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A batch of Clannad tributes

Dango Daikazoku forever!

Just a few tributes to possibly one of the saddest visual novel stories ever told, in the form of full opening music videos. I hope you enjoy!

(This reminds me, I can’t wait for the translation of Key’s new visual novel Rewrite. Almost time for another round of emotional torture!)

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Fuko reminds me alot of Ayu in many ways, although she seems to be bit too childish for a high schooler, don’t you think? Not that it’s a bad thing – I absolutely LOVE the “Doriburu… SHUUTO! YAY! *high five* *Hurt hand* *;___; Not hurt” -thing going for her. Moé? Check. But she seems to lack a lot around the, well… mental area for her own good.

Oh my god, I sense more down syndrome.

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A Big Dango Family

A Big Dango Family

Whenever we find ourselves finishing an episode of CLANNAD, we find ourselves treated to a really cute ending song – だんご大家族 (Dango Daikazoku). For me, I’m always treated to some tears for some reason after listening to it.

I find it kind of strange actually. Despite it being a very happy and calm song, it just seems to have a sad feeling to it in order for me to get a little teary-eyed. I know it’s NOT supposed to be a sad song, but I just can’t help myself (;_;).

Then I realized, it’s not the song – it’s the series. The only reason it gave off that sad feeling is because it’s a happy ending song for a potentially sad series, with all that drama the main character, Tomoya, is facing (with his mother dying and his alcoholic dad and all). Either that or I’m just a big softy deep inside…

Nice job, Kyoto Animation and Key Visual Arts. You created yet another series that touched my heart emotionally… and this is just the ending song!

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