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Accel World 12


This was a great development episode for Niko, realizing that relationships in the game don’t have to remain the same in real life. Can’t get enough of this yangire loli! Too bad we don’t get a clear look at Cherry Rook in real life though, just actually SEE how close they were in real life. Kind of makes you feel as if that they’re doing everything possible to keep Haruyuki’s “harem” confined to just him. Which is kind of unrealistic, in my opinion. Although, if they were really doing that, I guess it wouldn’t be that different from the whole Chiyuri thing. Poor guys, girlfriends can’t get enough of Piggy for some reason. xD


“It’s nothing”, my ass, Haruyuki! If you’re feeling something ominous, LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT IT! One of the worst thing that happens in anime are because of those accursed words! I wonder how this will go down, with Chrome Disaster’s parasite now living in the Silver Crow avatar.

Also, Yellow Radio actually lives. Welp. But wait, the XP gain would have been bad, no?

Accel World 11


Damn, Taku went out like a badass.

This episode was pretty much all fighting with some plot reveals here and there. My biggest gripe is that the episode relied mostly on shounen clichés. Well, it IS a fighting anime that feels more shounen than harem (as some people classify it), imo.

Kuroyuki-hime’s reaction to her weakness was pretty melodramatic – a really bad excuse for her to be out of commission for over half of the episode. And the method to bring her back to her feet was the typical “Snap out of it! Is this what you really want?” speech thing that happens a lot of shounen manga. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if it’s executed well, but this was not one of those times. At least, in my opinion.

My prediction that the Yellow King would be one of those manipulative bastard anime clowns turned out to be correct. And thankfully enough, he gets offed at the end of the episode.

Accel World 10

Repeat to yourselfL Don't get too excited over an elementary schooler! ):

So yeah, it’s obvious that Niko is no real enemy, since it’s revealed that she also wants to hit level 10 and has no attachment to the previous king. Good thing too, since her interaction with Nega Nebulus is becoming one of the more amusing things about the show.

Whenever you want to spice things up, just add a loli. The grand solution to most of the world’s problems. 😛

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Accel World – First impressions

Rise up young boy and make yourself a legend

As a part of my anime-marathon craze during the onset of summer vacation, I’m about four episodes into Accel World. So far, the concept of escaping reality into a virtual world isn’t something I haven’t seen before nor is the story itself impressive, but it has a strong start in regards to presenting the setting in an understandable way and isn’t a bad show by all means. The animation is top-notch and there hasn’t been anything I have any particular problems with so far.

Right now, I’m rather enjoying it overall. One aspect of the anime that has impressed me so far is the fact that the main character, Arita Haruyuki, is not only shown to be a withdrawn character with low self-esteem, he is drawn in such a way that makes his situation more believable compared to other “bullied” characters (albeit in an exaggerated way) – he is short, round, and fat, as opposed to some of those melodramatic bishies that are prominent in Japanese media. It’s this fact alone that led me to trying out the anime in the first place.

Tall Girl Short Guy

Kuroyukihime is awesome. ^^