Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 35


Sakura will take over the world…soon.

We’ve finally arrived! The final episode of the first season. I was hoping to get to this a lot sooner, but lo and behold… college and work.

Aside from the axed Leave it to Kero-chan! segment, as the first season’s last episode, Studio Madhouse decided to end it off with a bang by packaging it with a handful of goodies – making you want to jump into the second season immediately. It all goes up from here.

Our cute little Sakura can be dense at times

This episode begins with Sakura daydreaming in class, and the dream she had was – you guess it – the same dream she’s been having for a dozen episodes now. But this time… for the first time… this time, Sakura actually starts to realize that it’s her teacher.

This is exactly where I started to like Meiling when I was a kid

She’s still kind of obnoxious about the supposed “Li/Sakura” rivalry going on, but in this episode, Meiling really shows how close she’s gotten with Sakura by giving her kind advice.


I don’t know why, but this image resonates with me…

(I just realized, we need Sakura/Kero costumes for Elise/Teepo from Tales of XilliaNow.)



you want that cardcaptor swag girl


Syaoran’s interest in Sakura has grown to the point where it’s obvious enough for Tomoyo to pick up on.

Also, Touya’s face:

ill kill you

ill fight you


But yeah, I love how the finale of the first season solidifies how good of a battle couple team Sakura and Syaoran can be. They basically take the potential for an awesome team dynamic and roll with it in later episodes, playing it up quite a bit in many ways once Syaoran starts to completely defrost.

Firey is... well, firey

A good Clow Card to end off the first season is obviously one that means serious business. The Firey is the third elemental card that Sakura’s encountered thus far, and in particular, it’s pretty aggressive. Not in the same sense as with The Watery, which was scary-aggressive (dem teeth), this one’s just a smug prick.

(It takes more than Watery to defeat Firey, but really, that’s honestly the first card I’d think of using against Firey if I was in Sakura’s shoes. C’mon Sakura-chan, you’re killing me.)



The fight with the Firey card is pretty much one of the anime’s first big moments of Sakura taking a level in badass as a magician. Her progress throughout the first season culminates in her being able to call upon two top-tier cards, which takes quite a bit of magic to do.

I'm not  even gonna make a bdsm reference

The combination of Windy and Watery against Firey has got to be one of the most kickass card captures in the entire anime – it’s practically one of my favorites.

One step closer to Onosaka

Upon the capture of Firey, our bro Keroberos regains some of his lost power. As his symbol is the sun, he needs the Firey and Earthy cards to regain his true form.

The funny thing is, in the manga, Firey is the ONLY card he needs – and that makes sense; his true form only ever breathes fire. I don’t mind the anime extending things a little by adding an extra requirement, it’s always welcome, but… uh. It’s one of those questionable additions. Another card could have fit nicely with Kero, but it just doesn’t feel right unless it’s another high-level elemental card. Windy’s the only one that comes to mind, since Kero flies but then again, Sakura had that card by default and his plush form flies anyway, so…?

Still, I love how the anime kind of makes a jab at viewers who were familiar with the source material when this had aired.

Sakura: “Does this mean you can return to your true form?! 😀

Kero: “…Not yet!

Sakura: “D:



Enjoying the view, eh Syaoran

Enjoying the view, eh Syaoran?

Kero is the true Santa Claus

The episode ends off with our characters enjoying the remainder of Christmas, with Kero’s newly regained fire powers adding a beautiful backdrop to the scenery. All with Catch You Catch Me as an insert song. Couldn’t have ended the first season off better myself!

Next up: Our favorite little Cardcaptor takes a trip to Hong Kong in the anime’s first theatrical film! And I’m getting it on Blu-ray very soon. Pre-ordered and ready to go!

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