Happy New Year!

Happy New Years!
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It’s finally 2015 on my side of the world, guys! I didn’t do a “12 Days of Anime” countdown for the end of 2014, but I’m still up to share some blurbs of my Japanese-related highlights of 2014 all in one post (excluding Fanime, you can see that post here).

haters gotta hate

Sekai Project English release of the Grisaia visual novel trilogy announced

Just more weeb merch to spend my money on! I’m obviously staying away from the anime adaptation (lol), and I was eventually going to get around to Grisaia no Kajitsu (first game) anyway especially since my peers clearly loved the shit out of it, so it was a treat to hear that the whole trilogy (and the hilarious magical girl parody) were getting released all at once, for us.

…definitely getting the adult versions, by the way. Isn’t this visual novel series pretty lewd to begin with? Being prude about the H-scenes makes little sense. But people make little sense. So whatever.

(Here’s the Kickstarter. I love it how they were forced to remove the dakimakura bonuses for backers when there are worse things to be found on Kickstarter. “War on weird Japanese things”? War on weird Japanese things.)


The classics make a comeback

Sailor Moon Crystal gets a lot of flack for the bad animation, but honestly, that’s just typical Toei. It’s still nice to see it come back after all these years, more faithful to the manga at that.

Not only that, but Digimon Adventure was revealed to be making a comeback with a second sequel, Digimon Adventure tri.


Little sister playing through Shenmue

Shenmue (the first game and II) is, hands down, one of my favorite video game series of all time, for one of my favorite video game consoles of all time (the Sega Dreamcast), which has been dying for a proper closure for 14 years now. My baby sister has seen me play through Yu Suzuki’s masterpiece (note that I don’t use this term that often) numerous times, but this holiday was the first time she’s played through them herself.

It’s a great feeling reliving the legend through her eyes. I usually do annual playthroughs of the game, but this year, it was all her.

Speaking of New Years, Shenmue was released two years before New Years day, 15 years ago. Hopefully we’ll get Shenmue III someday.


Kantai Collection getting an anime

KanColle has quickly become one of my favorite online strategy card battle games (well, it’s not like I play too many of those…). Who knew naval ships could be so cute? I’m sure the anime adaptation won’t be anything amazing, but it’ll probably be an enjoyable watch nonetheless. All the quirky voice actresses like Touyama Nao are reprising their (multiple) roles from the original game, so that will certainly be a treat.

(Am I the only person that finds it oddly fitting that the studio (Diomedéa) animating KanColle is the same studio that animated Squid Girl?)

She is eternal

Image Credit: 黎(クロイ) from Pixiv

Cardcaptor Sakura everything

Last but not least, 2014 was a great year for North American Cardcaptor Sakura fans. The entire Blu-ray set of the TV series finally saw North American waters thanks to NISA, and same goes for the first movie, courtesy of Discotek Media.

Now I await the announcement for a North American release of the second film’s Blu-ray. As it stands, 2015 is looking to be a great year for CCS too, as there are myriads of merchandise set to come out in celebration of CLAMP’s 25th anniversary, as well as artwork by the circle themselves.

During 2014, my blogging of Cardcaptor Sakura finally reached the end of the first season and the movie. My New Years resolution for the blog is this: finish blogging the rest of the series, as well as post more often. With that being said, have a wonderful new year, everyone.

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