Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 29

Make Syaoran's high temperature'd face bake a cake

CCS? Praise the sun!

Here’s another fun episode to sit through before we fully enter the second season – “Sakura’s Sweeeeet Cooking“. Our little heroine learns how to bake a delicious cake in home econ class! Naturally, she’s pumped. Of course, since this is Cardcaptor Sakura, magical hindrances are abound.

Yamato Nadeshiko - Fujitaka is number one

Someone once told me that Fujitaka was more of a yamato nadeshiko than his own wife, whose name is Nadeshiko. And I agree, this dude is literally the perfect wife husband and a genuinely good-natured, soft-spoken human being.

It’s no surprise that such a gentle man had a hand in bringing such a purely kind and loveable daughter.

You certainly don’t see many anime dudes baking adorably delicious strawberry cakes, anyhow.

Sakura's floaty expression is always hnnng

Sakura’s reaction to Ms. Mizuki


Syaoran’s reaction to Ms. Mizuki

You guys are going to love the actual explanation for this stark contrast.


(Meiling vocalizing the iconic wedding jingle) PAPA PAPANG PAPA PAPANG

Meiling, chill

Meiling… chill

One of the things I like about Meiling is that she can make me cringe and laugh at the same time.

Another amusing Meiling moment:


She almost burns down Syaoran’s apartment complex because she wasn’t patient and turned the oven heat up way too high. Apparently, she’s great at cooking Chinese food, but is horribly inept at cooking anything else.

She’s adorably persistent though, much to Syaoran’s dismay. I don’t have any cousins that are as overzealous as Meiling (which is a good thing since, well, her devotion is due to romantic feelings which I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with in the case of any of my cousins), but I can imagine how much of a headache Syaoran has with her around.

Just a cute lil girl baking

“Hm… this camera angle seems kinda POV-ish.”

whoa momma shes a hottie


You sure have been staring at Sakura a lot lately, Syaoran. You’re not checking her out, right?


He was so deep in his little thoughts until Meiling pulled the bowl out of his arms. 😛

anime rika has a daddy complex

“Terada-sensei reminds me a lot of my dad.”

Aw… c’mon, Rika. Don’t say that. Considering how far the minor (and surprisingly fairly innocent, whether you approve of it or not) lolicon relationship went in the manga, you saying that suddenly makes it sound really, really bad.

Granted, it’s hand-waved as a mostly one-sided crush in the anime (with Mr. Terada being aware and not knowing how to handle it), so were they intending to make Rika come across as a girl with a father complex instead? Hm.


(whole class in unison) あまーーーーーーーーい!

And we arrive at the problem of the day! Despite the class working really hard on their cakes and following the recipes to a tee, all of their cakes ended up being way too sweet.

Anomaly? You bet! It’s clearly the work of a Clow Card. In particular, The Sweet card. I just find it amusing that Kero is initially convinced that everyone just made the same mistake while baking. With a bunch of magical cards being released onto Tomoeda and him being familiar with all of them, shouldn’t The Sweet have come to mind immediately?

A school made out of chocolate... Yummy!

The Sweet card is… interesting. Along with adding too much sugar into people’s concoctions, it’s able to change inanimate objects (hopefully not people) into actual sweets.


Sakura knows what she’s having for dessert tonight. 😛

nice sakura is nice

Sakura defrosts Syaoran some more when she shows even more of her kindness by refusing to sacrifice his group’s cake in order to capture the Clow Card. Daaaaw.


Eat salt, you fiend!

Eat salt, you fiend!


That’ll teach ya’, jerk!

Original SD scene

ill forgive you if you make me 1000 oreos tho

A destroyer of cakes doesn’t deserve Madhouse’s gorgeous stock animations. Remember that!

Obvious Syaoran is the best Syaoran

My favorite Battle Couple

Or, at least, they’ll grow into that status later on. It’s too cute!



Rock solid cake, literally. I love how Syaoran’s cake ended up tasting bad anyway because of Meiling.

Lethal chefs, for the win!

Just like any other little boy, though

The episode ends off with Syaoran clearly being deep in thought. We don’t hear those thoughts, but anybody can infer that he’s currently confused about his feelings – he’s staring at Yukito and Sakura. He does a double-take when Meiling drags him away.

kewt appron for cute girl

This time, Kero’s segment talks about Sakura’s extremely cute apron. Or is it just a normal apron worn by an extremely cute Sakura?


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