Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 33

i luv em all

CCS Month ended, now I declare it CCS *year*.


Sorry for the brief hiatus. With the remains of summer already coming to a close (I return to college AND work @ college in a week) – I’ve been doing all the leisurely things I can possibly do in this hot weather. I’ve already plowed through entire CCS Blu-ray set a long time ago and with the English release of Tales of Xillia 2, I’ve been doing a Tales marathon as well (it doubles as family time with my little sister, since these JRPGs are multiplayer!) as well as gnawing at my VB backlog.

It’s gonna be weird crawling out of the rock I’ve been under these past several weeks. Returning to civilization, what the hell is that? Mind you, I’m still going to write reviews about the anime I haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet that I promised to review ages ago.


Without further ado, time to continue this Cardcaptor Sakura project! Snowy weather hits Tomoeda and our beloved heroine + Tomoyo and their token Chinese friends go on a school trip to learn how to ice skate.

syaoran is a closeted sakura moe fanatic

Sakura Love tumor growing strong

Syaoran’s becoming increasingly flustered whenever he catches sight of Sakura. By the end of this first season, it will be painfully obvious that he has a crush on her. And the crush just keeps growing and growing, and you can’t blame the kid because Sakura is so cute dfsgjfk.

(O-oh god, Tomoyo is a representation of the viewers…)

It must be nice to have a magical metabolism

Magical Metabolism


Note: Snow Rabbit Yukito would get along pretty well with Shaggy (rest in peace, Casey Kasem).

Look at the size of that bentou. That clearly isn’t going to his thighs.

Serious Kero... in chibi form of course


When Sakura describes her precognitive dream to Kero, telling him that it had a “full moon” and a “person with long hair” (which refers to Ms. Mizuki), we are treated to one of his more serious faces.

When Sakura isn’t there, he mentions a being called “Yue” in a very nostalgic tone, which will become a recurring thing in the second season. I love the foreshadowing, because at the same time…

Assuming this anime is fresh to the viewer, all he/she knows for sure is that this “Yue” person has long hair and relates to the full moon. Ms. Mizuki is obviously a very big player in this whole Clow Card deal, and according to the way Kero makes it sound, this “Yue” person might in fact be Ms. Mizuki. Kero’s a guardian that draws his power from the sun? Then obviously Ms. Mizuki is a guardian that draws her power from the moon!

Here's a Silver Platter

To drive this point into the viewer’s head even further, we get Syaoran pointing out that the only people who aren’t frozen by the Freeze card are the people who have magical powers… and Mizuki is the only person besides Syaoran or Sakura who isn’t frozen.

Little Mr Badass Figure Skater

As we progress further and further into the Clow deck, we’re seeing more and more of the hostile ones. As such, even though Sakura has grown in power during the course of these past 32 episodes, Syaoran’s assistance seems to be a lot more necessary than before. And, of course, thanks to the anime-exclusive rule of Clow Card-capturing, some of these cards end up going to Syaoran. In this episode, Freeze is added to Syaoran’s (small) collection of Clow Cards.



“hey big fella, how about you and me blow this Popsicle stand and go have some real fun? ♥”






strut it


imagine that their arms are locked

Leave it to Kero-chan! Tomoeda’s Winter PE uniforms

it surely breaks my wind -bad joke-

Leave it to Kero-chan! Sakura’s School Windbreaker

I grew up in California and have never, ever been to Lake Tahoe. Meaning I’ve never experienced snow my entire life. So I always enjoyed snow-related episodes such as these from every cartoon I’ve watched, anime or otherwise.

Two more episodes until the first movie! Speaking of which, PREORDER OR BUY DISCOTEK MEDIA/EASTERN STAR’S RELEASE OF THE MOVIE ON BD. I want them to get the second movie (the finale of the anime series) out as well, and I’m pretty sure good sales from the first movie really helps motivate them.

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