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Fanime 2013 Haul

Sweet dreams to ME

I now have a huge Ore Imō wallscroll hanging over my bed.

Hey guys! I’m back from school, and raring to post coverage on my experiences at Fanime 2013. Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately?), Fanime is the time of year where I stop giving a shit about college in favor of catering to the weeb inside of me, so I’ll start posting more often on my own damn blog again and talk about shows I’ve finished and started. At least before Wahfuu gets tired of giving my blog respiratory aid. Ahem.

Anyways, I’ll begin the Fanime coverage by talking about the awesome swag that I acquired during my trip at Fanime. I made a decent amount of money this year, and therefore I bought a lot more merchandize from the Dealer’s Hall compared to last year. Of course, it was limited to stuff I couldn’t find anywhere else otherwise, as Region 2 DVDs and the like tend to be pretty cheap when ordered off of sites like Right Stuf, so I limited myself to buying mostly imports and merchandise that are hard to come by normally.

Beware: Photos were taken from my crappy 3DS camera.

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Whatever happened to the 520 Cens Promise?

Money owned

Seriously, I totally forgot about it. Apparently Arakawa forgot about it too… or didn’t bring it up on purpose because Mustang hasn’t become the Fuhrer yet. A mention of it would have been nice, though. I guess she left it up for the readers to decide.

So, do YOU think Roy will ever get his money back? 😛

Or did that smart bastard Ed manage to get away with not paying the Flame Alchemist back? F-F-F-F-F

Fullmetal Analysis: Comprehension, Deconstruction, & Reconstruction (Series End)

Farewell FMA, until the movie

And so goes the fandom I’ve been following for god knows how long. First anime was a mixed bag, monthly waits for the manga chapters were a torture, and the second anime brought me into an adrenaline rush that was certainly not good for my health. But let me say this: it was worth the ride and I’m very happy that I got to see this series develop during these past several years.

(My thoughts on the manga version here.)

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Hagaren 2 Trailer

Finally watched the trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist 2. This puts the nail in the coffin that there is going to be an anime that’s faithfully based off the manga. Ed isn’t in his little get-up from the movie and Al’s soul is still bound to a suit of armor, not to mention that the announcer said “Kyoudai no tabi na hajimeru!” (“The brothers’ journey is about to begin!”). Also notice that they just simply called it “Fullmetal Alchemist” instead of “FMA 2” or whatever (lol’d at the announcer’s attempt to pronounce Fullmetal Alchemist in English).

After reading all the discussions regarding this new FMA trailer, I’ve truly concluded that within the anime fandom, the FMA manga is horribly underrated.

lololol didn dey end it with teh movie

Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 86

FMA Chapter 86

Ed finally meets Pride face-to-face. Okay, not really, since the little bugger’s main body was hiding in the shadows and Mr. Lion King Heinckel was the one that was majorly kicking Pride’s ass (although Pride’s facial expression says otherwise). Oh man, I hope he doesn’t die.

Win on many levels
(Maka from Soul Eater and Edward Elric are best buds! :DDD A really nice joint-illustration from this month’s Shōnen Gangan)

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FMA anime… Oh, sweet memories

While scrounging around for some of my Fullmetal Alchemist DVDs, I found Volume 2 (Scarred Man of the East) and was reminded of how the anime *used* to be somewhat better than the manga before it went off-track. For example, Nina’s death in the manga (while still sad) was not as much of a tearjerker as it was in the anime, especially when the anime added in that Barry the Chopper subplot.

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