisingly, the Clow Card of the Day is hidden among the lookalikes, and sensing the magical presence of the card, Sakura searches around the shop with her adorably cool serious face.

I mean, just look at it. Give her a hug and she’ll kick your ass, but you’d give her a hug anyway.

After a bit of running around and investigating, we find out that Meiling is in posession of The Shot card – a very dangerous attack card.

video games. fun. HAH


otp in the sky

This reminds me of CLAMP in Wonderland 2.

dont bully syaoran

The Shot has to be the most violent Clow Card so far (the only one that came close was The Sword). I mean, all of the other Clow Cards thus far have been nuisances to daily life at best – but no lives were on the line. Here, Syaoran could have died. The Shot is pretty much a gun.

Back when I first watched this episode, I had yet to know how deeply-ingrained “love” as an emotion could be in Cardcaptor Sakura, so I was really annoyed when Meiling refused to hand over The Shot when Syaoran and Sakura told her it was a dangerous Clow Card, and that she should hand it over. I mean, why would they lie about that?

After finishing the series and learning to appreciate her character and her later development, I was like, “oh, Syaoran and Sakura were the ones telling her to hand The Shot over”, back then. “Ah. Okay. I get it now.” It’s still an annoying moment, but I don’t hate her for it.

wow mirror's a mirror

Sakura came up with a great plan using The Mirror. I think this is the only time The Mirror took the shape of anything besides the girl on the card and Sakura.

She’s an actual mirror this time.



…sorry, that’s seriously what I thought when I was like, eight.

Tomoyo is a goddess

All’s well that ends well

Wow, Tomoyo was there all along, filming the fight like a boss.








What’s this? A present? Looks like Sakura’s defrosting Meiling – she tends to be good at that.

I'd just use The Create, personally

Thanks Meilin, now maybe Sakura can level up her cooking skills even more. Sorry, been on a JRPG kick with Atelier Rorona.

Sakura was really happy about getting a present from Meiling, It’s heart-meltingly cute how much Sakura loves all of her company, even if they’re not completely pleasant to her at the beginning. Dude, it’s not possible to genuinely hate Sakura and Syaoran/Meiling’s defrosting shows (the former especially for obvious reasons).

Unless you’re, of course, a terrible human being.

Swimming in moolah, Eriol

This episode’s Leave it to Kero! talks about the Enchanted Cards, which are (again) suspiciously similar to Clow Cards.

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