Cardcaptor Sakura 【HD Rewatch】 36

Catchy, shortlived opening




I realize that it’s already April 2nd in Japan, but since it’s still Sakura’s birthday/CLAMP Day here at least, I should get off my lazy bum and continue with these posts!

Now that our little detour in Hong Kong is over and done with, the second season blogging of Cardcaptor Sakura is finally underway. Whereas the first season is pretty hefty (35 episodes!), this is actually relatively short – it’s just comprised of the very tail-end of the Clow Card arc, and let’s just say that the second season of CCS is as “long” as one average anime series (one cour, 11~12 episodes).

The birthday girl

The birthday girl, ladies and gentleman

The first episode of the second season starts off with one of Sakura’s precognitive dreams. By this point, it’s obvious to even Sakura that it’s Ms. Mizuki that’s appearing in these dream.

Sakura also provides another introductory narration à la first episode for the kiddies, since the show went on a break at the time of its airing . Starting here, a new school term for Sakura has started and our cute little Cardcaptor is now a full-fledged fifth grader! Which, of course, means she’s one year older since the previous school term.

Insert the dreadful gasps of lolicons everywhere as the clock closes in on the queen. Well, not that even lolicons would lewd Sakura to begin with.

And Sakura will never stop being cute if the epilogue of the manga and non-grim depictions of TRC Sakura are anything to go by. Sakura’s eternal, and such established facts cannot be overturned.


Okay, I’ll stop.

Best girl, best birthday, ten out of ten

It may be Sakura ‘s birthday in real life, but in-universe it’s already passed. Luckily Yukito is nice enough to give her a late birthday present (a cute watch).

Sakura will protect this watch with her life, god dammit.

sad lolita

By the way, a new school term means Sakura’s homeroom teacher has changed as well (now it’s Mizuki instead of Terada).

Don’t worry Rika, once you’re legal, you’ll be able to openly be with him forever. At least in the manga.

Cute hoodies + Sakura = transcending cuteness that breaks the fabric of reality

The Clow Card of the day is Snow, and it gets its ass kicked by Sakura when it makes her lose Yukito’s watch. Sakura may be cute, but…. just don’t piss her off.

(Future Sakura’s husbando, pro-tip: don’t fight with her for the remote.)


That feel when your crush asks you to ride with her on her flying magic wand.

…Huh. Well, actually, I don’t know that feel.

Here's some hnnnnghhhh Syaoran-kun

“You’re so kind…”

Tomato boy

Spaghetti, with extra tomato sauce

The Syaoran × Sakura gets stronger in season two and it really shows in the first episode. Sakura’s slowly becoming the apple of his eye, and it was really cute when he offered to find the watch for her, despite it probably being buried under all of that snow… anywhere in the city.

Luckily, the ever-so-suspicious Ms. Mizuki found the watch anyway.

fcking hate that lady grumble

I wanted to find the watch for her.


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  1. Aw, why did you stop blogging about CCS?? I stumbled across your blog by chance (or hitsuzen?) today, had fun riding the nostalgia wave reading through all the posts, and then suddenly there are no more. :'(

  2. @SimplyRed77: I’m planning on continuing this later this year because of the Clear Card anime adaptation coming out next year. I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus because of school, but I will be back. 🙂

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